Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Naked Truth About Earning An Income Online

The Naked Truth About Blogging

I’m just a hop, skip and a holler away from bringing “Down The Rabbitt” Online ( please don’t send my any E-Mails about the misspelling of “Rabbit” ). Obviously the name was taken, so I settled for what I could get. Cecilia Johnson is a lovely artist who has chosen the name for her beautiful art work website.

Anywho, as I’m finishing up, my server goes down. Sooo ……… off I go to kill some time as I don’t want to start a new project until I finish-up on this one. I thought I would do some tweeting for Bloggers Market as I have just finished restoring the site and want to get back to wrangling some traffic. Opps, Twitter is down and out …… looks like it’s going to be a while till they get it together, sooo …… off I go to do some surfing.

I’ve had to patch together some odd jobs recently to keep body and soul together, so I went on the hunt for freelance WordPress and Computing Jobs. A lot of these jobs that are available are for the highly skilled, so I rarely get a chance to write about them, as Bloggers Market is for those who are relatively new to Blogging. However, I think I have found a position for those who are looking to make a steady income Online …… at last I can use my Keyword and let all know that they can “Learn How To Make Money Blogging”, well ……… sorta.

The positions are numerous both in Europe and The United States and the experience needed is marginal “just an imagination and the desire to succeed” ( special conditions apply ), so if are interested in earning an income Online, I just might have the answer. There’s no need to thank me here as I’m more than happy to help out whenever I can. So without further ado ……… click this link. You are encouraged to leave your feedback as this helps me to provide my market with the critical information needed for them to make a go of it Online.

Oh and don’t forget to visit my new site: Down the Rabbitt It should be up by the time you read this.


  1. Rick Byrd says:


    I’m still laughing after this one. You are so nice to help point others in the right direction for making money online. I’m not ever sure how to comment on this one!!! LOL!

    Also, what am I missing here about Down the Rabbitt The website shows a countdown timer and time of this comment it says it will be available in 307 days.

    I did check out Cecilia website and I thought it was pretty funny how she is creates the after story and paintings of the fairytales.

    - Rick
    Rick Byrd recently posted..Affiliate Marketing – Why I Like It

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi ya Rick,
      I have about a dozen websites set to go online in the next 10 years, so to keep everything from blowing up I set all of the clocks to my birth date which is in March. I re-set all of them this past march. I can’t really determine with the way my schedule is when it is that I will get around to them all. Sometimes I even surprise myself with a site that I am working on that I had forgotten that I had even started. I go to set the namesevers and find they are already set …….. do what ??? Then I do the URL thing and the site comes up …. well I’ll be Dick Tracy !!! I think I’m getting old.

      I thought I would get the site online before the post above went online, but I got jammed up on ( of all things ) a Facebook Fan Page for the site.

      It looks like it will be this weekend before I can let her fly. However you can check out this site:
      Linux ………. got ya! Hey, give me a break will ya. I’m a one man show here!

  2. Sally says:

    Hey Jeffrey

    Ha ha ha I bet NakedHouse would get more offers from Men that really doesn’t surprise me!

    Down The RabbitT Hole is a catchy name and I bet I never forget it, actually I have never forgotten your bee site either, the sight of the bee crawling along the page scarred me for life.

    Glad your a busy “bee”, you always seem to have many projects on the go, I admire your juggling skills, not something I am good at, at all but you appear to have mastered it.

    Sally :)
    Sally recently posted..Fancy buying me a beer 8 spots avail…

    • Jeffrey says:

      How goes it Sally ?
      Buzz, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz, Buzz that’s my best interactive bee buzz sound ……without the sound.

      I’m going to leave you a short note in the future about something I’ve got going on over at “Blue Ridge Honey Bees“. I think you will like it, however, as usual it’s going to take a pretty good shot of coding. As for “Down The Rabbitt Hole“? Well, I’m kinda jammed-up on a Facebook fan-page to the site for the moment.

      Hey ……. Sally ? Did you ever get a chance to visit my other worldly site ….. check it out. I think it is well on it’s way to becoming a total bore after the end of the year when our space agency cancels our Shuttle program. You can actually catch some of the live feed from the International Space Station …. pretty cool …….. for the moment! Here’s the link: The Europa Files!

  3. Adrienne says:

    Dang it Jeffrey!!! Man oh man… Just what I needed. Okay, I think I’ve pulled myself back together. But you did make us look you devil…

    Was going to ask about that timer too but you already answered that in Rick’s comment. Okay, still curious though so you know I’ll be back to check that out.

    Glad things are running smoothly for you again. Or at least I hope so.

    Adrienne recently posted..See How Easily You Can Get 1-000′s of Likes on Your Facebook Fan Page

    • Jeffrey says:

      Yeah, well …… and I thought I had a marginal website.

      Hang with me Adrienne, I’m about ready to launch this site. It’s about killed me building the template to this thing. I’ve been at it about six months. I’m afraid I’m not the sharpest box in the pencils, but I give it my best shot.

      As for things running smoothly …… yeah right ! Ohh, you mean here at Bloggers Market. Yeah, I’m glad to be back on my feet again. I’m a little behind in my opt-ins and E-Books, but at least the Blog is back together again.

  4. Mildred says:

    I thought it is about secrets of earning online. And when I visited the link, I was surprised to see that it was literally naked truth. But the job is interesting because it is for nudist applicant. I also visited the down in the rabbitt website, I noticed that it still coming soon so good luck with the launching of the new site.
    Mildred recently posted..The Top 8 Tips

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Mildred,
      How are you? I really thought that the post would be more popular than it was. Live and learn I guess.
      I’m still working on the Facebook fanpage. I got distracted this week with my big auction. You can see the links on the homepage here. You will really like it ….. at least in the beginning. It’s has that Wonderland feel.

  5. Joshua says:

    Its really rare to find someone so eager to help people establish an income online. I must say that you are very generous indeed, and yes online income does has got its pro and cons too, like any other prospect.
    Joshua recently posted..Why Choose Plumbing as a Career

    • Jeffrey says:

      Well we was all hoping that you would put the icing on the cake and help explain some of those pros and cons there, Joshua !!!

      • Joshua says:

        Well, the pros will be obviously – the authority to decide work hours, no boundations, no travel.
        The cons- No travel make you a lazy hag, you start lagging behind on scedule, and the biggest one- cutting out distractions that do not let you keep focussed.
        Joshua recently posted..Plumbing Practice Test

        • Jeffrey says:

          I was having a little fun there with you Joshua when I replayed to your comment. However you had an interesting answer.

          On the cons side of things “No travel make(s) you a lazy hag”. I’ve thought of this a great deal over the years. I find solace in not having to travel. However, I’m afraid you are pretty close to the truth with your observations.

          Thanks for coming by this morning!

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