Friday, December 15, 2017

Why Is Frank Kern So Popular ?

I was making the Blog-Hopping rounds ( at 6:30 A.M. no less ) this morning, and stopped off at Dee Ann Rice’s site. She’s got a good little series going on “John Thornhills’ Master Class” as she works here way through the maze of challenges that is Internet Marketing.

The Praises Of Bansal

As I browsed the comments section, I couldn’t help but notice one comment from a “Bansal Tutorials“, that was well …….. laying in on pretty thick; for lack of a better term. Don’t get me wrong Dee Ann’s got a solid platform, if she didn’t I wouldn’t be reading there. However, when the comments posted stray from the focus of the given post and fall on the Blogger like a ton of bricks, you can bet your bottom dollar that it’s comment spam. The only problem is, just when you turn such fouter over to Mr. Akismet, you find out that it was indeed a genuine comment. So in this case, Dee Ann did in fact reply with courtesy.

Killer Comment Spam

We have all done the same thing. Hell, I’ve seen comment spam that I swear was sent by my grandmother from the here-after. However my post here is not about comment spam, rather it’s how you commute to those around you and to your market. As I followed Dee Ann’s comment link back to “Bansal Tutorials” it was clear to see that no one connected to that site ( which is based out of New Delhi, India ) had any interest in anyone besides those that they were trying to market to. I followed their link to the “Mission Statement” and was left cold. If that’s the best that they can do with marketing their School; good luck, they’re going to need it.

Crummy Marketing Efforts

As I continued to browse the site I was struck not only by their disjointed marketing effort, but the really rigid communication efforts. Maybe it’s just the culture, what do I know? However, it got me to thinking about the difference in marketing approaches between Pro Internet Marketers and the school’s effort. I singled out Frank Kern for the title of my post, yet it could be any number of Marketeers that we know. Their down to earth, plain spoken and easy to understand approaches lend themselves well to connecting, be it to friends or their market. This indeed is the difference in Internet Marketing today and media platforms of yesterday.

The Bottom Line

Providing a warm and welcoming message with a can-do attitude will provide the interaction that is needed for a successful Internet Marketing Effort, rather than the one-way stoic mono-tone communication of the past from the paid direct-response pitch-men that are quickly becoming a footnote to a most miserable marketing effort of history.


  1. Adrienne says:

    I agree with you Jeffrey, Dee Ann has a really nice site. She’s always sharing some great tips over there and has taught me a thing or two. I love those types of posts when I walk away learning something I never knew before. What a great feeling.

    I have had quite a number of guys opt-in to my site recently from India. They are web designers (oh shock) and are really interested in taking their business into the blogging world. They all seem very sincere and eager to learn so I know there are still some legitimate people out there from other countries trying to find their own spot here online. Not a lot, I know.

    You know me, I love helping people learn.

    Hope all is going well with you this month. You’ve been awfully quiet, not like you at all. But, you’ve got some exciting things coming up this week so I’ll be back over on Thursday for sure to see what’s up with you!

    Hope you and Carolyn are doing great. Be sure and tell her I said Hi! :-)

    Adrienne recently posted..How To Stop Those Unwanted Solicitors In Their Tracks

  2. I do not know Frank Kern but reading further details above helped me understood and learned something about this man. Thumbs up!

  3. Arjun Rai says:

    Really good post having good information and i did’t know about the “John Thornhills’ Master Class” issue. thanks for sharing.
    Arjun Rai recently posted..Electronic Gold Tester

  4. farouk says:

    Nice post Jeffrey
    its my first visit here , and i am sure i will visit again :)

  5. Caleb says:

    I used a captcha plugin until I kind of realized in my opinion they look like crap and are annoying to enter. Now I just use GASP for (Confirm You Are NOT a Spammer!) and Akismet. Since I started using those two plugins everything looks good and I have had no problems.
    Caleb recently posted..How to Use Squidoo for Linkbuilding

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