Monday, December 18, 2017

The Weakness Of Social Media

Social Media

I’m the first to admit it, I’m pretty weak when it comes to social media, I’m kinda shy ……… I guess. But you will have to find a social niche to work with as a Blogger or Internet Marketer;  mine is twitter. You cannot be everywhere at once,  so it is essential for you to choose your social platforms carefully. The never-ending choices for social platforms are indeed its weakness.

When you think of it,  you can literally go nuts trying to decide which social platform will bring you the greatest power in networking.  I’m not even going to start down the road of suggestions as this will drive me nuts.  I am however,  going to provide a well researched list this coming March, on the top 10 social networks,  take it or leave it.  I’m not so sure that you couldn’t come up with 10 on your own that are completely different from my list,  that bring you as many contacts as you can handle.  It would be interesting if you would provide me with just one social network that you like the best in your comments to this post.

I started out on Squidoo,  when I first started Blogging,  but I just could not dedicate the time to it that was needed to make it really work for me.

You only have so much time to network,  you need to macro manage this time as closely as possible. I say no more than one hour a day.  It would be nice to think that we could take on the world of social media and rule the world, ( I don’t really think paying someone to do it for you is a good idea,  the people you hire usually spend their time socially networking for themselves.  Maybe that’s the trick, getting someone to pay you to network! ) but there is just not enough time in the day to do this.

Consider your social options carefully and slowly,  don’t try to do too much at one time.  This will prove counter productive for sure.

Remember that starting out as a Blogger, the first area of social interaction is with the Blogs that you follow.  However, you should choose those just as carefully!

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