Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Daily Grind

The Ole Meat Grinder

With all due respect to Steve Roy ( who has now succumb to the daily grind and closed his Blog ) there is a daily grind to this business of Blogging. Reading his last post “This Is Your Wake Up Call”, makes for some interesting reading. Only problem, is that as I was reading, it was an accurate reflection of what I have faced with Blogging. Anger, Fear, Desperation, Bitterness, Anguish ……. makes up a solid day of Blogging for me. Only thing though, I still love what I do here at Bloggers Market. Oh, I’ll move on eventually, but for now I’m here and your there.

For the new folks on the block, good luck …… you’re going to need it. As you start out on your path, you’re going to need some pretty tough resolve to get to where it is that you want to go. If you have it set in your mind to be a Blogger, then you’ll need to write and write some more, at least every single day for one or two years ….. that’s a grind!

Monetizing …… that’s a grind. You have to attract a market that will purchase your affiliate offers, otherwise your own products. You may be at the top for “Mommy Bloggers” but unless you sell diapers you’re out of luck.

You’ll need an editor; if I have to re-write another post due to my spelling ( was that spelling or mis-spelling ) I’m going to lose my mind ………. that’s a grind. There is a lot of mention about outsourcing your needs to others. As most Blogs are one person shows this will be tough and a grind in and of itself (something about if you want the job done right, do it yourself).

As you continue to grow and socialize, you will find yourself pulled in all sorts of directions (Alex Jeffreys speaks on this a good bit) ……. that’s a grind.

Lastly, don’t forget the ongoing challenge of trying to break through with your SEO efforts with Father Google. that’s really a grind (I don’t think anyone has any idea … SEO expert or not how to accomplish this)!

As I prepare to publish this post, I’ve been informed that I’m to develop a new “Consignment Shopping” software to be ready within four weeks (Talk about a grind). It took me five months to develop my own Linux Operating System.

Facing that grind with consistent action will ultimately determine where you wind-up with your Blogging efforts. Starting out I would never (repeat that word 30 times) never, never have expected it to be as hard as it has become to function and function productively on a daily basis.

Visions of Tim Ferriss dancing in my head as I prepare for another day at the grinder ………


  1. Hi Jeffrey.

    I see you based the monetization on the idea that you have to work with affiliate marketing to make the money. But the fastest way to make money online is by offering a service. Setup a consulting page and charge a fee. Then promote that service. It is much easier to make money with while the other methods are taking their time.
    Brandon Connell@Healthcare News recently posted..New Alzheimer’s Guidelines- Better Late than Never

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Brandon, how goes it ?
      When trying to piece this post together, I was really struggling with the timeline. I was ….. and still am coming off a really rough web design for a construction company. So I was pushed for time. And on top of all the pressure, I ran into, of all people Tim Ferriss.

      I was really trying to express a point of contention rather than a stated fact, if that makes any sense at all. That point being that no matter how you choose to monetize your efforts, it’s going to be a challenge.

      Sorry about your guest post challenge. After reading it, I felt really bad. For an established Blogger, you should have had better results than that.

      I can remember when starting out the first year, I had a free Blog offer at Christmas time, I offered to build a complete system for anyone who needed it ………. no takers on the offer!

  2. Alex says:

    Blogging is definitely a long term grind and probably the slowest and most painstaking way to make money online. Of course without it any business will struggle to build a presence and momentum. Guess that’s the nature of the beast isn’t it.

    Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t ;)

    Good to see you again old friend.
    Alex recently posted..Article Marketing Challenge – Day 40 Traffic and Income Report

  3. Adrienne says:

    Hey Jeffrey, you know I can relate to Steve’s grind he writes about on his blog. But like you said, we all have our own. They are just different.

    I too have my daily grinds running my online business and some days aren’t pleasant. But I work for myself and enjoy that so much more than having to answer to some crappy boss breathing down my neck. Sounds like you still have some of that going yourself in order to get certain projects finished.

    I will admit though, I do enjoy blogging. Okay, so it might not necessarily bring you instant income, it’s a great way to get yourself out there for others to notice and build lasting relationships. Another great way to express yourself too. Like you do so well here. :-)

    Enjoyed the post Jeffrey!!! Hang in there my friend!

    Adrienne recently posted..Have You Ever Had a Brain Meltdown

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Adrienne,
      I’m hanging, I’m hanging, I’m hanging in there, like ….. well like ……. a hair in a biscuit !!!

  4. Hi. I releive the grind by reading other peoples blogs lol
    Backpack Phill recently posted..Wheeled backpack – A helpful list and reviews

    • Jeffrey says:

      I wish I could say the same. However, I start Blog hopping when I lose focus or get frustrated with my Internet Marketing efforts or my Computer Coding. I hit the brick-wall and immediately turn right and start Blog hopping.

  5. Corky says:

    Peter, I could not agree more! I think that we all want it easy, but standards are so important and I think we would realize how band things can get really quick with out them!

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