Monday, December 18, 2017

Yoda Of WordPress Strikes Again!

I’m working on a product launch to be announced here shortly, probably next month; and I’m working on split testing my PPC and lo and behold …… Google don’t think so! Just great ….. Google slapped again!

Here I am trying to figure out what it is that was going to make my ad campaign fly and was told that Google can be kinda fussy when it comes to a PPC campaign for the Internet Marketers. Whatever!!!

“So how do we un-fussy them I asked”? I was then questioned about all the ducks-in-a-row with my Blog, which is where both the squeeze-page and landing-page will be hosted ….. “Next”! Of course I’ve got my ducks-in-a-row, I ain’t exactly asleep at the wheel keyboard here at Bloggers Market. Maybe I should look into my sales copy and double-check to make sure all is well. I really didn’t think so, but maybe the fact that I’m trying to motivate people to take action and change their lives by working a Blog Online has Google upset.

In the course of thinking it through and going over copy, I was asked if I had a “disclaimer” ….. I hadn’t gotin’ to it. I was then told that the structure for Google needed to be in place even before split-testing. “Structure”? I was told the same structure that is used for Google Adsense. However, “I don’t run Adsence on my Blog”! I was told that Adsense and Adwords are essentially the same thing. “You didn’t think Google would let you advertize a product without legitimizing your site did you”? “If they’ll make you do it just to carry the ads, they’ll certainly do it for someone who is selling through the ads”. Oh Man ………. now that’s cold! For split-testing?

“Structure”? “Is that just the disclaimer and privacy policy thingy I asked”? I was told that I need the 1) About Page, 2) Privacy Policy, 3) Terms Of Use, 4) Site Disclaimer, 5) Earnings Disclaimer 6) Contact Page ………. “I got a contact page” ……… stupid bag of hammers!!!

I amaze myself sometimes! I want to be at the forefront of modern Internet Marketing, but have yet to get with the program grab a mitt and get in the game. It’s not like I am blowing it off …….. I just didn’t think about it! Well, …….. dig this ……… Google did! And they don’t want to be a part of any legal dispute that you’re “I just didn’t think about it” program finds itself in because you failed to conduct yourself in a professional manner!

And I wonder why it is that I’m not at the top of the SERP’s after all the SEO work I’ve done; along with wondering why it is that I’m paying so frickin’ much for PPC on Google when I’m just trying to drive traffic to my site! Oh Man …….. Yoda Of WordPress Strikes Again!


  1. Hi Jeffrey,

    It is interesting all the legal mumbo jumbo required these days in order to succeed online. Imagine if you hadn’t been smart enough to figure that out. There are probably quite a few people who have gone off the deep end trying to figure out what the heck is going on…

    Disclaimers, contact info, earnings disclaimer, etc…. it’s all for a purpose I suppose. One good thing I can say about it… at least you can still wipe your a** in a public restroom without disclaimers or having to sign release forms… =)

    I have never released my own product yet, but will definitely keep this post in mind when I do. You will have saved me a lot of time and frustration.


    Jeremy @ Internet Marketing in 2012 recently posted..List Building- My First JV Giveaway Event

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Jeremy, thanks for coming by!

      All this hassle is not just in order for us to succeed Online, I’m afraid that this covers us all Online and Off. Everyone is tangled up in this junk! I mean this thing really caught me off guard. I’m really interested in seeing if I can go forward without any penalty from Google.

  2. Becca says:

    This issue is completely new for me. hope google will not hit my client site.
    thanks for the heads up!

  3. Catwoman says:

    Nowadays Google is getting more aggressive… The changes in their search algorithm, the new sidebars, and preferation of the G+ accounts against the Facebook and Twitter sites (although they had a higher page rank) make me get sick of the whole thing. And I have no idea what to do. I think the hole SEO community will change soon…
    Catwoman recently posted..teljes fogpótlás

    • Jeffrey says:

      Google could tell you what to do! However, don’t look for those anwsers to come soon ………. it’s Google’s sandbox and you have to give them money and play nice if you want to stay!

      • Arjun Rai says:

        Hi Jeffrey,
        Really worried about the changes from Google, any suggestion to stay updated with google changes??. Actually I’m new in this field and really want to get some good success in this. i hope you’ll help in this. :-)
        Arjun Rai recently posted..Salvage

  4. Jennifer says:

    The many requirements to generate traffic and succeed online are overwhelming. I know a lot of tactics yet I can only perform a few due to limited time. I have spent a lot of time doing SEO and I am hoping that it will produce the some pleasing results in order not to be discouraged.
    Jennifer recently posted..DTS Home

    • Jeffrey says:

      Jennifer, if you listen to me and what I write, take it to heart, you will be way ahead of the whole shoothing match!

      Generic traffic is great! However, you will never establish yourself to any degree if you do not pay for your traffic for your products. You do not seriously think that Google will give you any decent page-ranks in the SERP’s without you’re paying do you? That’s how they make their money. Now Google is not the bad guy here, they just let the billions and billions of Blogs and Websites hash it out for themselves for the top 10 spots on page 1 of the organic searches. Have you ever wondered who gets moved to page 1 in 10 minutes? Those Adword Ads! Of course you may hit a keyword from time to time in your chosen niche, but nothing you can bank!

      When I finially realized this, I was looking at someone who claimed he earned $85,000.00 on his latest Internet Marketing “campaign” ( I missed the word “campaign” on my first trip through the story ). He went on to state that he had spent $67,000.00 in Adwords. OK, now let me get this straight, he invested $67,000.00 to earn $18,000.00? He’s a braver man than I am. I’m actually thinking at the time I’m reading this of investing $10,000.00 in a $95,000.00 house and getting $125,000.00 back in six months when I sell it. Making $30,000.00 from my $10,000.00 investment. Sounds a tad bit safer to me! $10,000.00 instead of $67,000.00. And I make a couple of thousand more to boot. I would much rather spend $10,000.00 than $67,000.00 for essentially the same amount of profit. Until ……………..

      Until I realized ……… you put the $10,000.00 in at time of closing, all at once. With the Internet Marketing, you put it in at $500.00 at a time in Adwords. As you recieve your money back from the campaign you put more back in. Hence the word “Campaign”!!!!!

      Oh for heavens sake! I amaze myself sometimes! Investing $67.000.00 is for sure the way to go here. When earnings fall off with the Adwords campaign you just move on to your next project. Yeah, I’ll take that $18,000.00.

      One word of catuion! Now that you know the true “secret” of traffic, don’t forget you have to understand “copy” to make any kind of online advertizing campaign work.

      If you need more assistance you can join my Internet Marketing Forum at this link here:

  5. Yoda of WordPress, I haven’t heard of him yet. Well, you can;t really judge because to some PPC is working for them. I think it still depends on what;s working for you. These are great ideas though, and should definitely be checked out.

  6. Lily Rose says:

    I hear you Jeffrey!

    Generic traffic is really great, but NOTHING is free these days and it simply cannot be. Investing some money to get back more is how it’s always been done.
    Lily Rose recently posted..Is the Healthy Trim Price Worth It for the Results?

  7. SEO services really helps in generating traffic it is how you are going to use it. It is all about you what is really working for you if PPC is working for you then go ahead. There are so many cases that people tend to do everything just for achieving traffic but then they are failed and nothing has change. By the way thanks for the information about this Yoda of wordpress.

    Alesia Medas
    Timber Windows recently posted..Timber Doors & Timber Windows

  8. julie says:

    i dont know if its just me but it seems that Google is getting more aggressive… Theyve changed their search algorithm, the new sidebars, and preferation of the G+ accounts against the Facebook and Twitter sites !!!when will it end?

  9. several recent updates have impacted our clients’ websites. that said, there is more opportunity for ethical SEOs like us to assist them resurrect their traffic. but then again, search engine algos are constantly changing, and we are very careful not to indicate that any solution is a permanent long term solution

  10. Barbara J. Gonzalez says:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    Indeed earning money online is not that easy based on what you have posted we need to work more and do some things to qualify. I guess we don’t have any choice but to do what google wants. :) Just relax lol!
    Barbara J. Gonzalez recently posted..SEO Company

  11. henry says:

    thanks for this, am contemplating releasing my own product, youve helped lots! It is a nightmae having to sift through all the llegal mumbo jumbo required these days in order to do anything online.

  12. Interesting information. Google is a complicated beast. They say they don’t give preference to high dollar adsense clients or to any adsense client but I find it very hard to believe.

    Good luck!
    sean @real estate blogs recently posted..Abacoa Real Estate | Amenities & Buying a Home

  13. These days Google is getting more strict but I guess it is just for the better.

  14. Haha very funny title! I love using WordPress for site and blogs, I think it is definitely the most search engine and user friendly. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  15. abhinav says:

    Its very valuable and informative post for me. thank you so much for sharing this post.
    abhinav recently posted..Aiseesoft Total Video Converter

  16. These are the kind of issues that have cause me to consider quitting trying to make money online, numerous times. Getting banned from AdWords without warning, having urls blacklisted and unable to send via email etc Little things that add up always makes me feel like it’s just not meant to be. Don’t give up though guys!

    That’s why List Building is so important.
    Gareth Morgan recently posted..10 Tips For An Internet Marketing Newbie

  17. Balu says:

    I Hope Google will not hit my Site, and thanks for this valuable info.

  18. Ravi Ahuja says:

    Now days its not easy to be successful with Google. Whatever it is PPC or search engine Google in not so easy. You have to find different ways of driving traffic.
    Ravi Ahuja recently posted..25 Free Desert Textures Collection

  19. Thanks for this Jeffrey!

    The competition is tough when it comes to marketing with Google. The changes in the giant search engine is always unpredictable and marketers can’t do anything about it but cope up with the changes. Yeah, Yoda strikes again and hopefully its the last (how I wish). :)


  20. Now days its not easy to be successful with Google. Whatever it is PPC or search engine Google in not so easy. Thanks you for this valuable info.

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