Monday, December 18, 2017

The Re-Launch Of James Cameron

Image Of Avatar Movie Poster

How bout that James Cameron? Man, …….. Titanic, Aliens, Terminator, True Lies and now Avatar! Do I have this right? Avatar is the top grossing film ever? Let’s go to the beach and celebrate that one! Every man should take time for reflection. And with Avatar, I would image there is plenty to reflect upon. For James Cameron, that’s not the case or his way. He’s ……… I think what they define as a type A personally. Instead of coasting on his success, get this …….. he’s planning a re-launch of Avatar.

If a re-launch is good enough for James Cameron to undertake, all Bloggers who have their own products should learn a lesson here. Product re-launches are not new of course, but they are not really as popular as one would think. For Bloggers and Internet Marketeers, as soon as the product is launched, most are ready to move on to the next gold mine.

I’m facing my first big re-launch of “Bloggers Market WordPress Secrets – Set-up And Installation” in the next few weeks and this will be a totally new experience for me. I’ll have to admit I’m pretty hyped. For one, the original launch was mucked up due to product permissions, also the actual product I’m launching is being released in two different formats and it’s a truly terrific product for the Newbies and has some tricks for the old salt as well. Now if I only had the budget that James Cameron has ……….

I’m also working on two different re-launches of products that I released earlier this year. The first is an E-Book Cover Design manual that is now in its second edition, nearly double the size of the first edition. And the other is my first manual from my Blogging 2010 series which has to do with dealing with the initial considerations of launching your own Blog. Here’s hoping that product re-launches are my charm!

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