Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Problem With WordPress

I started out trying to come up with a definitive title for this post and I’m afraid that all looked more like paragraphs than titles to a post. I guess a title closer to what I have on my mind would be; “The Real Problem With WordPress For The Beginner Who Desires To Earn An Income Online” …… you should see my dilemma.

WordPress is easy …… too easy! I mean you can do a ton Online and look great doing it. Only problem …… so can everyone else. Anyone who starts out to earn an income Online and banks on WordPress has some real issues to deal with. If you have no idea what it is that you are doing, a week to ten days and you are up and running like the pros. Only problem …… the pros know more then you!

As you ease into your new Online Commerce role of earning dollars for your life’s experience you eventually come to understand that “If You Build It; They Will Not Necessarily Come”. You have to bring something to the game and your life’s experience as a dog groomer ain’t it. A quick query to Father Google and you get 818,000 results for “Dog Groomers” Online; so I would doubt this is going to lead you to any real gold at the end of that rainbow.

I’ve been at it for 3years and 3months now and I’m just now really getting comfortable at the Online Commerce game and what it is that is required to earn Online. I’m still a little challenged on Copy and SEO, however, I’m am making sales. However, my experience goes far beyond just WordPress with a ton of tools and a healthy dose of programming thrown in.

As the money becomes better, I look back on my work with WordPress and marvel at how little of an impact it has played in my efforts. If fact, it is really just a tool of my trade, like a text editor or PDF reader. Therein lies one of the problems …… at least the problem of which I have been thinking on the last few days.

I’ve had a blast with WordPress! I mean it’s been quite a party. I love WordPress and I love Blogging, however, it has never provided me with the income stream that I had hoped that it would have when I started out. And that’s a shame! For myself and the other 200 million Bloggers Online!