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Those Bums At Google

Today’s date is June 23, 2011, yet you will not see this post until the end of July. I finally have Bloggers Market in pretty good shape and this have given me the incentive to catch-up on my writing. Having done so, the content hopper is pretty close to full.

I’m noticing a change in my writing. It has become much stronger. I’ve moved “Jeffrey’s Corner” to the front page and have gotten rid of the focus on the beginner, which oddly enough is what this site is truly dedicated to. However, in the coming months, I’ll be taking off to parts unknown. Oh I won’t be too far away, but I’ll be focusing more on the important subjects that face us all as Bloggers.

One Epic Post

As far as posts go this one is sure to be epic. Not from the standpoint of the writing rather the subject. One of the luxuries that I have come to enjoy about my new-found direction is that I have more time to focus on my content as I am only posting once a week and focusing instead on the Internet Marketing side of things. Also I have no timeline to consider now that I am established as a Pro-Blogger. Thank goodness; the daily grind of putting out daily content was really getting to me.

This weeks post is about Google, and as you read this I have had a month to research this subject, so this is going to be pretty good ….. like I said epic. It all started one dark and stormy night, as I was surfing my “New York Times” Technology feed on my Google homepage when I spotted this gem:

Google ‘faces US antitrust probe’

Now this is probably old news to most of you, and I’m not here to report the story as breaking news, rather I wanted to look at the issue from a unique perspective ……… mine.

As far as politics go, I’m pretty quite over here at Bloggers Market. I’m not really sure the best thing to do while I’m building a business online is to kick sand. In the coming years, you will hardly be able to recognize me. I intend on burying some folks in the sand. However, this particular subject was just too juicy to pass-up and it involves almost all of us trying to hack-it online.

Father Google Runs Amok

As you no doubt know by now Father Google is in trouble with the powers that be. The FTC! This is not Google’s first dance with the FTC or Justice for that matter, who share jurisdiction over antitrust issues, but it is the first challenge to its core business model. It’s search engine and advertising business, which totaled a reported $29.3 billion last year. “This is the main act,” said Ted Henneberry, a former trial lawyer at the Justice Department and partner at Orrick Herrington and Sutcliffe.

In the past, company executives have said that the increased scrutiny from regulators is a normal byproduct of its success. Truth be known, that is the case for anyone who is successful in this day and age.

Who Watches Google?

Keeping a watch on all of this is “Fair“. A watchdog of sorts, they have plenty to say about the Evil Empire that is Google; don’t get me wrong, someone or something as large as Google needs a watchdog.

I thought I would do a quick search with just the keywords “Fair Search” and Google gave 3 direct links to the website at the top of the SERP’s; you plug-in “Bloggers Market” and you get one!!! However you plug-in Google and you get 15 of the first 20 results that are Google’s alone.

This issue is just way to large to try to give it justice here in this short post. So I won’t even try. However, it will be somewhat interesting to see how this will play in the end and I’ll be sure to follow-up with an editorial of my own. I don’t think that they’ll drag any one to jail over Google’s practice but it should prove illuminating to us all.


  1. Rick Byrd says:

    Jeffrey my man!

    I’m looking forward to the changes you will be making here. Not that I don’t like what you have been doing but I am always interested when people change direction with their blog even if ever so slightly.

    As for Google, they always have a lawsuit of some kind against them. I know that Google claims there is no human interference to their search results but that is truly hard to believe, afterall a human created the algorithm and I am sure that they can easily add filters to filter out content/sites of they want. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

    - Rick

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hey Rickster!

      Did you see my video or rather hear it ? No! Because you never go back and read my responses to your comments. Bad Rick; Bad Rick!

      As far as change to the old Blog here; I’m getting ready for a move. I’ve got about six of these things linked together and will be looking at a launch here around Christmas or the first of the year I hope.

      I hope this works …. I’ve got a ton of work into this idea of mine!

  2. Adrienne says:

    Oh, changes are coming. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see exactly what you’ve got up your sleeve Mr. Jeffrey. You know I’ll be looking forward to see those.

    Well, well, well. Google’s finally getting caught for doing that little dirty work. I think in my mind they’ve gotten a little too big for their britches knowing that they “rule” the internet having the largest and best search engine and then everything else they have bought up and are a part of. It’s like they feel they can do no wrong and I’m happy to see that someone else is watching them carefully. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what comes from this. Glad you will be keeping us informed.

    Thank’s Jeffrey, as always.


    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Adrienne,
      I guess I could go on about the move, but I’m still trying to hammer that square peg into the round hole which is giving me tunnel vision ……… or in this case “Funnel Vision”.

      As for Google; of all the information that has come and gone since the FTC announcement, the thing that has caught my attention is the purchase of a zillion patients from IBM and others.

      Google’s recent lawsuit with Oracle over Android for $2.6 Billion, which I understand Oracle has a strong position and will win has really given Google a black-eye.

      I’m not so sure that Google set out to harm Oracle in any way however, they are caught in the gears of the machine and don’t really care for it, motiving them to purchase all of the patients they can come up with considering their market capital. This could really spell disaster for the tech industry. Giving Google a big damn baseball bat. I’m convinced that this is not to cover Google’s downside rather to give Google a way to damage anyone that mentions lawsuit ……. especially the FED. They could really tangle the courts up good if they so desire, costing billions to taxpayers.

      This I feel will provide all of the fodder necessary for the next twenty years in the tech industry. We’ll see!

  3. Barry Wells says:

    Hi Jeffrey, I hope that you’re well mate.

    I look forward to seeing the changes you’re making to your blog.

    It’s good to know that some are holding google accountable. The bigger they get the more they tend to rule and are always holding people accountable so it’s good that someone is doing likewise to them now.

    Keep us posted on the developments Jeffrey.

    Catch up again soon mate,

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Barry, how goes it?
      I’m not going to make too many changes here at Bloggers Market until after the first of the year, I am however going to be making a move. I’m seriously considering making this Blog just a products Blog. Will see; still to early to tell.

  4. Pete Goumas says:

    Very interesting thanks for the Google info, Jeffrey.

  5. Arjun Rai says:

    Hi Glynis, I agree with you, Its really become more interesting now.
    Arjun Rai recently posted..Ore Analysis

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