Friday, December 15, 2017

The Hard Truth About FeedBurner

FeedBurner Service

I started out this morning on a high note with the finishing of my first plug-in. I have several in construction, but the “StudioPress FeedBurner Subscriber” plug-in is my first ( it’s a replacement for the Genesis E-News And Updates Plug-in that comes with their templates that has never really worked well within WordPress) ……. then I ran into David Risley! This guy, I swear ….. a trip to his website is like a trip to the dentist. David had a short post about the colossal mistakes made by Bloggers and number one on the list was the use of FeedBurner.

To be sure, FeedBurner is USELESS, period. It is just a subscriber service to your content via E-Mail. I guess the reason that I use it is that I really need to build my readership at this point in my development and it looks really good within my template. I guess it appeals to my OCD nature. But as far as a list building service goes, you can’t do a thing with a FeedBurner list. As David points out the price is right though …….. FREE……… you get what you pay for I guess.

Building a list with Aweber or MailChimp is a better bet than banking your future on FeedBurner. I guess we all live and learn.

Now, if you will excuse me I’m off to build a Plug-in for an easy opt-in alternative for either Aweber or Mailchimp. Wish me luck!


  1. I’ve had no problems with FeedBurner myself. Let me know how the plug-ins are going.
    Jay@Dish TV Blog recently posted..Is Dish Network TV the Right Choice For You

    • Jeffrey says:

      How goes it Jay?
      FeedBurner when taken over by Google raised 6 kinds of hell with me. I have a three page instruction sheet on how to deal with FeedBurner for those who purchased my Blogs. They since have come a long way towards making it “somewhat” eaiser to use.

      I personally have no issue with FeedBurner either. However, it really serves no purpose except to provide your readers another form of RSS subscription via E-Mail. As Chadrack points out above, they have a killer reader!

  2. I agree with Jeffrey’s comment..!

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  3. I saw one blog for sale and his webmaster put the price for him at $600 because his website has 2000 email subscribers. At that time i wondered if there was somebody so stupid to pay that money. Now I hear that was one. Otherwise I love feedburner!
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    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Patel,
      It is funny you mentioned the money for subscribers. Today I was listening to a Pod-Cast where one Internet Marketer was leasing his list for $8000.00 a month.

      I too like FeedBurner. However, it’s singularly is what a take exception with. They sign-up for your E-Mail updates not to opt-in. You can send E-Mail updates to those who opt-in however. FeedBurner does not serve this purpose.

      One last word ……… as for $600.00 for a website ……… I charge anywhere from $395.00 to $695.00 for a brand new Blog and my last project ( for a home builder ) went for $4000.00. The “Contact Us” form alone took two days to build and is programed in 5 different languages. Starting out two years ago, I would not have believed it either!

  4. Steve Roy says:

    I have also heard David Risley talk about the uselessness of Feedburner. All I know is that it has given me nothing but trouble. It was sending out my posts in an incorrect format, its numbers are wildly inconsistent, and I actually quite dislike it.

    However, I leave it on my site as a form of social proof. Although, FB will not put a single penny in my wallet, I like how it lends itself to my credibility.
    Steve Roy recently posted..The Lost Art Of Giving

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Steve Roy, how are you? I really like your Twitter Account Background!
      You make a valid point on the credibility issue. I’m not so sure you can carry it to your potential market, but I’m almost positive Google will look on you kindly. In short credibility with Google is pretty darn good.

      I have noted this. If I decided to take my ball and go home and leave Google’s sandbox. I literally roll-up and nearly blow away. If however, I engage Google on multiple levels. Adwords, Analytics, Google Site Map Generator, Google Analyticator, FeedBurner and Google SEO guidelines, my traffic goes to the moon.

      I have a good understanding of what I need to do with configuring for Google. When I work on one of my established sites by re-building it, it takes me about two days down and two days back up. At that point I can start the configuring of my Google resources. At times this is not always practical to do as I have other online commitments to deal with. When I return in two weeks …….. Goodness, “where did everyone go”? I mean the gears are stuck, period. No traffic, no nothing. As I bring the resources back online my traffic comes right back. Talk about a “Google Slap”! More like a wake-up call.

      I have a clear understanding and appraction of the creditably that Google provides me and my Online business. If you’ll notice I have FeedBurner on all of my Blogs. I may be slow, but I ain’t stupid.

      As a point of interest Steve, watch the search engines over the next week and watch how Google will latch-on to our comments to this post. It really is amazing.

      See you soon and thanks for dropping in!

  5. Maria Pavel says:

    So this is actually just a subscriber service? Disappointing, i always thought FeedBurner is some kind of fast indexing tool (or that at least it also has that feature).
    Well, like you say, at least it’s free.
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    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Maria,
      “Fast Indexing Tool.” Interesting comment. Well you never know. As you will notice I still have my FeedBurner Subscriber thingie at the top of the page here. I’m not exactly ready to take my ball and go home ………. just yet!

  6. Maria Pavel says:

    Hi Jeffrey,
    That was just an impression i had because of its name. Maybe because i associate “feed” with “indexing” in my mind :lol:
    Keep at it and let us know how things work out.
    Maria Pavel recently posted..Certified Nursing Assistant Practice Test

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Maria,
      Sorry about the “Emoticon” ………… There I go again experimenting with this Blog instead of Bloggers!

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