Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Your Theme Is Old. Ditch It … Well, Maybe Not!

As this is the last month here at Bloggers Market, the rush is on to tidy things up for the big launch. I’ve got a bunch of pieces going into place and ALL OF THEM REQUIRED NEW TEMPLATES! I thought this would be rather a straight forward process, however I have been taken aback by the amount of work involved in finding something suitable and then in bring it online.

One Big Puzzle

I’ve had to search for all the right pieces to the puzzle for the past year, only to discard some, deploy some, and rebuild a few derelicts that have, for all intents and purposes been abandoned. I’ve had to work about three to four weeks on each one to tweak it to my specs. One took 90 days to totally rebuild. What a pain!

Unsupported Foundation = Weak House

Looking back ……… rather looking forward, I’m not so sure that I want to get any further involved in doing anything what-so-ever with my sites. At first it was a real hoot …. now it’s a time consumer, dealing with derelicts and unsupported messes. I’ve got everything running as it should, but it took me six months to do it. I’m really miffed!!! If I have a theme or template that I build and support. I can build a complete Blog in about 70 hours. So six months kinda surprised me.

Lions And Tigers And API Glitches

I’ve just come off a well supported template that I am planning for a future launch of which I have yet to set a date that had a KILLER API configuration error that I thought was going to do me in. I go through something like that and I’m really shy to jump back into the next big thing.

If It Ain’t Broke…

Moral of this post? If it ain’t broke, limp on down the shoulder on the rim for another mile or two. Seriously, before you jump into changing things around at your place, think long and hard about what it is that you wish to accomplish and then provide yourself plenty of time to do the work. And do the work as you continue to manage your existing Blog. Don’t take your Blog down and then go to work on it. Place your new work in a “Test-bed” or “Sandbox” and complete it there before you take yours down. That way you can just switch domains which will take about five minutes. One goes down the other goes up at the same time.

All That Glitters

Remember that “all that glitters is not Gold”, so make sure that you are making the right move by changing themes. And for Goodness sake, do your dead-level best to purchase a premium theme that offers ongoing support. You’ll really thank yourself ( and me ) if you do!


  1. Adrienne says:

    I can’t even imagine the kind of work that goes into something like that. I mean building your own themes. I’ve been able to do the basics of changing a theme a little. Ah heck, I just Google what to do and I always seem to find the right answer, eventually.

    Sound advice Jeffrey. When changing themes don’t play around with your existing one if you intend to make some major changes. Set it up on another domain and go to work until it’s complete. Smart move for sure.

    I took your advice from the post you did at Barry’s place about how to backup my blogs on my CPanel. Someone else had told me a different way and they would never download because they would get hung and then quit. Talk about frustrating. I did it the way you laid out and that was so much faster. Got them all backed up so I was very pleased.

    December is upon us so it won’t be long now. Watch out, your time is almost here. Am looking forward to it.

    Hope you’re having a great day! Off I go..

    Adrienne recently posted..You Don’t Have To Be Computer Savvy To Work Online

    • Arjun Rai says:

      I agree with you Adrienne, Its necessary for every website owner to give some new look to his website after few time which creates interest to the visitors to visit again and stay longer with our website. Updating website increases traffic which is obviously great for the owner.
      Arjun Rai recently posted..Positive Material Identification

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Adrienne,
      Most CPanel apps have a one button push that lets you back-up and restore your data-base. However, it limits you to like 50mbs. At that point your stuck. If you just work with my instructions you will learn all you need to know about working my MySQL and your Blog. You can easily divide your tables and move and restore if you have over 50mbs, if you use my instructions.

      Learning these skills, is a bit of a challenge but it will greatly facilitate your speed in working with your Blogs. And if you are going to go it alone like you and I, you have to have as many skills a possible that facilitate speed.

  2. Holly J. Beaulieu says:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    Last month I tried to change my theme and unfortunately it destroyed my website. I will remember from now on what you wrote to think first long and hard before changing your place. Thanks for this post I have learned a lot!
    Holly J. Beaulieu recently posted..Affiliate Network Marketing

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Holly,

      I can remember the first time that I decided to try out a new theme look to one of my Blogs. I was really suprised that a lot was missing and it lot looked really bad. I was thinking the theme looked like nothing I had seen when I downloaded it several days eariler. I went about making changes trying to give it some structure and finally gave up. You see the theme was not the same “format” that I was using. By that I mean, a featured content gallery and two columns layout.

      When thinking of changing your theme you really need to set-up a seperate installation under a sub-domain on you server and just expect that you are probably going to have to re-build your entire Blog. When done with your work all you will have to do is change the site name in your database tables under options and your set.

  3. interesting read, wow! what a lot of work must go into building your own themes. I’ve learned from you that when changing themes, its not advisable to play around with it to make major changes
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    • Jeffrey says:

      I don’t know of anyone who likes to get caught in the gears of the machine. And this is a real possibility when working with WordPress themes!

  4. Pete Goumas says:

    I can’t seem to stop contemplating whether or not I should just change the layout. When do I know I should just go for it?
    Pete Goumas recently posted..HCBL Coupon & Review

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Pete, thanks for coming over to my Blog.

      I have to apoligize for the late reply to your comment as I have been busy with the upcoming launch of my new site

      As for your comment here; change is something all of us contemplate. Just remember this; when the right theme comes along you will know it, just don’t force it, let it come to you naturally.

      If you are like the rest of us, you are probably looking at themes all the time. As time goes by you will one day happen on the right theme at the right place at the right time.

      Once you decide on a layout or theme, you can then start to work on it under a sub-domain until you are ready to launch. Then all you have to do is change the name under your options table in your database and you should be all set.

  5. Joseph says:

    I’m a newbie, and have to admit that I have been frustrated trying to learn how to change the theme, so reading your article has given me more motivation! It is wonderful that you have such great results. I’m glad that I found your blog, and I believe it is a great resource. Thank you so much for the advice!
    Joseph recently posted..AVG Antivirus Review

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Joseph, thanks for coming by today!

      These results that you mention come to me by a ton of work and I do mean a ton. The more time you put into a project the better the results.

      Joseph, don’t forget to come see me at the new site in January ……….

    • Arjun Rai says:

      Happy to see that you are motivated through this post and really appreciate this blog for explaining the whole concept so easily.
      Arjun Rai recently posted..ATV Salvage

  6. Hey Jeffrey,

    I think the old themes are good, and working. It’s still ok to use though because it’s simple and plain which is very needed if you want people to focus on your content rather than your themes. Flashy themes can be so distracting. The simpler the better.

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