Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Map Of The Past The Way Of The Future

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How’s that for a post title. I thought I would break with tradition …. (timeout) …. ( time for keyword insertion ) “Learn How To Make Money Blogging” ….. and provide my market ( apologizes to my readers ) and give them exactly what they want.

For the past two years I thought that given my market, if I were to supply them with the materials needed to “Learn How To Make Money Blogging” that I would be insured of an enlightened future. Wrong!!!

I thought that if I aimed at a number of keywords that I would become well-known ……… and profitable. Wrong! Very Wrong!!!

I thought that if I were to give them a first hand look at my experiences and communicated those experiences as close to reality as possible, I would be some-what popular. Wrong!

Here’s the bottom line to this post. I hate Google for what they can’t or won’t do. I need to be able to write on a variety of issues that make up a Bloggers lifestyle without having to stuff the keyword phase “Learn How To Make Money Blogging” into every post that I write. When I go back over the myriad of keywords that I have tried to rank for, I can’t even find my own-self under my own domain name. When I look under “Learn How To Make Money Blogging” there I am …… number 97 (EDITORS NOTE: I now rank 46 in the SERP’s as of 9-11-2011) in the SERP’s, but I’ve never really tried to rank for “Learn How To Make Money Blogging”.

It takes a lot to become a profitable Blogger. First, I have to teach you how to Blog ( the techie stuff ) and as far as the teaching you how to make money Blogging, there are a number of ways to do that. I can certainly give you some ideas, but as far as providing you with a system to earn big dollars Blogging …. bunk! By the time you learn my earning system ( which has never proved very popular anyway ) things will have changed to such a degree that you would have to start the process over again once learned.

Everyone ( make no mistake about it, myself included ) is looking for that magic bullet. There’s the Auto-Blog thing. That seems to be pretty popular. I have about a dozen myself and not one earns a dime ( even though each one is monetized at least 5 different ways ). By the time you put together the $1.00 dollar a day Auto Blog system ( 1x365x200=$73,000.00 ), you’ll be dead in a year.

The only sure-fire way to make big money Blogging is to follow the map of the past, which will always be the way of the future, promoted with promises by the world’s greatest lairs.

Brandon Connell Banner

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  1. Alex says:

    New quote for your page:

    “The only sure fire way to make big money Blogging is to follow the map of the past, which will always be the way of the future, promoted with promises by the world’s greatest lairs.”

    Awesome stuff – really like that one Jeffrey.

    Oh, nice banner too!
    Alex recently posted..8 Completely Free Tools That Will Catapult Your Link Building Efforts

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hey Alex, long time no write!
      I’ll expand just a little here ……. The Internet was supposed to place everyone on an even plane. However, just like the free enterprise system of the United States, there are just a select few who gain a foot-hold on the market and show tremendous growth by crushing the competition. Of course there are always exceptions, but by and large this is how it works.

      These big Internet Marketers come in with big ad dollars and carefully designed products that are geared towards the meek who are economically challenged. This is indeed the road-map of the past and will be what succeeds in the future. These products are marginal at best from the stand point of relevance to Blogging or Internet Marketing for the masses for that matter.

      Internet Marketing as you and I know it is tricky. If one or both of us manage to earn $2000.00 in a month we will never repeat it, the system is not set-up that way. For every 10 products launched by the big marketeers, one is successful. Ok that means that the $300,000.00 launch that was the one success, may very well have to carry that marketer for the next three years. Don’t forget taxes out of that! Buying into the $300,000.00 product launch as a way of life is one of those lies.

      The truth be known, very few would attempt to try Internet Marketing, leaving the big Internet Marketers without a market to sell to. More lies about earning a living on a shoe string!

      I’ve been earning a living online for 18 months now, but I mean to tell you, income is sketchie at best and I have to work my ass off !!!!! Earning $6000.00 one month and nothing for the next six, only to look forward to more “marginal” competition flowing into the market eroding my share. It’s enough to make your hair hurt !!!

  2. Alex says:

    PS: I want to tweet and share your stuff but you are making it very hard for me.

    and whats with this bird following me around? LOL
    Alex recently posted..8 Completely Free Tools That Will Catapult Your Link Building Efforts

    • Jeffrey says:

      We’ve had this conversation before. Yoda of WordPress say, until I have this show back on the road, this site is still under construction.

      I spent about 12 hours today on Bloggers Market on the re-build after the database disaster the first of the year. I’ve placed all the content to “The Sunday Morning Post” back in place and most all of the content to the “Featured” section. The big jump will be the content to “Jeffrey’s Corner”. Then comes the comments sections!

      When everything is in place I will wire all of the plug-ins to social media and SEO back the way they were. Right now I want everything back the way it was before I engage anything. I’ve got super major problems with Google and the search engines. So I’m blocking everyone. I don’t think I want to have Google and the Socials crawling my site and de-indexing what I have worked so hard to build.

      This approach also makes it easier for me to see the traffic impact of what has happened to my Blog, once I bring everything back online. It will probably take about two more weeks before I am ready to go!

  3. Adrienne says:

    Great headline Jeffrey and love that you blatantly warned us about putting your keywords in. May have to try that in future posts, you know, just being honest about it!

    Well, Like Glynis said, I enjoy your blog even if I don’t consider myself a beginner. Guess you could call me that when it comes to a lot of things I’m still learning about though. But I also am not making a killing from my blog either. Just using it as a platform like many others. Sure could monetize it much better which I will be doing in the near future.

    Cute bird by the way but kind of annoying at times. He’s getting in my way when I want to read! Only you would come up with something like that! :-)

    Have a great day Jeffrey!

    Adrienne recently posted..How to Use Swipe Files for Creating Headlines

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Adrienne,
      Yeah, the bird thingie …… I’m working on it. I’m really trying to code it for the static sites that I build. I’m finding that my clients don’t want any social media interrupting the flow of their site.

      Static sites are not like Blogs where you have a variety of places for insertion of social media icons. However, social media is so powerful that I have to figure a way to do this. I thought I would go with just the one bird and branch out from there. I’ll remove it when I’m done with my coding.

      I have no doubt that you are seasoned; our content too closely mirrors each other. And as far as learning more than you feel you should know ……. forget it! You’ll never learn it all. The system moves so fast, that it is just an impossibly that you can know even half of it. Just be true to yourself and then give yourself to us. There is no way in the world that I would ever have ever met you ever, ever without the Internet to connect us. Now, how cool is that!!! Now that we’re wired in, let me have the best that you got.
      The money will come in time, trust yourself here. You know how to get things done, you can get this done too.

      Thanks for coming by to see me Adrienne.

  4. I’m with Glynis, I’m not really a beginner, but I haven’t been blogging that long. I haven’t tried to monetize my blog at this point. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it, but every time I look into the subject, I shy away from the idea. Thanks for the insights from a 25 year veteran, very enlightening!

    The bird blocked my reading too. You can get a scroll button on the side of your blog that will follow the reader but not block the text.
    Carolyn@The Wonder of Tech recently posted..Zoomappy- Your App Search Ally!

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Carolyn,
      For goodness sake, don’t shy too far away. Unless your better half brings home the bacon on the hoof, than you need to find someway of monetizing. Right now, for those who are cautious, I would recommend that you go with your own products, or advertising. Affiliate products still have a bit too much of the wild west in them to be considered safe.

      Just a couple of ads from some well known companies can’t be that bad. It will never provide you with anything you can really bank however, when you go to sell the site in 10 years, you’ll be surprised what the site sells for.

      If you never get around to the monetization thing, your site will be worth nothing in 20 years. What’s worse you will try to find someone who will take the thing over because by that time you will not be able to bear shutting it down. Which is the worse thing you can do to your Blog and to the person who takes it over.

      I can remember this really young lady, sold her site for 1.3 million after three years not too long ago. Totally clueless ( and really young ), she did not protect her interest as her site grew so all that she could take home was about $35,000.00. I think she’s doing the Internet lecture circuit now under the moniker of “Internet Millionaire” ………….. kinda!

      Thanks for coming by today Carolyn, I really like your Blog and I personally can see no reason why you should not be able to find quality advertisers for your site.

  5. That is really an interesting headline and it really made me quite curious to go ahead and take a peek. You mentioned something about auto-blog.. I was told that it is quite a good way of monetizing from the web. However, after reading how you have a dozen or so similar website and not earning from them, it makes me want to think that starting up an auto-blog now could be a fools errand for me.
    Jonathan Sparco recently posted..Making Duct Cleaning Easier

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Jonathan, thanks for stopping by this evening.
      Where I actually came up with the idea for the auto-blog here in this post, is a seller I see over at Flippa who is constantly putting up anywhere from 10 to 40 auto-blogs at one time. I don’t need to tell you his name. He stands out like a sore thumb ( or knuckle-head ). He promises that you will be making the big bucks in no time “or your money back”. He uses the dollar a day formula for his sale. I mean to tell you the fools roll in. Next thing you know he’s banking $1000.00 to $2000.00 for a 3 day sale. In the mean time I have to be honest with my sales copy about my blogs that I have for sale on the site. I cleared $100.00 for my last sale (for 70 hours of build time). Oh well, I guess when the new owners realize that there is no such thing as an auto-blog they can always get there money back ……… from ( I kid you not ) Romania!

      Of course you have to consider the source of your information here, as you know very little about me. So take a look around and look at the Blogs that I have for sale on this site; just click the links to take a look. Then go find Mr Romania over at Flippa and you tell me who has the skills. At the end of the day, all the new owner has from a Mr. Romania sale is a bill for $400.00 due for the renewal of the domain names at the end of the year.

      I make my living online from my Blog. However, I have to work my ass off! Period. The auto-blogs mentioned above in my post that are mine (the whole lot of them) are two years olds. I did not start out with the intention of having them be auto-blogs. I just could never get back to them to work them after I started them. Two years later I’m struggling to meet the ICAN renewal fees. Which reminds me I have a $100.00 due today!

      I could go on ……….

      In the end, don’t go there. Take no more then three ideas and work them. And keep this in mind, if auto-blogs are so profitable, the pro-bloggers would be involved with them. As you will read, the Darren Rowse’s and the David Risley’s of the pro-blogging world do their thing with just one Blog. I have never read anything from either of them about auto-blogging as a way of making any type of substantial or sustainable income online. They wouldn’t risk their reputations on it.

      • Thank you for enlightening me on this autoblog topic. It sure appears quite complex from the looks of it, but since you have explained to me the basic knowledge about autoblogging and the disadvantages it brings, I now understand that it is not a very good endeavor to take. I really appreciate your time on replying to my comment. Thanks.
        Jonathan Sparco recently posted..How to Choose the Right Nozzles and Tips for Your Pressure Washer

        • Jeffrey says:

          Hi Jonathan,
          Just to kick the ball a little further down the beach ……… Google is starting to rein in the indexing of Auto-blogs. As they see it, in three years the information never changes from the syndicated material already out there from other sources. Syndicated material does not bring in a good conversion rate for the AdWords sales (meaning lost dollars to Google). Those who use their own content for their Blogs or those who use syndication material sparingly, mixed with their own original content perform best and convert a higher percentage of sales.

          See you soon Jonathan!

  6. Money blogging is something that is always supported by lies and you get confused because of so many speculations and so many types of views being publicised on the net, yet what I believe to be the true key to success in this case would be to listen to one’s insights.
    James@Chainsaw reviews recently posted..Black &amp Decker LCS120 20-Volt Lithium-Ion Cordless Chain Saw

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi ya James, up early again I see ………. waiting on the launch of Endeavour I’ll bet; good luck with that one. Maybe I can help: The Europa (as if I didn’t have enough to do as it is, I got to run NASA from my Blog).

      Listening to one’s insights, is only part of the equation. Time is the great equalizer in many ways. Give enough time and if one is watching carefully you can usually see the cream rise to the top.

  7. That was a very catchy title, Jeffrey! I do appreciate this kind of post. It is very brief and is direct to the point. All the mistakes that you’ve thought and committed were the same mistakes that I have believed and done myself! Now, I know I have to change my mindset.
    Aybi @ seo for small business tips recently posted..Free Tools to Monitor and Track Your Backlinks

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi ……. is it Aybi ?
      I checked your website on the quick and could not find your name. I’m looking forward to getting to know you better.

      Part of the establishment or marketing of any Website or Blog is the ability to relate to one’s market as quickly as possible. This is the true challenge of the Internet as evidenced by social media like Twitter and Facebook. The real challenge is to make a difference in others lives that you interact with. To make lasting and meaningful change takes time and usually a lot of it. Unfortunately, our system is not set-up that way. It looks like the old systems of the past are going to be the way of the future. It’s what works!

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