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WordPress 10 – Browsers Nothing

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How about that new WordPress 3.1 ? When I started Blogging I started out with ……… I believe WordPress 2.1 ….. 2.5 …….. something like that. To tell the truth, I just can’t remember …… it’s been two years and that was when they did not publish the version numbers within the “Dashboard” …… if you could call it that. From the very beginning I loved WordPress.

I was looking at an older version the other day and I can remember the impression. What I was looking at was down right archaic. I mean, how crude can you get. Now of course, WordPress is streamlined and top flight. Like night and day compared to the good old days.

The WordPress team deserves our true admiration. They have provided the first open source “Killer Application” ( which is geek speak for everyday needs software such as a word-processor or spreadsheet). Some will argue that the Linux OS is the first true open source Killer App and that may well be true, however Linux has failed to attract a mainstream following. Rather it hovers on the fringes.

WordPress is so easy to use; anyone and everybody is using it in one form or another. Browsers are a lot like that. Everyone uses them in one form or another. However and most regrettably they have failed to keep pace with the growth of the Internet.

All browsers available today are true shit …….. period. They get the job done of course, but you’ll pay a steep price for the duty. It can be rather challenging, taking someone to task over their work when you really have no idea of the dynamics behind the issue. The line “if you have a better idea” comes to mind. But in this case “it don’t take an extra eye to see that the fire spreads faster in the breeze”.

There are a dozen or so browsers out there today, but only four or five stand out. Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google’s Chrome, and various Mac Apps. When designing Blogs and Websites I usually concentrate on only two: Internet Explorer and Firefox. I tried to work with Chrome and gave up after fighting it for a couple of weeks when first introduced.

After I code a site I take a look at the work in Firefox and almost to a tee, it comes out looking like I had envisioned. I look at the same site in Explorer and it looks like I have been programing drunk. A quark here or there is to be expected, but I’m spending countless hours on every single site (damn it to hell) trying to re-write code someway, somehow to get it to display in Explorer. Talk about true junk. It’s time for Explorer to go the way of “Netscape” (which by the way was a better browser than Explorer ever was at the time of its demise).

Firefox while able to render your work infinitely better than Explorer, has memory issues and continues to crash so often that they even have a Well That Was Embarrassing” message that is displayed once you re-boot your system, along with an asinine “restore your work” or “start new session” selection. All things given to reason and probability, one would probably want to continue where one was “rudely cut-off”. You just can’t think this shit up. I dare you to even try!

If browsers were even remotely engaged along the same lines of effort as WordPress, the Internet Experience would be much more rewarding and productivity would skyrocket!


  1. I used to think that about browsers too man. But then I got ahold of Rockmelt. I will never touch another browser again in my life.
    Brandon@Make Money Blogging recently posted..Guest Blogging Contest- Win 50 Ad Banners

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Brandon,
      Thank you so very much for your comment. I’m on my way as I comment and download your idea. I hope you can see why I have your banner ad at the top of my Blog ………. I don’t need someone to show me how to make millions online (although that would be nice) what I do need is for someone to provide me with an answer to my Browser Nightmare and you have done just that.

      Well done old boy! Well done! “Simply The Best”.

      Update! Opps ………..

      Rockmelt, the much hyped social web browser famously backed by Netscape founder Marc Andreessen, is heading to Linux – only not just yet.

      The Rockmelt team has ‘no date set for a Linux release’ although they do ‘hope to be able to have one in the near future.’

      Nice try Brandon! I’ve been on Linux for the past several years. I got caught-up in the gears of the machine that was “Windows Vista” and I cut Microsoft lose at about the time the OS was introduced to the public. I had a hard time coming to terms with “Win XP Pro” costing $90.00 and then Microsoft wanting $400.00 for “Vista Pro” I just did not see 4 times the cost difference so I went with Linux.

  2. Maria Pavel says:

    I agree Linux didn’t attract a mainstream following, but since it’s used on most servers out there, i wouldn’t call it on the fringes. This website probably runs on a Linux server.

    I dig your Firefox frustration, the only reason i use it is because it has some top plugins i can’t install on other browsers. Like Firebug. I know that Firebug is now available even in IE, but it doesn’t have complete functionality.
    Just be happy people don’t ask you to optimize the sites for IE6.
    Maria Pavel recently posted..CNA Training in Arkansas

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Maria,
      This Website …….. all my Websites, Blogs, Sites for sale, lawnmower and lawn furniture run on or are stored on Linux. By fringes, I’m referring to the fact that Linux only holds a percentage point of the “Desktop” market. I’m actually in the process of bring a new Linux OS (Linux Squared) to market, so this is where my mind was when making the fringe statement. When speaking in terms of Server side …….. Linux dominates. Also Linux Server Side bears little resemblance to a Desktop OS. I’m actually building a server side version of Linux Squared along with a Desktop version and it’s giving me fits trying to get it right.

      Oh by the way …….. I optimize for IE 6 anyway. I have to know these things to provide competent service to my clients.

      The browser experience goes on of course and for now, while I have five or so years invested into Firefox, I have moved to Google Chrome. I’m not sure of the soundness of this approach, but here goes.

      Thanks for checking in Maria. I hope this post finds you well.

      • Maria Pavel says:

        Hi Jeffrey, thanks for taking the time to reply.

        You’ve made a smart move switching to Chrome. I don’t know how much Firefox will be able to last like this, but if it doesn’t make some major changes pretty soon, it’s gonna lose all its users.
        Maria Pavel recently posted..CNA Training in Arizona

        • Jeffrey says:

          Hi Maria,
          I really dislike taking someone to task with their work. You don’t know someone’s story until you’ve lived it. In other words you have no idea what is going on behind the scenes at Firefox that is causing all the problems. However, your assessment is correct judging by the other comments here.

          Hey Maria, did you read my response to your last comment over at:

          I crack myself up sometimes …….. I’ve had Beyonce on the brain all day. I’ve been listening to the video all day as I work.

  3. Alex says:

    Jeff mate,

    Long time no see.
    What you do with your share options.
    How can I send this out to the world if you give me no tweet’n buttons to press>?!? LOL

    LOve the title of this post btw.
    Alex recently posted..Who Stole My Pagerank

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Alex,
      Unbeknown to you …….. the back side of this Blog is on fire. I’ve got some super serious problems. The last thing I need to worry about is the re-tweet button ……. all of my traffic is GONE!


      I’ve got virtually everything disconnected in the back-end until I can restore the content and comments. So all of the plug-ins and SEO stuff and Google this and Google that is down. Oh Joy!

      Well ….. get crackin’ ! I hear ya! However, I’m right in the middle of building a custom site for a “High End Home Builder”. Oh shit !!!!!!! Bad timing all the way around!

      Carolyn and I were going over the details today …… along with the fact that “Bloggers Market WordPress Secrets” is still on the sidelines awaiting publishing. Just great! I rank like number 2 in Google for the product and I don’t even have in on the market yet.

      Hope things are going well on your end. I think I mentioned that I saw your Video. It was very cool. Very different from what I expected from you. It was strictly on point and clear as a bell. The disclaimer was also very important and goes a long way in establishing your brand on the web.

      I’m over the warm and fuzzy, go get em’ post of Alex Jeffrey’s and Frank Kern. Just look at the last post on Jeffrey’s site. He promises all kinds of specials and videos and a new direction in Internet Marketing for the future, coming in the next few weeks (when he shows up for his 1 hour a day shift). It’s been four months ……… nothing. Ok, keep beating that drum and see what happens. Nothing I’m sure.

      When I go to your site, it’s like night and day. You actually offer a solution. You actually provide answers and a flight plan. You offer HOPE ……….. Hello is anyone listening??? Keep up the good work Alex. You are what is the best about Internet Marketing.

  4. Sally says:

    Hey Jeffrey

    I use firefox and chrome, I ditched IE a long time ago and Brandon has been trying to get me to use that Rockmelt thing too.

    My firefox crashes ALOT as does my chrome but I have kinda just got used to it.

    I cant even remember what version of wordpress I started off with, I am just glad of the automatic updates because I remember once upgrading to a new version of wordpress and I was terrified I would lose everything!

    I have not yet upgraded to the latest version of wordpress it seems like they have upgrades all the time, but I do agree, they do provide super value and all for free!

    Sally :)
    Sally recently posted..38 Year Old Webinar Virgin Seeks Experienced Partner

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Sally,
      So far so good with the chrome thing. I’ve not crashed yet. I’m on Linux and I’m using the “Speed Dial” plug-in so that I can see all my Blogs on one page. The actually allow 96 windows to be open and I think I can live with that.

      My problem with Firefox is that I have to have a large number of windows or tabs open when I am doing Webdesign. I need code clips for color coding and tutorials for php and xhtml so on and so forth. I have to keep things straight and I need to be able to toggle back and forth. When things crash, I can’t stand have to do a history search to bring up what I was working on. Let alone all of the windows that I closed because I no longer need them.

      Hope all is well with you and Alex, see you soon.

  5. Elise says:

    I mostly use FireFox for my preferred browser choice, but wanted to try Chrome mostly because of their new blocklist extension for personal search results in Google. But I’ve heard a lot of mixed feedback about Chrome, so I’m not in much of a hurry.

    Hate IE, and FF definitely used to crash a lot. Meh. I’m never really impressed with any particular browsers. I guess I’ll just move on to something else once I get fed up with the one I”m using.
    Elise recently posted..Search Is Going Social- Whether We “Like” It Or Not

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Elise, how goes it at the Review? I can’t remember if I told you are not, but I’m really grooving on the look of your site. There’s an old 60′s term for ya’. I’m hoping to grab a break in this action and get over to the Review to see what you have to offer.

      I’ve jumped over to Chrome for now. I really don’t have enough info to work with yet. So far so good. However, I’m just really concerned where Browser software is going. It is really the second most critical piece behind the OS. And they are really lagging in memory management and other essentials. On a scale of 1 to 100, I’m at about 85 and closing fast to 100 with my programing skills… ( in regards to my work with WordPress). The better I get the more I demand of my resources and the less I am receiving. It’s really a question of diminishing returns at this point. And I’m really struggling now.

      Thanks for stopping by Elise. I’ll see you soon!

  6. Brankica says:

    I am a total IE hater cause it is just not something I can work with. I love FF but I managed to crash it with too many add ons. It became too slow and mostly unresponsive, so now I only use it to use some of the add ons, if it is not crashing every 5 minutes and I am using Chrome to surf and work on some other things.

    But I do love WP. Can’t even imagine how 2.5 looked, although I am online for a few years now, I only started using WP a few months ago.
    Brankica recently posted..140 blogs worth hopping

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Brankica,
      Thanks for coming by. I wanted to say thanks for including me in your 140 Blogs PDF. You just missed the really cruel Blog I maintain. I have a Blog for all of the serious cutting edge Blogging that will give you a headache that just won’t quit. It’s called Blogging So if your “Hexadecimals” refuse to covert to “binary-octal-decimals” while running a php script, check out Blogging Extreme, I’ve got the answer. Grab a good bottle of Wine before you head over though ……. you’re going to need it.

      See you soon Brankica and thanks again!

  7. Adrienne says:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    I LOVE WP and I recommend it to all new users. Quit with the free crap and get serious. It’s easy to use and I even have a free training site that shows people how to install it themselves.

    FireFox is my browser of choice. I’m thrilled to say that it doesn’t crash a whole lot on me, but on occasions. I HATE Internet Explore but use it every once in awhile when I need another browser open. Have tried Chrome but I just don’t like it. It probably needs some time to get use to it, but I just don’t want to spend the time.

    Thanks for sharing this post… Really enjoyed it!

    Adrienne recently posted..Damn Those Hackers- Don’t Let This Happen To You!

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Adrienne, how are you?

      Saw your hacker post ……. that’s the best post I’ve read all year!

      I was reading an Englishman’s Blog the other day about all of the “cheap software and hosting” you can get when starting out and ask others if they knew of any good “steals”. Oh heavens!!!

      Your Internet Marketing Business is just that, a business and businesses have expenses. Now you can open a Subway Sandwich Shop( the most inexpensive”real” franchise ) for $50,000 or you can invest a few dollars for an online business. However, people still try to defy gravity and go FREE. Goodness, you just can’t think this stuff up, I dare you to even try!

      Thanks for stopping by today Adrienne

  8. Thomas says:

    Hi Jeffrey
    I sure love WordPress and I understand your frustration regarding browsers. I think the biggest problem with browsers is that they don’t respect the same standards. In so many other aspects of life everybody has to stick to some common standards, but the Browser companies do whatever they want and Microsoft is leading on in that game. Currently I am testing IE9 RC and must admit that it is a lot better and faster than IE8 but IE8 might also be the biggest failure in browser history.
    Thomas recently posted..How to burn ISO files out of the box in Windows 7 with Isoburn

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Thomas,
      I can’t recall right now, but I think that IE8 came out under Gates and Vista. Everything post Gates is going to be better hence your experience IE9.

      All I know is that I’m tried of building 3000 lines of CSS and then having to go back after the fact because it would be obvious to anyone looking at the new Website that I was CUI ( Coding Under The Influence) or drunk when I built the Website. For a CSS file that large it takes me about a full 8 hours to clean-up the offending code. I’m getting better and faster all the time, however that’s still a ton of time.

  9. I’m not using IE from years but i see everyday people who use it and that is not all, some of them use IE 6! I read that Microsoft started an anti-IE6 campaign (12% of people who navigate on Internet are still using ie6!!!).
    Firefox it is the best browser in this moment, he use a lot of memory and crashed sometimes but it is the best.
    Patel Urvisha recently posted..Diet For Diabetic Dogs

  10. George says:

    As a web developer, making sure my sites deal with all the popular browsers is part of the job description. A tool I have really found useful is , allows me to check compatibility cross-platform and cross-browser in just a couple clicks!
    George recently posted..Turbo Garden Cordless Electric Leaf Blower Review

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi George, thanks for checking in today!
      You mention that “making sure that your sites work with all the popular browsers is part of the job description”. That may well be, and I could go with that if I didn’t have to thump my skull every single time that I go to build a site, no matter what I code. There truly has to be a better way to conform to the standards of the day.

      I checked out your link today ……… kinda strange. I’m not sure I really understand how the site works. I guess I just need some experience working with it.

  11. Yeah indeed true. It looks like the browser market has become devoid of any innovation and they all have stuck to the same things. They certainly need some food for thought. However as far as cross platform plug ins such as wordpress are involved, they indeed run well on all browsers.
    Angela@Dog fleas recently posted..Treatment For Dog Fleas

    • Jeffrey says:

      Good Morning Angela, I would think a lady such as yourself would be in front of the TV watching the “Royals Wedding”, instead of reading a stuffy old Blog.

      As for your comment, the only reason why WordPress runs well on all browsers is because of WordPress design, not because of anything or any technology insights of the browser designers.

  12. Joshua says:

    Its really embarrasing that even after having so much of competition in the market, we have not been able to benefit much from all this and there haven’t been much improvements so far. Safari was launched with a hype and it looked as if its gonna change the scenario but it too joined the queue, the same happened with chrome too.
    Joshua recently posted..Plumbing Practice Test

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Joshua,
      Well the great experiment continues on this end as I have moved from Firefox to Chrome. I really like the way the tabs are set at the top and the Chrome Speed-Dial feature …….. only problem, my pages won’t load now. More time wasted trying to find a fix. I give up!!!

      • Joshua says:

        Try reinstalling chrome. Better still, set all the settings to default. If that doesn’t work, tell me . I’ll provide you a geeky kind of a solution, if it ain’t gets done with straight fingers.
        Joshua recently posted..Why Choose Plumbing as a Career

        • Jeffrey says:

          Hey Joshua,
          I’ll give her a try. You need to check back by ( at this exact reply, as I think I’m out of thread space here ) to see what became of the problem. You’ll have to give me a couple of days though. Right now I’m all tangled-up with a PHP / Tiny MiCE problem. My text refuses to update to the database. Oh Joy!   :roll:

  13. Hi Jeffrey

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