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Who Needs To Be Reading Your Archives ? You!

Over the past several months I have been trying to clean-up from the disaster that was the Bloggers Market rebuild from the first of the year. I’ll apologize at this point to my readers for singing the blues for the fifth time however, this haunts me to this day. It’s not like it has me paralyzed or anything and actually I learned a great deal through the process. It just was something I did not need to go through at the time. It tore-up the better part of my year’s schedule as I had to manually restore each and every piece of content and comment from back-ups made as I started in on the work.

Time To Break Out The Pledge

As of the middle of July 2011 I have started the polishing process here at Bloggers Market. Part of that process is clearing out the old content and archiving that content into blocks stored sever-side for anyone that may desire it. Visions of Auto-Bloggers creeping in to hack my old content. It’s not like it’s from some Ann Rice novel or anything …….. call it a Dee Ann Rice novel instead.

As I start the process of removing this content for archiving, a decision has to be made as to whether it is worth keeping or not. This is pretty much a straight forward process.

I Wish I Were I Wish I Might

The most intriguing part of this process is that I can go back over my material and see what I should have; would have done differently if I were writing the same post today. It also brings up new ideas for posts. I get to see how I might have written the post from a different point of view. And now since I have slept, and I can’t even remember that I wrote a particular piece that I might be reading from the archives, I can see how some of my writing does not make any sense to me at all until reading it several times and then I stop and re-write that post carrying forward the lessons learned on how to better communicate with my readers ……… is everyone still with me here ?

Editors Notes

I get to add all the new things that I have learned about particular people, products, or software that are now dated in what I call “Editors Notes”. I get to see all of the spelling and grammar mistakes that I made and decided to rush to press without the editors here at Bloggers Market seeing them. As a matter of fact one of the major changes in my writing is that I immediately stocked the content hopper six weeks in advance so that the editors have plenty of time to review my works. Now you may be thinking this should be second nature however, I am but a one man show, with a couple of editors to closely watch me as I am hopeless at sums and can barely spell kat.

Long winded as the post my seem, and surely you could be doing more important work; keep this in mind – Reviewing your achieves before you store them away for the ages can and will dramatically help you become a better writer and communicator with your readers! NUFF SAID!!!


  1. Ben Brown says:

    There’s another thing which I believe a lot of people will agree, who should be reading the comments more often? The blog owners. This is where your inspiration lies, the thing which your readers are craving for are laid out there, and yet many blog owners do not even bother replying the comments, let alone reading them!
    Ben Brown recently posted..How to set up a trust

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Ben, thanks for dropping by today.

      I couldn’t agree more. The post is only half the fun. Once the comment thread gets moving you can really have a blast. To me; this is the best form of social media there is.

  2. Hi Jeffrey,

    Interesting post. I never thought about re-reading my old posts. I can see really see how reviewing the comments that readers wrote can help me improve my writing and perhaps provide clues as to what readers crave.
    Rachel Lavern recently posted..Get Totally Obsessed With Imagination

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Rachel, thanks for coming to see me today!

      I’ll have to be frank and tell you that I’m just stunned at the amount of cool stuff that I find in my old posts that give rise to new posts; that give me links to follow to catch-up on the products and tools and software that I have forgotten about since writing the post. I learn new things and can clearly see how I might improve my post structure so it is easier to understand my writing …… all from just reviewing EVERY SINGLE POST THAT I WRITE.

      If you hang around here long enough, you will find that I am all about Blogging. I code in 5 languages, build themes, plug-ins, different CMS’s ……… writing. I’m bent on taking this niche by storm.

      See you soon I hope. Don’t be a stranger around here.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Hey Jeffrey,

    There’s no way I’m going back and rereading my old posts because I would delete them all. I remember reading a post over at Ana Hoffman’s blog, Traffic Generation Cafe, about older posts. Now it’s been awhile so don’t quote me on this one. She said something to the affect that a lot of your older posts could hurt your blog now and your page ranking so it’s best to go back through them and if they are worth deleting then go for it.

    When I started my blog I was only doing affiliate marketing. Of course if you visit my blog today you would have no idea unless you went through the archives. Although I still do affiliate marketing, I didn’t want my main blog to just be about that which is why I switched gears. Although it would be extremely time consuming, I have no doubt that I will eventually go back through the old ones and delete them all. Eventually that is, there’s no way I could find the time to do that now.

    You made some excellent points though. But I also chalk that up to beginners and we all have to start somewhere. Also with time we become better writers and better at expressing ourselves so I would hope our writing styles would improve with time.

    Thanks for sharing this with us and we don’t mind hearing you rant. We all need to do it sometime so remember that the next time I go on one of mine.

    Adrienne recently posted..Interview, Guest Post, Podcast, Oh My!

    • Dee Ann Rice says:


      I feel for you. When I deleted my blog it took me only a couple of weeks to get it back up and all of the post up also.

      I can not imagine taking a good part of a year to do it.

      I only had a few posts though and most of them should of probably been delete but. since it is all I had I kept them. Not sure I would want to go back and reread everything after several years. I’m with Adrienne, I would probably delete everything.

      Have a great week.

      Dee Ann Rice
      Dee Ann Rice recently posted..How To Upload A Video To A Blog Post

      • Jeffrey says:

        Hi Dee Ann,
        The real problem you see, is that I was already two years into my writing, posting every single day. What’s worse all of my loyal readers had back-links that they were depending on. Soooo…….. I really had to get in there and do the re-build.

  4. Jeffrey says:

    Hi Adrienne,
    Google will not admit it, but I’m sure that part of the shift in indexing is to take away the categories from websites. You got “Affiliate” this and “Affiliate” that and before you know it you have 10 million Blogs with the keyword Affiliate in it. It’s kinda hard to sort through it all from the stand-point of a search engine, let alone an individual looking through the listings..

    However, if you have a Blog or Website that is Named “Adrienne”. Oh come on, how many of those sites can there possibly be? That is such a unique name for a website that it is infinitely easier to index. That’s why you see so many Pro-Bloggers using their own names. The keywords that they wish to rank for then are indexed as sub-categories.

    To try to find “Affiliate Marketing For Newbies” brings back 2, 840,000 results with no results returned for or from Adrienne Smith.

    Searching for the same keyword “Adrienne Smith Affiliate Marketing For Newbies” returned 4 results at the top of the search engines.

    The trick is to index the brand not the keyword. Savy!

    • Adrienne says:

      Okay, I’m back… Happy? ;-)

      You are probably right but my time here online has been one huge learning curve after another. You are right though, is a whole heck of a lot easier to get indexed for than affiliate marketing. As a matter of fact, there is an actress with the same name and the majority of the time I beat her in the page ranking. Ah ha! I may not be the only Adrienne Smith online but I get more page views then all the others. I love that!

      But I have heard from a lot of my readers that because I have my Archive page laid out so easily, they have been able to go through the topics of my posts and pick out the ones they’ve wanted to read. I find it so frustrating at times when I visit some people’s blogs and I knew there was a certain post they had written but I can’t find it for the life of me. We just need to make it easier for our readers to locate.

      Your keyword search info, right on the money my friend.

      Adrienne recently posted..Interview, Guest Post, Podcast, Oh My!

      • Jeffrey says:

        Thank you Adrienne ……… I wish you were here! However, your smiling Avatar Gravatar will have to do ……… she’s sooo happy!!!

  5. You make a valid point Jeffrey. At the same time, there is no way in hell do I want to really go and re-read all of my posts … not to mention re-edit most of them (yeah, the keyword is most). Although I do take note of the posts from the “related posts” plug in and sometimes I see things that need to be updated. So I can’t say that I don’t edit my archives either. If I were to begin that process, I’d grow gray hairs. Although I totally agree about “creating” your own keywords around your brand … as your competition becomes your own content over time. Great call on that Jeffrey.
    Vitaly Tennant recently posted..50 Funny, Bizzare and Creative Tombstones

    • Jeffrey says:

      Thanks Vitaly, I really appreciate your support.

      I see so much poorly written material in Blogs that I just want to make sure that my bases are covered. I remember once that I was really fighting a posting deadline and after the release of the post one of the commentators (Matt) went point by point on my poor English. With the closing remark of “No Bright Sparks Indeed”!

      Here is the link to that very comment! : Click Here For Post.

      Oh, man ….. the worse part of the whole thing was he was exactly right! It was pretty poor, with mis-spellings and bad grammer.

      You’d think I get it after a while …… “People’s Time Matters” and I was wasting his!!! Live and learn I guess.

  6. Brankica says:

    The best thing I can imagine doing with a great post from archives is to redo it and republish it. I did that with two posts that were covered with all the new content and no one seem to have seen it for awhile. Both posts were great success after I rewrote parts of them and republished them.

    I think you should do that with the best stuff you have here, it would be useful to us as well :)

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Brankica,
      I’m actually going through my posts of 2010 today. I was thinking that some of those very posts would not only be relevant today, but really great reading.

      If I’m not mistaken you use Thesis for your Blog. If you will return to my homepage and type in the word “Thesis” in the small Google Search applet in the sidebar, you will see all of my posts that I have written on Thesis. Many of these posts had no comments at all, yet are popular subjects on the Internet. What a shame!   :(

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