Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Essential Me

Over the past couple of months, I’ve focused on some of the certain essentials for Blogging. Well, I’m back at it. However, this month, and in the following days, there is a twist to the plot; I’ve been challenged!

This month the name of the post is the “Essential Me”, as this is going to be all about me! Hey, I’m not necessarily narcissistic, but it is my Blog!

I’ve been challenged! I’ve been effectively labeled a “Babbler”. I do own “Blogging” by the way; with the subtitle of “The Power Of Babble”, so I say: “if the shoe fits wear it!”

I have always been of the mind to target my efforts to earning an income Online by providing the actual technical products, such as the Websites themselves as opposed to “Affiliate Sales” or Advertising” on my Blogs. So if you look at “Blogging“, you will see a Blog that has not been updated with current content or product offerings in quite some time. There is a good reason for this as the site is for sale and has only the start-up “Pillar Content” installed to it.

I’ve been told that I claim to “manage 18 Blogs and 5 Websites along with 2 Forums within my “Biography” over at Yet I have added no content to some of these Blogs in over a year; some longer.

You can see the actual line-up over at “The Bloggers Market”, which by the way contains 24 Blogs. When I mention that I manage 24 Blogs, well hell, they don’t take care of themselves! And I will have to go on managing them until the time that I am able to find a buyer for them. Any takers? …… Bueller …… Bueller ……. Bueller……

Working with these Blogs, Websites and Forums are not the only thing that I am focused on either. Yes there is more. There are the scripts. More on that later! And a hosting company to boot. I’m just a little bit busy around my office these day to add content to all of my Blogs. Oh, I forgot to mention the Web Design work that I offer, and that I have written several e-books on different subjects. However, I never can seem to get around to finishing that “Bloggers Market Guide To WordPress Installation”. Did I mention the fact that I have my own Linux Distro?

Around and around we go ……. and then I’m asked, well ……


Your Blog here at Bloggers Market says “Learn How To Make Money Blogging”, Yeah well ……

Of course, there is a great deal of effort that has to be applied across a wide spectrum to effectively earn an income Online; Blogging or otherwise for the mere mortals of us that are not lucky enough to be defined as gurus. And my true focus in Internet Marketing is not on Blogging.

Starting on January 1st 2013, I’ll be writing on this very subject for the next year. while I might not achieve my financial goals, it should be great for traffic!

My great challenge here is …… MARKETTHING.

If you can’t even spell the word …… you got issues. This is sure to be fun! Oh joy ……

Oh, Happy New Year Everyone!



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