Sunday, December 17, 2017

WordPress Secrets – The Clean-Up

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This was to be my final post for the launch of “Bloggers Market WordPress Secrets – Set-up And Installation”. I had hoped that I could have gone out with a bang, but as you no doubt know by now, I have had to withdraw my E-Book for Editorial Reasons. That’s Blogger speak for “I screwed up by not getting permission to print certain material before I launched the product”.

While I’m in this funk, or in the jaws of the dreaded “Anti-Launch”, I thought I would go ahead and take this time to clean-up an almost complete mess on my computer.  If I can screw-up the courage, I’ll even clean up the removable storage units where I send everything that I don’t want to deal with at the moment.

I don’t think I have ever read a post on anyone’s blog that deals with the mess, or the aftermath, of a product launch.  I know that power Bloggers usually have a staff to clean-up after the “2 hours a day” work day; but for those of us mortals, who have to hack it on our own, there really is a lack of time to do the housekeeping.

This post is really just killing time for me, as I head into the weekend to attack this mess.  I really don’t want to tackle this job. The real problem, of course, is not the job or mess ahead of me: it’s the job or mess that is my product launch, and the “where do we go from here?” challenges of managing a Blog on a daily basis.

I knew I should have bought that Jeff Paul program “Shortcuts To Internet Millions”. You know, the “Easy As Sending E-Mail” and “No Computers Skills Needed” program! Oh well, we live and learn I guess.

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