Sunday, December 17, 2017

Writers Block? One Word … WordPress

As you probably know I’m in the process of a “MAJOR LAUNCH” ….. note the word “product” is not in the phrase. It’s the first of August as I write this and my launch is slated for the first of the year. As I make plans for that move, I’m trying to add content and value with unique products. Mainly Themes and Plug-ins.

I’m in the middle of putting together one such theme for the launch, I wish I were artistic however, my personal power lies in putting all of the programing parts together to ensure functionality.

Parents And Children

The theme I’m working on is a products or services theme for those interested in Blogging. This has taken a little bit more of my time than I had originally budgeted. One of the problems is that I’m caught between the “Parent” and the “Child”. Not really having a fixed need for a “Framework”. Rather, wanting to go-with-the-flow and freestyle …… come what may.

Pieces of the Puzzle

I understand that there are always those variables that repeat themselves while working with WordPress themes and Plug-ins. After all, scooters and skateboards have wheels. But I really like the process of starting over and putting all the necessary parts together to form a unique product. I’ve seen one-to-many themes packages that offer 1000 or so themes for free download (now there’s an opt-in for you) only to find that there are just three or four different theme versions (usually pretty poor one page wonders) with a ton of different colors or font styles or what-have-you.

The Challenge Of Theme Theory

In trying to make a difference with my work; I’ve had to dig deep to understand present-day application, not only of WordPress, but of programming languages as they evolve and how I might best exploit them.

I’ve reached a point in this theme that I presently working on that has me dealing with a particularly mean sidebar problem. As is usually the case with me …….. it’s a long story, that I choose not to put you through.

I Really Need An Owners Manual

As I was searching for solutions from Father Google, I noticed while in the sandbox that there is a ton (would you believe over 60 million results returned in 0.16 seconds …… and you wonder why Google is so obsessed with your Blogs speed) of material to not only choose from but sort through. As I started down that Rabbitt Hole, I was stunned at the quality of information that I was seeing. Now, we all know that every search returns a load of garbage (Father Google is a work in progress) however, the content that I was able to find was, well ……. intense to say the least.

As I started compiling my resources and researched my problem, I was simply amazed at not only the amount of information but, the depth and quality of information as well as the incredible volume. For this issue, I’m up to 3000 pages of very high quality information (kinda leaves you wondering exactly what you could possibly add to the issue as a writer or Blogger).

The One Word On The Tip Of My Tongue

This got me to thinking ……. I wish I had known which direction to travel when I first started my Blog, not from the tech side of things, rather the writing side. I really struggled to find and research my posts for the first year. It really took up almost all of my working efforts. Had I known that all I would ever need to start a killer Blog was wrapped-up in one word, I would have been much farther along than I am now.

That word ………. WordPress!

No way in hell Albert Einstein or Matt Mullenweg could have ever dreamed, envisioned, or schemed to such a Universal level of thought.

I understand that even Matt Mullenweg write’s of other things ……… however WordPress is just what the doctor ordered for “Bloggers Block“.


  1. You sure seem adventurous!

    I am sure I speak for all your readers when I say this seems EXCITING!!!
    Ana @ Bounce Rate recently posted..CommentLuv Premium

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Ana, thanks for stopping by today!

      Adventurous you say ………. yeah, well my cross to bear! As far as exciting …….. I’m just plain tired.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Hey Jeffrey,

    I can relate to all the sites packed full of free WordPress themes. I use to spend hours going through those things when I was searching for a new fresh free theme in the beginning. I have to admit that the majority of them didn’t do much for me though. But then I’m not a programmer so I would have no idea what all is involved creating one. But I know you are since you threw one together to show me a little while back. You are very talented my friend, much more then you realize I’m sure.

    I have no doubt everything will fall into place for you like it should. You are not one to throw the towel in.

    See you soon Jeffrey!

    Adrienne recently posted..Get In On The CommentLuv Premium Giveaway

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Adrienne,
      Nah ………….. I’m not one to throw in the towel ……….. mainly because it’s wrapped around my neck!!!

      I’ve got a couple of killer issues that I’m dealing with right now as all of my templates are customed designed and customed developed so there are no child components or framework to the sites. I actually like to work from the bottom up as it tends to be a bit cleaner in design. However, it can really be a bear to deal with.

      My new commnets section in wants to stack the comments on top of one another. In other words I can’t embed a reply. WordPress has taken the step of designing a rigid comment solution for SEO standards within it’s software. When I engage this system, all of my comments disappear ………. WHAT ??? Oh man …….. I really don’t need this!!!

      Over at Down The Rabbitt I’ve got a “supports ticket” problem which has a communations issue between the soultion to a WordPress issue that you might have and the posting of that soultion to a knowledge-base so that others can benifit from the experenice through a simple search engine inquiry.

      To make matters worse my linux system crashed on Friday, leaving my suicidal for 9 hours. You know of my new system that I have coming online next year “Linux” that will be offerd in three flavors; Desktop, Server, and Multi-Media editions. You will actually see it displayed for the first time in my upcoming launch. I can build, I can administer, I’m lost when it comes to repairing. Reason? Linux just does not break or crash! So what happened?

      Linux was never designed to run a GUI like Windoze; it was built to run from a terminal or shell. Some cleaver chap put togeater a couple of GUI programs named “Gnome” and “Nautilus” that gives linux the ability to fuction like Windoze. My problem was with Nautilus and is know as a “Nautilus Segmentation Fault”.

      Finding the fix was shear terror as I was without any access to my files ouside of my terminal. And the Gnome terminal is not known for playing well with others.

      Here is the soultion typed at the terminal: sudo mv gvfs-metadata gvfs-metadata.bak

      9 hours later and a “hot boot” and I’m back to “Blogging To The Bank” ………… just shoot me will ya? :(

      • Jeffrey says:

        Oh yeah ……… on a final note ………….

        There is a great giveaway taking place over at Adrienne Smith’s Blog. If you missed out on getting CommentLuv Premium you now have a chance to win a free copy of this fabulous plug-in. Want to participate? Just visit Adrienne’s CommentLuv Premium giveaway post for more information.

        I simply amaze myself sometimes. Now right click and check out the source code that I wrote for the above info.

  3. Anna says:

    Hello Jeffrey, As a simple blogger I find the Theme selection procedure rather difficult, it takes a lot of time to check out every single one that I find interesting and find that it won’t look the way I want it, or won’t do that I needed it to do. After some hours I am lost, I must say. I know that I can use advanced search in WP, but hey, most of us don’t even know what those parameters mean in practice to be honest.
    All I can say is that your work seems very interesting, I can’t wait to see more of it!
    Thanks for the info about the CommentLuv Premium giveaway @Adrienne’s, I’ll hit there and apply for one! :)
    Anna recently posted..Dark wizards? This is what I found out about lumineers uk related facts

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Anna, thanks for coming by today!

      Having an idea as to what you want before you go looking for a template is a pretty good guideline to work with ……….. however, this is impossible to do if you have no experience.

      When starting out the best rule of thumb is; go with a premium theme. While it will not satisfy your every need, it will place you in the game long enough for you to clearly see your needs that must be met.

      You can get pretty close to home with a little work and discipline. Discipline to not fall in love with every good looking theme that comes along which is terribly easy to do.

      You should be able to get about two years out of your theme. By then you will have to do some serious house cleaning with your old content anyway so a change of pace and meeting new goals will give my some great experience and keep your skill set sharp.

      If your planning on doing this for a living ( building themes and plug-ins as a means of earning an income online ), good luck, you’re going to need it. Might want to hook-up with a good counselor of some sort for therapy ……… you’re going to need that too!

  4. Cool way to turn writer’s block into an article around a theme that also ties with something you are launching.
    Justin Germino recently posted..iPod Classic – Store Software, Backup, Photos and Ebooks – More Than Just A Music Player!

  5. Melony says:

    Hey Jeffrey,

    You definitely have a lot more patience than I do. I can see how most of your working efforts were taken up during this process. However, I can tell you learned a boat load and gained even more in experience.

    I’m sure if you knew what you know now you would have done things differently, but that learning curve will be well worth it in the end. Good luck with your product launch and thanks for sharing your experience.
    Melony recently posted..Vaginal Yeast Infection Home Treatment That Really Works

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Melony,
      Thanks for stopping by and thanks for the kind words of encouragement. Pre-launch starts over here in two weeks after I put my ducks in a row …… look forward to seeing you back here soon!

  6. Hey Goodluck with the venture that you are heading. I know that having a major launch of a product is one of the most nerve braking experiences, but if your product is good then no worries.
    Gregory@Anik Singal recently posted..Auto Affiliate Armageddon Review-By Mo Mulla

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Gregory, thanks for coming by today!

      Actually, I’ve put in about a year prepairing for this launch. Not really a product launch; this launch is a series of sites that provide goods and services to the Blogosphere while providing me a foundation for major direct response marketing efforts.

      You can check-out my new home at the first of the year at ““.

  7. Debbie@ work at home says:

    Youve got my curiosity piqued now – when is the pre launch stuff available? I think I’ll lurk around…..
    Debbie@ work at home recently posted..CommentLuv Premium Giveaway

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Debbie,
      Actually, I’m already in pre-launch mode. Check out the Ducks in the top right had side of the homepage. Really just an announcement of the sites to come.

      This is a site launch, not a product launch, which comes with an additional 8 sites that come with and support it. You’ll understand when you see it this coming January.

      As for product launchs, I’ll have a big one starting January 15, 2012. Stay tune for news!

      You’ll find all “Product Launches” listed here, after I have moved the first of the year.

  8. great blog……you have a lot more patience than I . I can see how most of your working efforts were taken up during this process. thanks for sharing your experience

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Julie,
      Sorry for the late reply; I have a big launch that is capitalized most of my time of late.

      I’ve put in a lot of time at this to make sure that I have all my bases covered when I do product launchs. Meaning that when I market, I want to make sure I have all the skills in place and I don’t have to stop and learn something new that will break my momentum.

      Hope to see you over at this January.

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