Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Trick Is Traffic

Traffic Jam

The Keyword here is: “Learn How To Make Money Blogging”. As keywords go ………. that’s a pretty good one. I just wish I could pass on the details to my readers. Sadly I’m missing the finer points. I need …………… I need one good formula for it all. I’ve got it! E=MC2

As close as I’ve come in the past two years to finding the one formula for making money online has been a quote from John Chow: “Making money from blogging requires you to do only two things: drive a lot traffic, then maximize the income from that traffic”.

The other side of that coin is provided by David Risley: “Blogging alone is nothing but a big hamster wheel”. That’s simplifying it a bit, but anyone who has put in their time Blogging will be able to relate.

Here’s my take: “Blogging is the perfect place to start your online efforts”. Ahhh …….. I’m not much for quotes anyway, it’s not really my style.

I met up this week with Brandon Connell over at Facebook and we were comparing notes on different issues and I mentioned that I was going to do the Alex Jeffreys podcast. Alex is one of the big guys in the game. I mentioned that I was having trouble extracting any usable info from him. He has some great ideas, but nothing you can really bank. Now I wouldn’t expect him to provide me his trade secrets, after all that is how Alex makes money Online ……. with his mentoring program. However he’s pretty sketchy on the issues.

When you pay a visit to Brandon’s site, you can bet that you will find bankable ideas to work with ……… complete with hyper-links. Now that’s what I’m talking about.

Of course comparing Alex Jeffreys to Brandon Connell is like comparing apples to oranges. Their respective approach to Internet Marketing is totally different.

Making money Online; whether it be a dime at a time or $1995.00 at a time comes with the same set of rules ……….. The Trick Is Traffic !!!


  1. Maria Pavel says:

    I strongly believe traffic is an important part of the puzzle, but what you do with that traffic is more important. You can make the same amount of money with 100 or with 1000 visitors, it all depends on what you’re selling and how you’re selling it.
    Maria Pavel recently posted..Red Cross CNA Training

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Maria,
      Good to see you could drop by. I did a post on the Alex Jeffreys podcast and if you check out the tables you will see where Phase 3, Number 1 of his system deals with traffic. Alex made reference to the very fact that you have written about within your comment.

      I’d like to thank you for your insight. You have become a smart addition to this Blog. To be frank I’m scared to death of the “great post” demons that are always lurking around the next post. Your continued presence provides the necessary interaction for my engaged readers.

  2. Kimi says:

    Could not agree with you more!

    One year blogging is indeed adding to my blog experience, traffic is important. and the free one is the best of all.

    To get the traffic, is having valuable content, so we don’t have to work so hard to get link, if our content is helpful, people will link to our posts freely, without our having to pay nor ask..

    Kimi recently posted..Domain name without hosting – Can I reserve it

  3. Jeffrey says:

    Hi Kimi,
    Thanks for stopping by. I really like your Blog. You have really good skills. In another year you should be in the top 1,000 Blogs in the world. I like your WordPress Install video. It needs to be upgraded though. Please come back to see me, I think you would be the perfect addition to my Blog roll. In the mean time you may find my technical Blog of interest. You may find it here. Blogging See you soon.

  4. DailyAppNews says:

    Hi Jeffry,
    According to my experiences in this field, I’m sure that traffic closely related with income from a blog/site. Good content, incessant promotion your blog/site, and reaching your knowledge with the latest information about this field will help to increase a blog/site.
    However, recently, if I attend what happen in blogging world, many new blogs/sites will be difficult to get traffic because of Google’s new algorithm. But, I see some peculiarities happen since Google updated the new algorithm. I see that some blogs/sites with farm/spam content is in the first page and on the top, whereas, the blogs/sites with farm content using Auto blog/Auto Generate Content to get high traffic, and Google just let them and Google doesn’t ban/ enter them to sand box. I think Google makes many mistakes with the new algorithm.
    DailyAppNews recently posted..Al-Maisan Android 22 Froyo Arabic ROM

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Fariez,
      I think at this point of the game that the sandbox is so big and complex, that I’m not really sure that Google is on top of it all.

      One of the reasons for all of the smoke and mirrors is that; and I am probably pretty close to the truth when I say that: I think that Google is making it up as they go along. This is groundbreaking work. The numbers are huge, the equipment cutting-edge.

      How anything works at this level is really anyone’s guess. As I see things at this point of the development, we are still quite a ways a way from where we need to be. I still struggle to find what I need for my computer work. I shouldn’t have to struggle this hard to find what I need within any search engine.

  5. Hi,

    It is important to note that you can’t generate good amounts of web traffic over night. Some novices expect to do that. When they don’t achieve it, they get frustrated. Traffic comes with good planning and good methods. It is also important to note that the challenge isn’t generating web traffic only, but also keeping visitors on your websites. I believe quality content is the most important thing that will help one drive loyal visitors to his or her blog.

    Kindest regards,

    Mouh@Effortless eBook Writing recently posted..How to Choose The Right eBook Topic

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Mouh,
      After having had to wade through all of the noise on the Internet and having had to face my own struggles, this is indeed the conclusion that I have come to.

      I’m almost convinced at this stage of the game that the only way home is to buy the traffic. Even if you have the good fortune to master SEO, we can’t all be on top. What’s worse ………. the names that were at the top of the index when I came into the market two years ago are still at the top now, except that there are now another 17 million of us competing for what’s left.

      I’m not really sure if I feel comfortable “banking” my future on this “algorithmic discrimination”.

  6. Jeff,
    I just popped over to see what your site is all about, and I feel like a 2nd grader stuck in an upper level web course.
    So much to know, of which I know so little.
    Think I’ll need to do more digging herein.

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Katie, thanks for dropping by.
      There are two paths to work with here. The first is the boring stuff ( I actually think it’s pretty good ), the lessons for Bloggers. These lessons are the ones that are numbered. I have 34 of them. I actually have 52 in this series, but have abandoned the project for now as no one seems to really be interested, as evidenced by the three comments attached to the 34 lessons.

      The other path is the personal dribble that I go on about that seems to be the stuff that soap operas are made of that my readers can’t seem to get enough of ……. very strange.

      If you would prefer to hold your head in your hands for a while or could use a really good migraine, you can surf on over to “Blogging” and do some “light” reading ……… take a bottle of wine with you …….. you’ll need it. I bet I haven’t fielded a comment in a year over there! However if you have a php script that refuses to run when triggered once nested within your WordPress post …… Blogging is for you!

  7. Spot on, Jeff! I have been trying to find my crowd to get traffic from. If traffic is not your concern as a blogger then, why even bother blogging unless you just want to store your documents online?
    Anne Sales | Coupon Codes recently posted..GoDaddy Coupon Code

  8. Jeffrey says:

    Hi Anne, thanks for coming by to see me!
    I’ve got even worse news for you ………. storing your documents online or back-ups of your documents online is a violation of your Hosts TOS. I bet you didn’t even know that one. I have my own hosting company; “CottonTail Hosting”, I have to know these things.

    As far as traffic to your site is concerned, hang in there! It will come to you. You just have to have patience and a pretty good work ethic. Also avoid doing the social thing until you drop. All that does is bring you hits to your site not quality traffic. All you need is Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. You can accomplish all that you can handle on your own with these three. Once the snowball gets going …. Look Out!

    If I’m going to build a following online, I would rather have quality traffic …….. those who understand how online marketing works. Those who provide me with quality interaction and expect the same in return. I’d rather not spend 15 minutes responding to someone’s comment who is only looking for “link juice”!

    Oh, by the way, I really like your site, however you need to integrate a Blog into the site as soon as possible. Having a site about coupons is one thing. Having a site that talks about and interacts with people about the coupons that they need and like is a social interaction and is a totally different situation all together.

    If I had lived to be 10,000 I would never have seen the social thing coming, but that is indeed how the Internet is evolving. Who’d ah thunk it!   :lol:

  9. nice share… traffic is what we all want but it takes lots of time to do SEO things and all.
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  10. Now a days, getting traffic for a blog or website is really a tricky work. There are lots of ways through which we can get huge amounts of traffic for our blog or website, but only need to implement all the tricks in a correct way.
    Fantastic article with sound knowledge.Thanks for sharing.

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Amit, thanks for coming by today!
      Implementing all the tricks in a correct way is a good start, however it’s the day to day discipline of that strategy that makes or breaks a great site.

  11. waterpearls says:

    Hi Jeffery,
    Nice and interesting topic.No doubt all bloggers want to have a good traffic on their blog and for this patience and a good trick to have traffic is important but all you have to give is your time in right direction.
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  12. Well yes indeed! The whole thing behind this online earning and marketing thing is based upon the amount of traffic you get. More traffic means more clicks to your ads, and hence more revenue. Yet the sad part is that online marketing has resulted in tremendous spam, more than ever.
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  13. Jeffrey says:

    Hi James, thanks for coming over!
    I can tell by the timing of your comment your up early this morning, getting ready for the “Royals” wedding I’ll bet.

    Traffic and Spam and Royal Weddings ………. the world goes around and around.

    Hey James, I meant to mention that I do have a tech Blog for Blogging. You might want to check it out. Take a case of Beer with you when you go, you’re going to need it. I’ve had several big builds for clients lately and have not had time to post anything in my section. Here’s the address and link:


  14. Hi Jeffrey,

    Nowadays, many people are blogging for money. And they all realize that traffic plays an important role. It’s a tight competition here. Thanks for sharing the knowledge, dude.
    Andrew Walker recently posted..Omnis Coupons

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Andrew,
      Tight competition ain’t exactly how I would express it. Free-For-All is more like it! With so many Blogs and Websites competing it’s a wonder I have an type of readership at all.

      I fully believe that if I offered a free lunch one day and free tropical islands the next that no one from the previous days free meal would show up for the Caribbean give away.

      Here’s hoping that you return to my little island on the Internet Andrew!

  15. Yes, I couldn’t agree more. The traffic plays very important role in determining whether your blog’s going to be success or not. Great share. Thanks.
    Andrew Walker recently posted..A2 Hosting Coupon

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