Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Stat That Keeps On Giving

I struggled for a while to come to a positive start here this morning. I’m going to be writing on stats and I had originally wanted to start with the title “The Stat That Really Matters” or “The Stat That Counts” which would have been closer to the truth. However, I have to tread lightly as we all do when discussing stats as those “stats” represent ………


My Day Off

It’s kinda funny that I’m here at all really ….. I had wanted to take the day, as I am feeling the last several weeks hopping up and down on my head. So after some thought as to what I would do on my day off, I determined that I would do some writing. Sometimes I wonder ……..

To Many Choices Not A Good Thing

I’ve actually written on stats several times before as they tend to elude the Blog Moderators or Webmasters as they dutifully watch their Cyber projects grow. I like most, have fallen under the spell of stat-press this and stat-press that, and the hundreds of other choices that we the unfortunate have to choose from. I’m not sure what the dynamic is here but no one can seem to get it right except for Google and after watching Google for a year even they can fluctuate from time to time.

If I had to name my one great annoyance with Blogging, it would be the time that I have wasted trying to wrap my brain around the stat game. I finally gave up earlier this year when my flagship went down in flames.

I Sense An E-Book Opportunity

During the course of my daily travels I have slowly but surely put together a several tiered system to accurately track stats. I’m thinking of writing an E-Book about the subject and pricing it around a thousand dollars as I figure this is what I have spent times two chasing this crap.

At this time I can now track anyone, anywhere in real-time. Watching where they go and what they read and how much time they spend while here at Bloggers Market and when they return and how many trips a month they make and ……… well ….. suffice it to say, I got the job done at last.

Better Things To Do

I don’t really pay that much attention to the stats anymore as I just don’t have the time or the interest. I haven’t changed the Alexa ranking on the homepage, in I don’t know how long. The widget thingie over at Alexa doesn’t really work that well, so I have to change it myself whenever it changes. So I definitely have found a better use for my time these days.

What’s The Bottom Line Here?

I did spend some time this morning looking over the stats and have come to a conclusion of sorts. That being ….. if I can see my traffic split evenly over “Search Engines”, “Referring Traffic”, and “Direct Traffic” and I can see that my bounce rate is at around 50% and my average time on my site is between 5 and 10 minutes with 50% new visitors and 50% repeat visitors ……. I’m good to go!

Truth be told, I think the most important stat that most of us really care about at any given time is the bottom-line. $$$ :) $$$


  1. Rick Byrd says:


    In the immortal words of Jerry McGuire…:Show Me The Money!!!

    Yes stats are great if you are split testing but you are right the bottom line is the all mighty dollar. Now you would think that testing and honing your website based on those stats that you would also see the same effects on your bottom line.

    As for the stats e-book, you can count me in for the first $1000 because I know your time is so valuable.

    I am not sure I like the idea of you knowing so much about me and what I am doing…I think I here a Big Brother is watching conspiracy.

    Take care pal,

    - Rick
    Rick Byrd recently posted..My First Day As A Full-Time Affiliate Marketer…Finally!

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi ya Brother …… errr Rick, how goes it?

      I guess what I was trying to say in a round about way here, is that I’m focused on how to attract dollars, period! I’m not interested in anything else. I’m a little long in the tooth to worry about anything else. I’m 53 and time is growing short.

      Don’t misunderstand me here, I would love to be popular! I mean how cool would that be; however, the Internet is a young mans game. Hell, my own demographic is a 20′s to 30′s stay at home mom, looking to earn an extra few dollars Online and lives …….. I kid you not …….. in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

      These are; “The Things We Think And Do Not Say” !!!

  2. Sonny says:

    I’ve always thought of metrics such as Alexa’s (and Google’s PR) as general indicators of overall site improvement and performance and not necessarily as the be-all and end-all of objectives…

    Also, I don’t have one of those Alexa buttons, but I always thought that the Traffic Rank number updated automatically.
    Sonny recently posted..A Steampunk Weapon Costume Prop

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Sonny, thanks for stopping by today!

      Of course the “be-all and end-all” is not neceassly important …….. unless you’re trying to sell the site, which is where a good portion of my income comes from. It’s all about the numbers, Sonny!

      As for the Alexa button; the Traffic Rank numbers do actually update automatically, but there is sometimes a big lag in the updates from the Alexa site to mine.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Hey Jeffrey,

    I agree with Rick, if the money keeps coming then it doesn’t really matter about the stats does it!

    I don’t obsess over it although I’ll be sure and check them out several different times a month. Just to see where the most traffic is coming from and if I need to increase my efforts on other sites because of it. I think at this moment that consistency is the key to improving anything so as I continue to do the work, the traffic continues to come and everything else just falls into place. At least it does for me.

    I use to obsess over the Google PR and the Alexa ranking but not anymore. I think they are good to revert to every once in awhile but as long as the traffic is still showing up and the sales are still coming in, that’s all that really matters.

    Oh and Jeffrey, don’t give me that bull about the age thing. You know that’s not flying with me my dear!!!

    Adrienne recently posted..A New Directory For Locating Quality DoFollow Blogs

    • Jeffrey says:

      Alright, alright ………… if you want to knock around the nursing home when your 147 ……… knock yourself out. Speaking strickly for myself I want to pay-off my debts as quickly as possible and jump off a really high mountain!!!

      I’m not exactly sure and I may miss my mark here but I don’t think it will take another 25 years to accomplish this goal ……… especially while “Blogging To The Bank” in pursuit of such goals.

      • Adrienne says:

        147, not going to happen. I sure hope to have croaked long before then. W-A-Y before then…

        Oh heck, you’ll have this all accomplished in no time at all. 25 years, yeah right! With everything you’re learning and implementing, you’ll be a millionaire before you know it. From my lips, right!
        Adrienne recently posted..A New Directory For Locating Quality DoFollow Blogs

        • Jeffrey says:

          Lady ……….. you gota lot hard bark on you! I gota be within a year on two anyway ……… lets’ call it technical and an even 150. Ya know Adrienne if life does turn out to be everlasting, I’ll have to drop by for your 13.7 billionth year young birthday bash. It’s sure to have “Universial” appeal ….. get it “Universial”; 13.7 billion years ………. I crack myself up sometimes!!!   :lol:

          As for the millions you would so generously bestowe upon me; I’m afraid that by the time I reach where the grass is greener on the other side I’ll be to old to climb the fence!

          Love and Peace to you this week my friend …….. oh hey ….. Adrienne, what does a birthday cake with 13.7 billion burning candles look like anyway ? Equals your personality I’ll bet !   ;)

          • Adrienne says:

            Could you even imagine Jeffrey! Darn, I sure hope they don’t make it everlasting or we are all screwed. Who can afford to live that long? Dang!!!

            Be too old to climb the fence, hogwash!!! You aren’t giving yourself enough credit my man. Remember, you ARE a year younger than me!

            By the way, when we gave my Mom her 80th birthday party, we put 80 candles on the cake. Damn near burned the darn thing up. It was hilarious and we had the fire extenguisher ready. What a hoot. 13.7 billion candles.. We’d burn up the universe.
            Adrienne recently posted..A New Directory For Locating Quality DoFollow Blogs

  4. Having a good PR and Alexa Rank can make your site popular but I still want to have a good ranking in keywords for every SERP.
    Blackberry Tracker recently posted..BlackBerry Tracker Video

    • Jeffrey says:

      Having a good ranking in keywords is well ………. key! No doubt about that, however it is really hard to hold a postion for long without paid access. There are just too many sites that are competing for whatever keyword you can think of.

      I good mixture of all three should serve anyone well if they are willing to work to improve them.

      • I wanted to know your opinion about Google+ if it can help your site in ranking?
        Blackberry Tracker recently posted..BlackBerry Tracker Video

        • Jeffrey says:

          When you talk SEO and Google, you’re really talking links. Google’s basis for grading links and their quailty is what the spiders find when crawling the web.

          Google crawls your site repeatedly looking for links and indexing content. When links are found they are logged. Google now has a link between “Blackberry Tracker” and BloggersMarket. However, at this time you are a “NoFollow Link” as I am not sure who you are personally ……. are you still with me here.

          If I knew your name that would be a start ……. Mr. Blackberry Tracker. Once I start interacting with you, I will eventually start writing about you and your Blog or Website within my Blogs content; now Google has something to lock-on to. When you have several links going back and forth between both of our sites …….. Google takes notice and now see’s that link between us as important; a conversation of sorts between real people not just dry website info. In other words it’s not link juice Mr. Blackberry Tracker, it is a relationship of sorts. What Google likes to call “Social Relevance”.

          The “Social Shares” or “Social Relevance” are particularly strong with Myself and Facebook as well as Twitter. That’s what Google is trying to lock-on to and rank. You see that is a real link with real people; a real conversation. Google wants to listen in on those social conversations not just to listen to a answering machine which is your typical link with dry website info.

          Enter “Google+” This is Google’s own “Social Relevance” network. When you share info on “Google+” about your work and life, you are sharing real life experiences with someone else ……… trust me on this ………. Google is all over that!!!

          You may say that the comments section here on Bloggers Market is a real conversation. Indeed it is, however, it is also susceptible to comment spam. You just don’t see that within, Twitter, Facebook or Google+, due to the way that you add people to these social networks; making these “Social Share’s” much more relevant and reliable. When you tie all this back togeather with your own Blogs or Websites content ………. Bingo!!!!!! ;)

    • Arjun Rai says:

      I agree with you thats an important thing which every blogger should try to improve their visitors number.
      Arjun Rai recently posted..How to hire interior designers

  5. Barry Wells says:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    To be honest I check my stats now and then but haven’t really paid them much attention as yet. I do look at the traffic, where it’s coming from and what has brought it to me but as for drilling it down I have to put my hands up.

    My focus has been on building the blog, connecting with like minded people and building relationships then it was to get an offer in place. Now that i have those in place I want to build upon them all and improve every area, as well creating more products.

    Having said that I do sometimes venture on Alexa and have a little look around there as well. I have always found my widget to be between 24/48 hrs behind and updates automatically. But I never really worry about that as long as I’m not going backwards quickly ;)

    Thanks Jeffrey, have a great weekend mate.


    Oh nearly forgot to mention: Thanks for explaining things to Blackberry tracker, not sure if he appreciated your reply but I certainly did Jeffrey, nice one ;)
    Barry Wells recently posted..Journey To Success Part 6: Learn From Your Mistakes, Back Up and Start Again

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Barry, how goes it ?
      Every once and a while ………. not often my friend, I have a moment of enlightenment!

      Google actually shows that we have 121 links; as you are showing number 5 on the list for links between us. I have a total of 515 links with a site where the owner and I have been going at it for the better part of a year on the validity of “Auto Blogs” and their contribution to the Internet as a valid medium.

      It’s early Saturday morning for me Barry, I’ve got a 12 hour day ahead of me, as my work here at Bloggers Market slowly draws to a close. I’m down to my last 10 weeks, just a month away from running my transitional ads. I’ve really nothing to do here anymore except to come by and do some house cleaning and check the comments ……… I’m going to miss it.

      I’m looking forward to your support over at the first of the year. I’m looking to make it the authority for Blogging and Internet Marketing on the Internet ……… it’s a toss-up between Adrienne Smith and yourself as to who will hold the link power.

      In the coming days I’m going to be placing a state of the art comment section in over at, it’s really the last piece that has to go in place ( I’ll have to write the code myself to get what I want ). It seems that Google is giving more and more weight to the comments of those that are linkedin to each other. It’s one of the reasons you keep seeing my reference to my new site mentioned time and again; Google is already picking-up on the links. It’s kinda amazing really; I’ve yet to launch and Google has about half of the 30 or so pieces that are in place already indexed. I’m not sure if I have mentioned it to you personally, but I’ll be previewing my “” site for just two weeks at the end of the December before taking it down again. I’m aiming for a first quater 2016 launch for that site and heavens …….. Google already has the thing indexed. That’s insane!!! Hows’ that ? For the same reasons I mentioned above to “Mr Blackberry Tracker”. Google is beginning to trust me to provide quailty content to the Internet!

      I’ll see you soon Barry, God Bless !

      • Barry Wells says:

        That has really surprised me Jeffrey, 121 links and I’m showing 5th on the link list. I’m really surprised by that, it’s an eye opener for me that’s for sure.

        79 days and 2 hours as I type this Jeffrey and yes of course you will have my full support over at I’m looking forward to the launch and getting my teeth into the content, it sounds really exciting.

        The state of the art comment section has really pricked my ears up. I knew that Google loved good comments but didn’t realise they loved them as much as you’ve pointed out. It’s certainly working Jeffrey as when I popped over to the site I noticed the Alexa ranking, and for a site that hasn’t been launched you have an impressive ranking, on both and

        Please let me know when you’re previewing as I’d love to have a good look around ;)

        Best of luck for the last 10 weeks Jeffrey,

        Respect and Regards,
        Barry Wells recently posted..Add An Opt In Form To Every Post Then Triple Your Blog Traffic

  6. The stats, the stats, the stats…they never go away. I think you’re right that an e-book opportunity exists here.

    If you do write one, be sure to include how to avoid letting the stats take over your life! I’ve always wished I could restrict myself from looking at Google Analytics sometimes as it seems to take up way too much of my time. Granted, there is a lot of powerful information there and a lot that can be done with it, but there’s no reason to be checking stats 25+ times per day. It’s inefficient.

    Thanks for the great post!


    • Jeffrey says:

      Good Morning Melanie,

      I understand that this month will be the month where we all have to make a little room for the 7th Billionth person. ( Here’s you’re link ) The devil is indeed in the details numbers. It’s a stat kinda existence that we all live.

  7. Arjun Rai says:

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  8. abhinav says:

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