Friday, December 15, 2017

The Internet Marketing Pitch

Car Wash

Outside of needing an occasional piece of code or support with a sticky theme problem, I’m pretty self-sufficient when it comes to Blogging. I’ve even become a pretty fair writer. What I do need help with is marketing. I’m interested in learning anything about marketing that I possibly can from the pros within Internet Marketing; which is not to be confused with Blogging. Blogging in one corner, Internet Marketing in another.

I’ve Googled until bow-legged and blind looking into Internet Marketing. Wherever I go it’s always the same thing. First comes the “have I got something truly cool for you, it’s just what you need” just “Opt-in” here, after which I get the pitch about how this or that Internet Marketer started out either in the garage or the basement of some friend or compassionate relative, while the individual goes about digging out from under hundreds of thousands in debt, to arrive at the end of the rainbow to find a 458 Italia. Throw in a picture of the doting wife and kid ( a dog with a Frisbee in its mouth is always a nice touch ) and you have a killer up-sell.

I get tired of the endless stories of “if you had a million dollars, what would you do with it ?” And the “are you where you want to be in life ?” “Do you have the money you desire ?”. Can you take care of your family and take them on vacation with you for 11 months out of the year ? Can you afford to put gas in the family car ? On and on ……… God’s teeth, I’m drowning in useless PDF’s and now my E-Mail account is bankrupt from all the useless up-sells, usually pitching some other poor mutts useless power of positive something product …….. it’s enough to make your hair hurt!

What I’m looking for is something to work with. I don’t need a perfect road map of the yellow brick road, but I do want to get a feel for whom I’m about to invest several hundred dollars with. If I can tie into a Blog or can find someone who can give me an honest assessment, I’m good to go. But everyone in this day of social media are tied together pitching each others products.

There are about two dozen or so top guns out there making a killing at Internet Marketing and I can think of only one that is available full-time through their Blog. There are at least two others who come and go, but with nothing that you can build on. The rest I guess are on that 11 month vacation mentioned above.

Can anyone please provide me some answers here? If not, then there goes the launch of “Bloggers Billionaires Blogging Bonanza” and then ……. it’s back to the car-wash working for peanuts!


  1. The main advantage of blogging is that all successful bloggers become experienced online marketers sooner or later. Internet marketing skills are highly demanded today.

  2. Adrienne says:

    I know a guy who builds niche sites and of course, drive’s traffic to his sites and these sites generate a good bit of his income. I’m not going to say it’s his only source of income but he does know his stuff. He’s like you and me, no bull crap whosoever. He’ll tell you like it is, period. He’s located in Thailand but will get on Skype and talk with you if you need some direction. He does have a course on exactly what to do but it’s not cheap. If you’re interested, I’ll send you his way. I’m sure he’ll be more than happy to speak with you. If he can’t help you he may be able to point you in the direction of someone who can.

    Just let me know Jeffrey, hope that was helpful.


    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Adrienne,
      Thanks for stopping by …….. looks like you’re in the minority this week. I’m starting my 28th month this month and all I’ve got to show for it is 2 comments ………. talk about making your hair hurt !!!

      I’m always looking for a good source. So anything of value you can pass along would be appreciated.

      I was trying to think what set me off on this path of writing this post and I think …….. if I’m not mistaken, I was trying to work through some 4 part series from “Eben Pagan” and all I got was a 4 part sales pitch. His last Blog entry was on August 27, 2009. I think he’s on that vacation that I mention above. This time it appears to be a 24 month vacation.

      I have a clear path here, I’m just at a loss as to how to market my concept. It took a while, but it is coming together.

      I think the direction I’m going, is with resources that provide tech how-to’s as apposed to “How To Make Money Blogging”. So I’m going in a direction that’s more nuts and bolts. I’m just a little concerned about possible FTC interference in a path taken. I’m of the thought that, within 10 years they are going to be putting their foot down on the neck of most of this “Blogging To The Bank” fad that is still pervasive today.

      When you purchase a product from me, you will have something that will work. Such as my “Bloggers Market Guide To WordPress Installation” ……….. if I can ever get it finished. Keeping body and Blog together is a real challenge at this point.

  3. Dee Ann Rice says:


    I can feel your frustration.

    I really hate the high pressure sales that end up in my email all of the time.

    Unfortunately I don’t think that I have any answers for you but when you find the answers I would love to buy your book you write as I think it would be straight forward.

    I hope you find what you are looking for and hope to see your products.

    Dee Ann Rice

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Dee Ann,
      It’s funny you should mention that.
      I just so happen to have what I think is exactly what you’re looking for …………………………………

      I’m afraid that you will have to continue to wade through the hordes of E-Mail that is the “Pixie Dust” and “Achilles Heel” of Internet Marketing.

      As far as my own materials, don’t look for a marketing book from me for some time. I want to make sure that I steer through the rough seas of the FTC by offering “How To” tech manuals for the first several years until I establish my name. “How To’s” are pretty straight forward; installing WordPress is a definitive operation with no room for speculation. Marketing Materials or Get Rich Quick books are open to scandal, period.

      I’ve looked at Frank Kern, very, very, very, very closely and I can see no fault with his “over-all” approach to Internet Marketing. Yet the FTC burned him down …….. to the ground, all the way down to the ground.
      I am truly amazed that Frank does not hate the entire universe after what he went through with the FTC.

      Thanks for coming by today Dee Ann, it’s good to see you this first thing in the morning. :)

  4. Robert says:

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