Monday, December 18, 2017

You Have To Design Your Own Ticket – Lesson 31

You’ve been at it now for a while. You should have learned some new skills; Installing WordPress, HTML, PHP, CSS, Working with widgets, advertisements, affiliate links and mailing lists. Now is the time for you to learn some new skills. You need to learn how to build landing pages, squeeze pages, and write sales content and how to work a sales funnel. Time to turn your Blog into a fine tuned machine.

This is going to be tough and I’m afraid that I just don’t have enough space to go into details with these series of posts. I’m basically going to give you the bread crumbs. Which should be more than enough. With a little patience you should be O.K.

Earlier I mentioned that you should start on your own E-Books and projects so that when the time came you would be ready. Hopefully you have taken this advice to heart. Now you need to start the marketing process.

When you start this process do yourself a huge favor by using a sub-domain for your landing, squeeze, and sales pages. This will not cost you anything. Once you have a few bucks coming in and you want to use a dedicated domain name for your products. So if you have a blogging book you will use: It’s just that simple and you will not have to pay the $10.00 to $14.00 for a new domain name registration.

Now you are ready to start the design of your landing page. Your landing page will usually display your sales copy for your product. It will also act as your squeeze page.Squeeze pages are landing pages created to solicit opt-in email addresses from prospective purchasers and/or subscribers.

The sales funnel is a way to focus on your sales conversion as you make changes. Start by breaking your sales process down into steps or stages that each visitor who buys from you will pass thru. Increasing the flow at any step will increase your final sales numbers.

If only 8% of visitors who arrive at your website or landing page end up buying. The number of people who buy can be increased in two ways.

1. Increase the number of visitors who arrive to your website or landing page.
2. Make improvements on your website or landing page and increase the percentage of people who buy

Website statistics packages such as Google Analytics allow you to set-up a sales funnel to track this data automatically. This way you can make changes to your website and watch the impact. This allows you to change and refine your website conversion rate over time.

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