Wednesday, February 21, 2018

What’s In A Tag ?

I was doing the Google Analytics thing late Friday night ………. yeah I know ……… get a life! I noticed that I was hitting the top of Google kinda hard for the keyword “Engadget” which is a web magazine for consumer electronics.

I’m holding down the number six spot as I write this and for the life of me I can’t figure out why. I wrote a top ten list almost a year ago and that’s it. As much as I write about blogs, bloggers, blogging. I get nothing. I mean I think I scored a 7,371,864 indexed position once when I mentioned David Risley, but that’s about it. (Time to brush up on my SEO). When I looked closer at the engadget listing; I was actually indexed as edgadget right there under engadgets’ listing.

Now I know that I’m not quite that careless.  Anyone can misspell a word, but with that type of post, (a top 10 list) I go over and over it, again and again. When I clicked on the link, sure enough I had spelled it correctly. I guess Google must have mis-indexed the thing. Hold it ………. I decided to check my tags on the post and there it was ………. I had misspelled the tag. Great!  I get indexed on my poor grammar (talk about a Google slap).

I guess the moral of the story, or post as the case may be, is that if Google is intent on indexing poor grammar, you might as well take advantage of it. Now, I’ve been at it long enough to realize that this is a common SEO technique for Adwords marketing, but I always thought it showed bad form to try to rank on misspelled keywords.

You decide for yourself ………. this is Jeffrey signing off at BBloggers Thanks for stopping by.

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