Sunday, December 17, 2017

You Might As Well Sit Back And Enjoy Yourself

Easy Chair

I was reading a couple of posts from some of the better known Internet Marketers who like to Blog. I was actually thinking to myself that it seems that Internet Market Bloggers fall into two categories: That of Multi-Trillionaire or Stone Cold Brokenaire.

Money aside; I was noting, that to be able to provide themselves with a simple living by Blogging, most of these Bloggers worked for two or three years with the stars of the art who having put in six to eight years were finally making good bread.

One thing that I have come to learn after trolling through the Egyptian Blogging Archives is that most of these Power Bloggers love what they do, they would do it for nothing and the money followed their continued efforts.

Most all mentioned that until you can develop a body of work with the aging process of longevity, you’re not going to make any real money to speak of. I’m afraid that “Rob Benwell” failed to mention that in his landing page for “Blogging To The Bank”.

Almost from the start, I was making money online, but I had great computer skills to take advantage of. But I really, really wanted to Blog! I started down this road 20 months ago now and I’ve seen 12 spiders a day grow to 2000 a day “EVERY DAY”. My readership has been slower to grow of course but I have quite a “Blog Roll” now. My message is spreading. So slowly but surely in other year or two ………. hello ………. just like the Pro Bloggers, I’ll be making my way towards a prosperous future.

You would be rich in common sense and skill if you and all those who desire to pursue this wonderful new medium to provide for the accommodation of a similar schedule.

Unfortunately there are few that do!

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