Sunday, December 17, 2017

The iPad’s Media Impact

Steve Jobs & iPad

Well, it’s no secret anymore, the iPad is here.  Introduced at Apple’s January 27, 2010 news conference at San Francisco’ Yerba Buena Center, in an event, titled “Come see our latest creation”, Steve Jobs was determined to make a statement. It worked ……..designed with a 9.7 inch display, weighing just over a pound and a half and a half-inch thick,  the iPad is a Mac-Sized iPhone.  The models range from the economic to the exotic with prices ranging from $500.00 to $700.00 with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth and a claimed battery life of 10 hours.

I won’t say that this changes everything, I’ll leave that kind of promotion to Steve Jobs, however, it should place everybody on notice!  What I saw of the N.Y Times demonstration was that the image displayed looked more like a real newspaper than a “kindle white-paper”. Blogs are sure to look great too.

There is an e-book store to go along with it, and you can bet that the app geeks are burning the midnight oil.

We already have the Blackberry, Kindle, iPod, iPhone and now the iPad; this is just the start.

I love blogging! I have a great time and I meet great people.  However, this game is changing and it’s going to get much more competitive and with competition comes more money.  I’ve never really given much thought to the climate of change when it comes to blogging,  I see the flashy ads and the YouTube videos from bloggers,  some are actually pretty good.  But make no mistake, those who are just now entering the blogosphere and those who already have a stake in it,  will stand to profit the most.

You should realize that your blogging skills should now include the ability to write and communicate well along with polished video editing and snappy ad design. Those that can provide a pleasing reading experience with the beforehand mentioned attributes will gain the greatest market share, and that share will be staggering.  This is “The New Media” that is so often referenced online.

While selling your own e-products will always be the preferred method of monetization for your blog,  your market will become much larger and much more diversified in the near future. Your imagination and hard work is all that is needed to complete this vision.

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