Sunday, December 17, 2017

Write, Write, Right? – Lesson 29

It’s sometimes hard for me to communicate everything that you need to know about a subject and to keep a clear thread going in this series of featured content lessons. It’s called the challenge of writing: making it clear and productive for both me (the writer), and you (the reader).

That is what Blogging is all about of course……writing!

If you are fortunate enough to make a few dollars with your Blog in the first year, you can consider yourself lucky. You can take this to the bank: you won’t be making any real money until you learn to write and manage your Blog as a business.

You see, the more you write, the more you read. And the more you read, the more you understand what it is that you’re trying to do. (I have also noted that the more you write, the better you get at typing!)

For the first year, you need to concentrate on your writing and on building your following. The more you use social media, the faster you build traffic; but you will find that it is much harder to define your true readership if you simply socialize anywhere, everywhere, all the time. Good SEO comes from following and commenting on others Blogs that are similar to yours, and Twittering with like minds and interests or sharing those interest with other on Facebook. These techniques will build your traffic in a much slower manner, but will create a much, much stronger following.

After you polish your writing skills, it will be time to pay the bills. Once you write and write and write and write, you will have to move off into another direction. After you have a year at best (and more like two years) of writing to your audience under your belt, it will now be time to make your move.

You wanted to be a Blogger right? Well this is the reality of the pursuit. This is quite different from Internet Marketing. But if you do this right, and with deliberation, you can write your own ticket! We’ll talk about that ticket next week.

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