Sunday, December 17, 2017

When In The Course Of Human Events … SOPA / PIPA

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press, also the internet; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

I had this idealistic thought back in the middle of 2011 that I would be able to tie up loose ends here at Bloggers Market and move on to the proverbial greener pastures. I like things neat and tidy. That’s what has me in this profession after all …… I rule!

However, the recent debate over the “SOPA / PIPA” legislation has the Internet if not the country up in arms about the government closing the doors on our civil liberties. My sites are down today as I join in the cry for “government for the people; by the people” and the course it takes in this most crucial issue that affects or will affect all Internet users.

When I started down this “Yellow Brick Road” my intention was to earn a living Blogging …… ya know like my sites slogan says’ “Learn How To Make Money Blogging”. I was in no way interested in involving myself with any kind of political fight or other social issues.

When one involves themselves they …… for a lack of a better term; they take sides. And when one takes sides, polarization takes place. Ok, I’ll quit dancing …… they get pissed and they usually get pissed pretty quick!

I’ve been reading dozens of posts Online today from those who have chosen not to take part in said issues and have remained active. As I read one quote from one of the more prominent individuals of our time; I think it was someone over at Twitter, said: “Closing a global business in reaction to single-issue national politics is foolish,” Yeah you keep thinking that way Richard! If you don’t they will! Close you up that is.

I’m with the majority ( At least I think I am ) here of course and join those like-minded brave souls like the one that tweeted. “If Wikipedia is going down, I’m going down with it,” Here Here I say!!!

This post is not about the ongoing coverage of SOPA / PIPA; you can get that from anyone of a number of media sites. My intention here is to focus attention on the ongoing never-ending assault on our civil liberties. I guess I could stir the pot with the never-ending lighting rod of “Roe v. Wade”, however I feel uncomfortable with the friction. I need to find someway to communicate the seriousness of these issues that threaten us all.

Over the last year our government; as quoted by the “IVN – US Independent Voter Network” as well as “MSNBC” has enacted or will attempt to enact close to 40,000 new laws that cover a wide variety of human actions and public policies. You might say we have come a long way since the “Code Of Hammurabi”.

There is a cruel infrastructure that feeds off all of us with a motley crew of politicians, judges, law enforcement personal and lawyers all in the name of “keeping us safe”. God help us or YOU if somehow “during the course of human events” that we get caught in the gears of this most insidious of machines.

Government has it’s purpose of course …… the corruption and powers that be, keep us safe at night! Make no mistake though …… government is not your friend. Never has been; never will be ……..


  1. Beth says:

    Hi Jeffrey

    I commend you for the stand you’re taking and I agree the goverment is not your friend. It’s very hard to trust a goverment who pretends to serve the people but in reality serves the rich powerful elite who pull their strings, putting the rest of our needs last.
    Beth recently posted..How to Get Him Back After Pushing Him Away

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Beth, thanks for coming by today!

      In the body of your comment you mention that the government serves the rich powerful elite. Well, this is no surprise really. All governments operate on pretty much the same ground. Hence the strong military.

      I’d like to think that all the sacrifice from our military personal goes to keep me safe, and indeed it does. However, to a greater extent it is to secure the powerful elite of our country. You can easily identify this by
      the way that our homecoming and existing veterans are treated.

  2. Lily Rose says:

    I understand that a lot of bloggers didn’t want to get involved into political issues, but SOPA is something that involves all of us that live of the Internet.
    Lily Rose recently posted..Is the Healthy Trim Price Worth It for the Results?

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Lily Rose …. what a name! Thanks for dropping by today!

      I’m afraid that I’m one of those that has been hesitant in the past to get involved. However, the older I get the less riskier that becomes. Please do not think for a second that the 1st amendment will provide you with any type of protection.
      Just as soon as you cause a storm over some politically charged issue, you will soon find yourself under arrest not for protesting, rather for DUI and aggravated assault on a law enforcement personal. Oh, hell ….. a blind man could see through that in a second.
      However after the 7 years of court dates and attorneys fees with repeated jail stays for failure to appear because someone rescheduled your case and failed to notify you along with endless probation ………. you will indeed think twice before you raise your voice again.

  3. Doug Gene says:

    Great post! This is a serious issue and it’s great to see users taking action. The citizens of the internet will not be taken down!
    Doug Gene recently posted..Five Ten Anasazi Review

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Doug, thanks for coming by to see me today! You’ll have to read my response to Lily Rose’s comment here in this thread. I’d like to take action more often, however this comes at a price.

      I couldn’t help but notice today that no SOPA / PIPA was necessary for law enforcement to knock down the walls of “MegaUpload”. As you can see, there are plenty enough tools in place to care of the ongoing challenges.

  4. Hi Jeffrey,

    I think this whole SOPA is a little bit too exaggerated. Stopping piracy is OK, but to take a way the freedom of speech of the citizen is just not right. Have they implemented this yet? They have targeted Piratebay since it is the world’s most known torrent downloads. Oh yea, megadownload too.

  5. After sleeping 13 hours on Friday night and then 14 hours last night it’s pretty clear that a week like last week isn’t sustainable for me. At brunch today, Amy guessed that I worked 80 hours between Monday and Friday, ran three days (after coming off a double long weekend where I did two 10 mile runs), travelled from Boston to NY and then NY to Boston late at night, and generally wore myself out.

  6. Does Online Piracy Hurt The Economy? A Look At The Numbers. Here is some empirical evidence in Forbes that it doesn’t.
    If Congress wants jobs, it can’t want SOPA. Talking point #1 for SOPA/PIPA morphed into “piracy costs jobs.” Over the course of last week, there were many people who were polite against being against piracy (for example, I am), but I don’t know of one who said “but piracy actually costs jobs and I can prove it.” I’ve concluded the piracy costs jobs thing is classic talking point rhetoric – if we hear it enough times then it must be true. Wouldn’t it be ironic if there was actually net job growth based on the dynamics of the current content economy?

    • Jeffrey says:

      Online Piracy can and is a tricky thing. There should be no doubt that piracy cost others money, cost some jobs and does impact the economy. I saw a report that released the piracy of a particular piece of Microsoft software that showed it had been pirated by 15% of the U.S. Population. However over in the Asian Rim, that figure was in the nose-bleed section with 92% of the population. OK, at that point I want something done about it. That’s a problem.

      These laws that they are trying to pass are really aimmed at overseas law-enforcement as seen by the “Megauploads” case. Interpol is pretty damn big.

      However, it does not stop there. It will be used as a hammer on U.S citizens. Along with other laws in place. If you file-share something you shouldn’t, you could find yourself facing “MULITIPLE” charges.
      That’s the catch “MULITIPLE CHARGES”. Say you go to court and fight. You’re found guility. The judge has no course of action but to sentence you to 170 years in prison due to all the crap they pilied up on top of you. Well you certainly don’t want that ……. so you reach a plea arrgement. You now “OWE” $550,000.00 to be paid over 10 years. Oh, you will pay or else you go to prison. So you pay. However, that money you pay does not go to the victim of the product you file-shared. They probably have never even heard of you before. No the money will go to ……… you got it “JUSTICE” so they can contiune their law-enforcement efforts!

      Now, I told you that to tell you this ……… the money to support “JUSTICE” is not found in some third world country in the corner of the globe. The money to support all of the law enforcement appartus is found here in the states. And you and I are going to pay that price. Say you can’t pay ……… no problem …….. off to jail you go! Where wall-street will hedge the bet on the bonds used to build the jail or prison to house you.

      You just can’t think this kinda of shit up. I dare you to even try!

  7. Farrell says:

    A lot of big online websites has been put down by Anonymous as protest of taking down megaupload lately. The SOPA/PIPA issue is alarming indeed as it caused a lot of file sharing sites to temporarily disable their file sharing features. I am afraid that a simple download of an image can put you into Jail. If it gets approved, it will seriously affect the online marketing industry. We will also lose freedom on the internet which is a really sad thing. I just hope it won’t pass through.
    Farrell recently posted..The Year to Improve Eyesight

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Farrell, thanks for coming by today!

      I think in the long run ……. as congress would have it …….. they will eventually pass some kind of legislative package. After the heat dies down, they will bring it back to the floor for a vote.

      • johnavery says:

        I was thinking some thing like that too,,,. remember patriot act. There are two ways they do things one pass on a bill at the heat of the moment and second pass on a bill when the dust settles.
        johnavery recently posted..Repos

    • yeah, megaupload and then it would be mediafire, 4shared,… i dont know what they are thinking??
      Alex@difference games recently posted..Celebrity Photo Hunt

  8. Anna says:

    I do not think that SOPA issues will be accepted in the Senate. This complete restriction of human information independence. And as far as I am concerned there in no place on Earth where such a law to exist!
    Anna recently posted..temporary veneers

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Anna,

      I’m afraid that in the long run (after the fires die down) that the SOPA / PIPA will indeed pass in some form. I not sure I understand why in light of the Megauploads case. but what do I know.

  9. Barbara J. Gonzalez says:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    I agree with you! Two thumbs up for this. The government is the pet dog of the big business man! I hope and pray that someday their will be a true GOD fearing man who will stand up in the government!

    Barbara J. Gonzalez recently posted..SEO Company

  10. Catherine Jones says:

    The whole thing is confusing to me. On one hand protecting digital content from piracy is a good thing, but one the other, the potential for abuse is huge. It’s like Eminent Domain should be used for good, instead it’s being used by private business to land-grab with government support.
    Catherine Jones recently posted..Better Jobs

  11. They will keep on trying to pass a similar law as PIPA or SOPA until they’ll succeed. (see ACTA).
    Someday a similar law will be passed and slowly but surely the internet will lose its freedom. Sure I’ll fight to keep this for happening but I think it will eventually happen. Maybe I’m to pessimistic…
    Cristian Balau recently posted..AdminForum | The best place to chillout for admins & website owners.

  12. Now the SOPA/PIPA is no longer a mainstream issue but I believe that legislators especially the proponent of this bill is just waiting for the right timing for these bills to be legislated.

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