Sunday, December 17, 2017

You’re Not An Expert Yet – Lesson 18

You should now have a Blog that is stable, with affiliate offers, social media contacts, content, hopefully good content. But you’re not an expert yet! Now that the dust has settled, you should concentrate on the quality of your content. The quality of your content is not so critical in the beginning as you will not have that many followers. But after 90 days or so you will have to begin a process on careful research and development for both your content and your first E-Book products.

Blogs can be kinda fickle in that, if you write about the day’s weather and your take on this and that, you can attract a following fast with those who share similar interests. However, you will just die when it comes to putting out an e-book that anyone will have any interest in. If on the other hand you choose a niche that concerns a subject and that subject is not you, but rather say,……… flying, or diving, or mountain climbing, or auto racing, or motorcycles, you will have a time building a following because you will have to prove yourself an expert, before anyone will be interested in what you have to say. In time when you have enough experience, and you write an E-Book on your chosen niche, you will have a great chance of making some pretty good money.

Hear me clearly on this. Unless you are top flight, you will never make it to the top! You have to research your subject and develop your thoughts and products. Stay close to your subject and don’t stray to far off base with your opinions or other such distractions that no one will really have an interest in. As you grow your following, and they become use to your style of writing as a style that is straight to the point, you will have developed a market in waiting for your products.

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