Wednesday, February 21, 2018

WordPress For BlackBerry. You’re Kidding, Right?

WordPress For BlackBerry

I was doing some Blog hopping today and was looking at the “QuickPress” in my own WordPress Dashboard, kinda at the same time. I just figured that the “QuickPress” thing was just a little to small for me to fool with, although I wanted to take a test drive.

As I said I was Blog hopping and saw a news feed for “WordPress For BlackBerry”. BlackBerry or WordPress or both are updating its WordPress Software for the different Smartphones and now you can do just about anything you want on a Blackberry that you can do on the desktop. I kid you not!

I decided to take a look at the downloads so far and for the first couple of weeks there were only about 70 downloads for the WordPress Software for the incredibility popular BlackBerry. 70 downloads! You’re kidding, right? I mean I gave up on “QuickPress” because it seems to me just to be too small and here are 70 mis-guided soles downloading WordPress for BlackBerry.

Every so often I have to display my Blog to others in a public place, usually at a restaurant and the only way to do this is with my BlackBerry Storm. For the record, it’s a painful, it’s just awful. Slow downloads, no flash, not to mention tiny screen. I mean, I know I can magnify, but it’s just too cumbersome to work with. It’s also interesting to watch people’s reaction to my Blog on a BlackBerry. They look at me like I’m nuts. Maybe it’s my Blog. But I have a sneaking feeling that they were wondering why I would put them through the experience of looking through the keyhole that is my BlackBerry to view my Blog to begin with.

WordPress on a BlackBerry. You’re kidding, right? What next? Internet Marketing on a shoestring?

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