Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Victory, you say? Master Obi-Wan, not victory

Yoda Of WordPress

Three weeks ago I was making light of my lack of common sense by looking for an answer to a simple problem in a sensible place. I proclaimed myself “Yoda Of WordPress”. It’s good to laugh at oneself from time to time. At that time, I was working on a re-fit of Bloggers Market for at least another year. I had gone through several re-builds with my other Blogs and felt like I was up to the task. It was certainly one of those “sooner or later” type of deals. I jumped in.

Re-building means just that …….. changing things. Unfortunately I changed a little too much and by the time I was ready to import the old tables from my database, things had changed significantly. After importing my tables, everything was there, but I had no categories. So everything was listed as uncategorized. Great!

I dropped out about half of what I had originally built over the past two years, so I thought I would just deal with the posts and the comments one by one from the old Blog …… over to the new Blog. That’s going to be about 2000 different posts and comments. Oh well, I couldn’t really do it in one night. So I pulled together what little I could to make the site presentable. The site looked killer. I was totally pleased. I would just take the next couple of months building the site back to where it once stood ……. I then went on to other projects …….. bad idea !!!

After three weeks of working on an extremely high-tech Website for a local home builder, it was time for another post. I thought before I went on to write this weeks post I would check-in with Father Google and check-out the months traffic ……… there was none !!!   :cry:

At first I thought I might have left the analytics code behind when I re-built the site. But analytics was showing I had two or three visits during the week. Oh man ………. no content; no traffic! I had been de-indexed from the search engines ( Google for the most part ) that quick, because my content is missing from my site. I have yet to move most of it over from the old site.

Moral of the story ……. you can be de-indexed ( if that’s the right term ) as fast as you can be indexed. Just great! Yoda of WordPress goes from victory to de-feeet. Hey, thanks for stopping by and remember any time you need me to torch your Blog, just drop me a line ………. I’m just an E-Mail away!


  1. Maria Pavel says:

    Three weeks is actually a long time, i’ve heard of Google to de-index pages in just days.
    That’s why i’m always scared to leave the website down for too long. Even so, last month some mexican hacked some servers from my host and all the websites from those servers went boom! They took 2 days to do the backup, two days in which i barely slept at night. Lucky me, i saw no change in rankings once my website was back, but first chance i got i changed hosts.

    Sorry about your de-indexing, please be more careful from now on, you never know when Google’s watching you :)
    Maria Pavel recently posted..CNA Training in Arizona

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Maria …….. happy March! Ya like my Twitter Icon? I spent like two days trying to put it together. I’m on Linux so I can’t really do the photoshop thing, I’ve had to do everything in “GIMP”.

      In moving a sites database, there is a lot that goes into that move. You can not only export the entire database, you can move tables one by one if you so desire. This is what I did with Bloggers Market. So if the comments tables went off the deep end, everything else would be fine. I could just restore the rest of the tables one by one.

      My problem rests with moving from “Revolution Church” to “Church Parent / Child”. The hooks for the categories are obviously entirely different. I had no trouble moving the rest of my sites. However, most of my sites are about 10 mgs. Bloggers Market was at the time of my move well over a 100 mgs.

      My real mistake was in re-building the site before I moved it. I should have moved the site as is and then started the re-build. I just was really not up to the issue of moving all of the junk that builds-up on a Blog that I update every single day and experiment with for the advancement of science. I have “Bloggers” for experimenting with, but I sometimes just go ahead and hack Bloggers and then when I through doing the Albert Einstein thing on it, I move on and then forget about what I was doing. When I went to clean-up, I couldn’t even remember half of the junk I was working on.

      The most unusual thing I found during my re-build was a ton of Beyonce’s “Flaws And All” videos to see how many ways I could get videos to display within my template. I actually made several attempts with several different templates that I use for my 18 different Blogs. I actually have the thing still floating around on “Blogging Extreme“. Here’s the link to that page! I do strange things some times.

      I had a dream last night ………………

      • Maria Pavel says:

        Hi Jeffrey,
        The Twitter icon looks great, but it looks a little strange to me since i’m used to the usual one you can see everywhere. I see you worked two days on it, sometimes i also spend 1-2 days trying to make a logo, i suck at webdesign and some would say the same about my photoshop skills.
        lol on the Beyonce’s “Flaws And All” videos, but don’t worry, we all do some strange things sometimes.
        Maria Pavel recently posted..Red Cross CNA Training

  2. CPR training says:

    The Twitter icon looks great, yes i think de-indexed is correct, would much prefer to be indexed. though

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