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The Future Of Bloggers Market

Bloggers Market

It’s the first of August as I write this ……. with my head in my hands! As I prepare for the “Big Move” I’m getting in pretty deep here. This issue started about two weeks ago when I started to have problems with the new site ….. I originally started out to produce a personal page apart from my marketing activities and wound-up building a portfolio of a dozen sites.

First Things Frist

One of the more important lessons that I have learned over the past three years is that you need to make things as compact as possible for your readers and to stay on point with your communication. Let’s call it Point 1 ( for the sake of this post ), of the Bloggers Funnel.

Very Sharp Points

Point 2 is that when pitching an offer for services or products, have a direct as possible route to that offer. Enter the “Landing Page”.

Now I told you all that to tell you this ….. I have no way for anyone to get to the landing pages easily. If I were an airport, you would never know which runway to use for your landing. Not Good.

What’s worse for the last two months or so you, my loyal readers have had to read between the lines to get any useful information with which you can use for your own Online business. I just have not had the time to invest into any real study of different subjects that would be of interest to you because of all the jazz that I have had to deal with concerning my move. I apologize for this.

Please Don’t Do This

However, if you take the time to read between the lines you will indeed find some useful information ……… on what not to do with your Online Business. I’m kinda learning as I go along on this trip.

Please Do This Instead

I hope things are a little clearer over at the new site ““. If you would please take a moment or two to browse the categories and check-out all the cool links and drop me a comment I would appreciate it.

As for the future of Bloggers Market; I’ll be posting here on the first Saturday of the month and this site will serve as my marketing arm for all of my WordPress Products.



  1. I visited your new site and found some interesting stuffs.
    As a point of the site need a little bit more pimp. I don’t like the menu on the top of the header. Maybe you can just make it a drop down menu . I know that it is still in working progress. I wished you goodluck and congratulation to your new site.
    leo lito @Waste Water Pipe Inspection recently posted..True 360 Inspection Video Is Here

    • Jeffrey says:

      Thanks for going by the new site to check things out. It is always a challenge to design a site for ease of use for all involved. One of my frustrations is the fact that no matter the menu, people fail to follow links. Hence why I designed the menu the way that I did. As I expand things I may very well go to a drop down system. You can see that such a system would cover the slider. I’m not real keen on that idea.

      Thanks for the feedback and I look forward to your continued visits.

  2. Cindy says:

    I think your idea is great to keep this blog as well. I also think about to start another site for my personal experiences, and an other for my online business. I’m looking forward to read about your experiences in dual-blogging;)
    Cindy recently posted..Most common dental problems

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Cindy, thanks for coming to see me today!

      Actually I have 18 Blogs and 5 Websites and it is ……. or has driven me out of my mind! I’m not so sure I could hang on to sanity if I were making millions of dollars with them all. It has really been the biggest mistake of my Blogging career. Hence why I have started as I wanted to consolidate things a bit. Believe it or not I actually have about 10 sites left that I have to have to serve my market. This is pretty much driving me crazey too ……. I solider on. The newest edition ??? Down The Rabbitt Designing that jewel almost did me in!

  3. Hey Jeff,

    I’m glad to hear your future plans for your site and best of luck to your new one. I would love to take some time to visit it and hopefully find interesting stuff to commend on.
    I’ve been in WP for a while now and I really appreciate every post with regards to the topic. I am looking forward to you next post. Thanks!
    Jerry Gonzales recently posted..Two cited for driving with no insurance in Tinley Park

  4. julie says:

    just back from looking at your new site, its great, by the way love the snow effect on this one, really brilliant

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hey Julie, thanks for checking up on me today.

      You mentioned the snow affect. Please don’t tell me it is snowing on my site. If so, please let me know the type of browser you are using to view the site. I do indeed have a snow effect that I use during the Christmas holidays. However, I turned it off on the 2nd of January. So tell me ……. you visited the site last week …….. right ? Or do I have a PHP script run amok!

  5. henry says:

    interesting blog, full of helpful advice, i especially liked the bit about needing to make things as compact as possible and staying with my point when talking to my readers, excellent advice, thanks!!

  6. Like the look of your new web site, a professional and up to date theme!! saying what you want to say in your blog without going around the houses is sooo important in blogging, people loose interest sooo quickly if you waffle too much

  7. Interesting blog, full of helpful advice, n ya nice look of your new website is it self customize?
    rohit kothari recently posted..On page Search engine optimization (SEO) techniques

  8. Rick Byrd says:

    What’s up Jeffrey!?

    I had no idea you were a man of so many talents. You can program in 5 different languages? I hope that does not include BASIC. LOL!

    I like all the service you are offering. It’s about time you started marketing your talents more.

    I hope you were able to enjoy the Holidays before rolling out the new site!

    Take care,

    Rick Byrd recently posted..JVC Noise Cancelling Headphones – Black HANC250

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Ya Rickster! How’s it?

      BASIC ? Yeah man …….. Beyond, Any, Sane, Internet, Community.

      I’m hitting it pretty hard here at the beginning of the year and so far I’ve gotten a petty good response really ……….. but no takers! Whatever!!!

      On top of that I’ve got a major product launch in the works along with a year end conference planned! So I’m busy at least.

      Where have you been ??? I see you have given up on Blogging …….. Bad Rick; Bad Rick.

      • Rick Byrd says:

        Don’t shame me too much. I have not completely given up on blogging. I have actually written 2 posts this year at I have been more focused on building affiliate sites so I can make some money.

        I have missed checking in on my online friends and seeing what they are up to so I will be adding in time to my weekly schedule to do so. This way I can stay in touch and continue to watch the changes that go on at everyone’s blog.

        Well, I better get back to building some backlinks.

        Stay well my friend…or is that stay thirsty my friend?

        Til next time!

        - Rick
        Rick Byrd recently posted..Sennheiser HD Headphones (Burl Wood Accents) 598

        • Jeffrey says:

          Yeah, well while you’re passing me the Dos Equis, answer your Twitter direct messages will ya. It might actually mean money from someone you know ……… man ……. what does it take; a silver bullet?

          • Rick Byrd says:

            I know, I know. I forget about Twitter most of the time. I get so tired of the Spam that I do not get on TweetDeck much anymore. I will try to do a better job but no promises.

            - Rick
            Rick Byrd recently posted..Sennheiser HD Headphones (Burl Wood Accents) 598

            • Jeffrey says:

              Well now that you mention it ………… I’ve gotten to where I only communicate with only my close friends now. I’ve stopped Tweeting my old posts. At my new Tweeter account for JeffreyMorganMe, I think I’m following about a dozen or so people, that’s it! Hey don’t forget to leave your comment over at the new site. I’m already moving up the ranks pretty quick so you might as well get some link juice.

        • Jeffrey says:

          And another thing I thought I might mention ……. as long as your backlinking. Hows bout backlinking over at

  9. Shubham says:

    Amazing article. I’m looking forward to read about your experiences in dual-blogging.
    Shubham recently posted..How To Play Fruit Ninja Free

    • Jeffrey says:

      Nice term ……….”Dual-Blogging”. I’m not so sure whether I like that or not. I’ve got 18 now that drive me crazy. I think once I get set-up and estabalished over at I’m going to sell this site.

  10. Ellie says:

    Just got back from your new site, Very impressive. Like the idea of having two blogs going at once. This way if you’re suffering writer’s block on one of the site’s niche, you can always work on content for the other. Smart tactic.

    Good luck with the new undertaking.

    Ellie recently posted..Prevent Anxiety Attacks

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Ellie, thanks for coming back to see me!

      I’ll do you one better on the writer’s block ……… Bloggers Market is to become just my marketing arm for my Blogging products. Trust me on this, I have no writers block when it comes to my marketing. might be another matter. However, as I have stated on many occasions that the cure for Bloggers block can be found in one word …….. WordPress! Check this out:

  11. farouk says:

    thanks for the analysis and insights Jeffery
    have a great weekend :)

  12. Barbara J. Gonzalez says:

    Hi Jeffrey,

    I have seen your new website. It looks cool man! But I’m a little lost out their lol! I want to read all your blog in your website but I can only see one blogpost :) I think putting archives will make it more great.
    Barbara J. Gonzalez recently posted..Criminal Attorney

  13. Jeffrey says:

    Hi Barbara, good to see you over here today!

    Experience has shown me that most that visit a Blog will comment and read the very latest post. Hence the one post. You can find all of the posts available on the Blog by clicking the “Featured Posts” under the “Portfolio” column at the top right of the homepage. You will then be taken to the “Feartured Posts” area of the site where you will see a series of thumbnails. Clicking on the title of the thumbnails will take you to that particular post.

    I’m working on an archives theme, however I’ve just posted three times so there is really no rush on this for now. I’m thinking of doing something with the “Custom Google Search” on a seperate page along with the “Google Sitemap Plug-in”. You can see an example of the custom search in the right sidebar of Bloggers Market. Just type in any subject or just type in “Bloggers Market” and Google will give you an entire run-down on what they have. It’s really pretty cool.

    Just take your time when you’re over at the new site and you will eventully come to appreciate the depth of service provided. There are an additional 8 sites that are linked in to

  14. Best of luck to your new site. I also have plans to improve my blog site, I know I have to improve but I’m exploring more about great plugins in WP that could help me with this concern. I’ve read your response to Jerry, thanks for sharing the links!

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Harbie, thanks for coming by this morning!

      The problem with those great WP plug-ins that you mention is that there are just too many of them. The links that I have left behind for Jerry will benefit you if you are looking for the most out of your plug-ins.

      There are way to many plug-ins that are used just as a short-cut to something that could more easily be accomplished by hard-coding your template or hard-coding WordPress.

      That bit of wisdom comes for a programmer ( myself ) that uses 30 plus plug-ins to manage this Blog. Problem of course is that they can be a real pain to manage and a real nighmare if you up and move your show to a new style of template.

  15. Feye Johnson says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Goodluck to your new site. I’m working at my WP platform for a while and I’m not yet expert about it since I just came from blogger. As of now, I’m doing a research of good plugins for my personal site and hopefully tips from the pro. Best of luck to us this 2012!

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Feye, thanks for coming by this morning!

      Thanks for the kind words. One of the wisest decisions one can make as a Blogger is to have their own site on their own server. Free services just don’t get it!

      Try to keep your plug-in library to a minimum as this will help with the overall performance of your site. I think I have 6 over at and I have about 30 here at Bloggers Market.

  16. Doug Gene says:

    Very nice post I’ll check out jeffrey-morgan. Thanks for sharing!
    Doug Gene recently posted..Five Ten Anasazi Review

  17. Swapnil says:

    interesting strategy you have there jeffrey
    Swapnil recently posted..Best 3 Websites to Download Direct Mp3 From Youtube

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Swapnil,
      I’m not so sure whether my strategy is interesting or not. It is however where my journey has taken me.

      I think, at this time, I’m really over trying to compete with 2,483,482,578,184,858,982,732,284 different Blogs here at Bloggers Market.

  18. Lily Rose says:

    I was just getting back here to see how things have been since this post and your new journey.
    Lily Rose recently posted..Is the Healthy Trim Price Worth It for the Results?

  19. Everyone has the same mission and vision and every touchpoint for the customer is fully aligned; something many businesses talk about but few achieve. This always has a far better chance of succeeding if the CEO pulls everyone together to accomplish specific goals with a specific strategy in place. It’s called leadership.

  20. John Mak says:

    Hello! I just checked jeffrey-morgan site. It looks very nice and very professional! I am wishing you success over there! I could help by writing a guest post if you’re accepting any! Have a great day.
    John Mak
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  21. abhinav says:

    Really great resources you share with us. thanks you so much for sharing wonderful post its very helpful for me and others.
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  22. The photo/image that you have included in this post is really astonishing! The falling snow looks really great. I definitely love it :)

  23. Balu says:

    The new website which you have created is really good, and i moreover i liked the theme, overall it looks really great.

  24. Great! I also think about to start another site for my personal experiences, and an other for my online business.Thanks for sharing.
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