Monday, December 18, 2017

The Sunshine Award

The Sunshine AwardEvery so often I actually do a real time post. When circumstances dictate I can come right in and write without upsetting the dynamic of my Blog as I have most of my material written 90 days in advance. This gives me great power in addressing an issue as it arises.

Adrienne Smith’s Sunshine Award

The issue in question is Adrienne Smith’s “Sunshine Award”. As I understand it, the “Sunshine Award” is a rolling award for the best that the Internet has to offer in regards to the Bloggers out there. Whomever gets nominated also gets to carry on the list. It also comes with a series of rules. 1.) Thank the person(s) who gave you the award. 2.) Answer 10 questions. 3.) Pass the award on to 10-12ish deserving bloggers.

The Love Is In The List

The Internet ( Father Google ) loves lists. Usually power-packed information that can be consumed easily by the reader. As we move forward into the future, the Internet will become more and more inter-active. Meaning that the information that you see listed on Google will be real-time. That indeed is what will hold down the number one spots in Google …….. current real-time inter-active condensed information.

So without further ado …….. I’d like to thank “Adrienne Smith” for my being at the top of her “Sunshine Award” list. As for the 10 questions well …… here goes:

My List As I Live It:

1. Favorite colors – Gray; Blue; Brown.
2. Favorite animals – Black Bear and Grey Wolves.
3. Favorite number – 12. I always like things being even and I’ve been told things are cheaper by the dozen.
4. Favorite drinks – Coca Cola! Ice Tea.
5. Facebook or Twitter – Twitter … it’s real-time.
6. My passion – Wilderness and The Multiverse.
7. Giving or receiving gifts – Both.
8. Favorite day – Saturday, time to think and reset for the next week.
9. Favorite flower – Nightblooming Cereus.
10. Favorite food – Hamburgers and French Fries.

Now for the 10 deserving Bloggers:

1. Adrienne Smith: Top Blogger On The Internet Today.
2. Frank Kern: Not really a Blogger, however he gets it!
3. Seth Godin: This guy can really write and bring home the point in a paragraph or less. How cool is that?
4. Barry Wells: Unique subjects covered with insight.
5. Alex Whalley: Covers SEO subjects and products.
6. SEOmoz: Thank Goodness!
7. Michael Dunlop: Straight forward and easy to understand.
8. John Chow: The Power Blogger That I Follow.
9. Yaro Starak: Australian Internet Business Entrepreneur.
10. David Risley: Down to earth, tells it like it is Blogger.


  1. Adrienne says:

    Jeffrey made a l-i-s-t, Jeffrey made a l-i-s-t… And right here at the end of the year too! How could I leave you off this list Jeffrey! Very surprised to see that you rushed over here to write a follow-up post. I’m truly impressed.

    So blue is one of your favorite colors. Nice! Do you know that Coke is a heavy duty cleaner? I’ll even get the junk off your battery cables. Dang, who drinks that stuff! Oh, Jeffrey does! lol… Hope your stomach isn’t like that.

    You definitely can’t beat a good burger and fries. That I will agree with you.

    Impressive list as well Jeffrey. Thanks for contributing to this. You were able to sneak an extra post in. Nice!

    Way to go and will be sad to see Bloggers Market come to an end. But I’m excited for what you have in store for us with the upcoming year. I have no doubt, it will be good.
    Adrienne recently posted..Nothing Like A Little Sunshine Today

    • Jeffrey says:

      OK Carolyn came home and was freakin’ that I made a list and concerned that I was posting while she was out shopping. Sooo…… now she has done her editing thing and the post reads a little better now.

      If I didn’t drink Coke …….. I’d be caffeine free and I’m not so sure that is a good thing …… especially for me.

      Well that just about does it for the year. Two more posts to go. One on the 31st and the other on the 7th and I’m outa here. Actually I’m already over at so take a look at the holiday page as that will come down the first of January.

      Now comes “Blogging Extreme Voulume 1″ Oh Joy ………. Four Modules; 24 videos.

  2. Adrienne says:

    Oh that’s too funny Jeffrey! I hope she didn’t buy the store out! She’s such a brave soul or either just loves shopping.

    I don’t drink any caffeine at all, none. All I drink is water. Gave up soft drinks over 24 years ago and have never looked back. I’ll only have them in an alcoholic beverage. Yummy!!! But, my soda of choice is sprite or 7-up. They taste the same to me. I think you can honestly handle it!

    I love the little reindeer you have on your other site. That’s too cute! Too bad he’ll be coming down soon.

    You’ve got your work cut out for you my friend. 24 videos is a lot of work but you’ll be done in no time at all. I’m sure you have it all mapped out. So I guess it’s time to get to work!
    Adrienne recently posted..Nothing Like A Little Sunshine Today

    • Jeffrey says:

      Good grief, Adrienne……Love shopping? I was out buying salad fixings & sunflower seeds. You might not be able to guess from his posts, but Jeffrey has a serious case of ADHD. Or, as he calls it, ADDDDDDDDDDD!!!!! I spend most of my time trying to feed him in a way that will control his charming madness, yet enhance his natural brilliance — not an easy job!

      We fight over the coke all the time. I keep offering him Sierra Mist, to feed his sugar craving, but I can’t seem to get him over the coke. Years ago I read that the colas have an especially detrimental effect on brain functioning, because they actually strip essential nutrients from our bodies. Not sure if it’s true — I just know that Jeffrey is more than a handful when he sucks that stuff down on a regular basis.

      Oddly enough, my background is in Child Development; and, as Jeffrey likes to point out, I acquired my degrees in this field simply because the good lord was sending him my way………

      I love the reindeer, too. One of the things I most enjoy about Jeffrey’s work is that he’s so genuinely serious about technical issues, but always so playful in his spirit & delivery.


      • Adrienne says:

        Oh, that kind of shopping. Now that’s totally different. That must be a full time job Carolyn trying to keep him in check. I can only imagine myself. But, I think you’re doing a wonderful job.

        My Dad was told by his doctor well over 50 years ago to not drink coke. Had way too much acid in it and could cause some major health problems for him later in life so none of us were ever allowed to drink it. I did end up drinking diet coke in my later years but soon learned how much sodium were in these drinks so I put them down for good. It was hard switching over to water but it’s achievable. I’ve never looked back.

        I bet you two are just made for each other Carolyn. Your background, his ADDDDDDDDDDD (so he calls it) and your caring nature make this union a success. I’m so glad you two have each other.

        I can tell how dedicated Jeffrey through his posts and comments plus that one long conversation we were able to have. I have no doubt everything is coming his way this year.

        Have a wonderful week and thanks for responding. I bet he’s just loving this! :-)
        Adrienne recently posted..Nothing Like A Little Sunshine Today

  3. Deeone says:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    This is actually my second time over, but my first comment on your blog. I come by way of our awesome friend, Adrienne. :)

    Just wanted to come over and congratulate you for being a recipient of the Sunshine award and have a look around your site here. Awesome place, BTW. I’m loving the set up, the graphics, and the content. I’ll definitely be adding it to my reader.

    Loved your answers to the 10 questions, as well. I’ll have to check out your 10 bloggers at some point too. I am aware of a few of them, but don’t get the chance to visit them often. This is a most excellent way to go about doing so.

    Thanks! :) ) And once again, congrats.

    Wishing you and yours a wonderful New Year!
    Deeone recently posted..How to Reach One Million Hits

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Deeone, thanks for coming by today!

      Don’t bother adding to your reader ……… this train is fixing to pull out of the station. I’m moving to a new site at the first of the year, I’ll be converting this site to a products landing page for the Blogger and only posting once a month.

      So here’s hoping that you are able to follow me over to the new site and I look forward to your contiuned contributions.

  4. Barry Wells says:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    I hope that you had a fantastic Christmas with your family and had some well deserved time off with your feet up.

    I know that you have a huge launch in a matter of hours Jeffrey and hope that everything is going to plan and is a huge success :)

    You so deserve the Sunshine award Jeffrey for the content, advice and help that you provide throughout the year, congratulations :)

    I am honoured to be included in your Sunshine Award list jeffrey, thank you very much. I had a fantastic year this year and for my efforts to be acknowledged by others bloggers really does mean a lot to me. Words can’t express the joy of that recognition but I will do my best to descibe in the post I’m about to write.

    You will of course get a huge mention in that, along with me telling everyone of your launch. Thanks for all the help and advice over the last year Jeffrey it really is appreciated.

    I hope that you have a great night tonight and that the launch is a huge success.

    I’ll close by wishing you a very Happy New Year Jeffrey

    Take good care,
    Barry Wells recently posted..It Is That Time Again: With Thanks, A Gift and Christmas Wishes

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hey Barry, how goes it mate?

      Thanks for all the support ………. next year is our year!

      You need to cruise back over to Bloggers Market and hit the “Farewell Address” and then watch out for next week’s post titled: “The Future Of Bloggers Market”.

      You might want to ham it up a bit as these are my last two weekly posts here and I’m getting ready to hit this site here with a ton of paid PPC for “Blogging Extreme Volume 1.0″, so you will be in first position with the comments section ……… if you leave a comment of course.

      I’ll be posting here on the first Saturday of each month! So jump on board!

  5. It’s my great pleasure to come across here in your blog and read some great information about you Jeffrey, well, anyway you really deserve all the good things that happens to your life. You are such an inspiration to me I’m looking forward to know you more.

    Thanks! :)
    Alesia Medas

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Alesia, thanks for coming by today.

      Here’s hoping that you had a great holiday season and that you have a prosperous new year. Don’t forget to come see me at my new site

  6. Very cool to see you made Adrienne’s list! I’ve only recently been introduced to her site but I get the impression from the interactions we’ve had that she’s a very caring and considerate person. For you to be considered by her to be a similar person makes me glad I stumbled onto this site. Wishing you massive success with the transition to the new url!
    Lewis LaLanne aka Nerd #2 recently posted..The One Thing I’m Most Grateful For

  7. John Chow is great, agree with your list but he should be higher for sure!
    Jamie Hollister recently posted..Berenguer Reborn Dolls

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi jamie, thanks for coming by to see me today!

      I really caught the flack here in the office when I added the top pros instead of the newer Bloggers to my list. And unfortunately I wrote the list on the fly, so I was really not careful with the order of things. I will tell you this, that of all the Blogs that I follow, there are very few that are the quility of John Chow. My only complaint is that John does not write nearly as much as I would like, as his site is heavily dependent on guest posts.

  8. Barbara J. Gonzalez says:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    Great post! I agree with the list :) they all deserve to have the award. Congrats to all the winners!
    Barbara J. Gonzalez recently posted..Chromagen glasses

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hey Barbara,
      One of the hardest things you will ever do on the Internet is to make it onto someone’s list! I think this is the second time in three years for me.

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