Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Content Hopper

This is a three-part series that is extremely important for the seasoned as well as the beginning Blogger. It is my hope that you will find the magic herein and take it to heart and implement the practice for your own business model. This is the third time that I have written on “The Content Hopper”. It is truly one of the most important areas for a Blogger to learn.

This first part is all about managing your content. The second part is all about managing your content. The third part is all about managing your content. Ya, ….. I know, kinda redundant. I guess you could say that all that we do is content, and that content needs management. Whether it be written, audio, or video all content needs management.

The Brain Basics Of Blogging

When I think of my content, I think of my postings on one side of my brain and my products on the other side. So here I’m going to focus on the postings.

As most of us are one-man-shows, it is not likely that we will be able to maintain order beyond our own postings save for the occasional guest posting. As we begin our journeys it is imperative that you post every single day. No more; no less. You must accept this as part of the process. After your first year you will be cutting back to three times a week or like myself just one time a week as other chores will demand your time.

After your first year or your first 365 posts, you are going to be focusing more on the Internet Marketing side of things. This is the meat of the matter. Your Blog will earn you little if anything in and of itself, especially during the first year of publication. You will have to do much of that heavy lifting yourself.

Grass Hoppers Do Their Thing; Bloggers Need To Do Theirs

As you start the process of marketing you will need to totally focus on this effort. You will have to provide your content to your readers via a content hopper. Your content; your hopper.

You will need to place at least three months worth of posts in your hopper ….. scheduled and ready to go. This is so important, I just can’t emphasize this enough. Keep this in mind; this does not mean that you can’t break into your readers day with a well-timed post about breaking news. This is part of the magic and fun of having your own Blog.

You need not worry that your readership will slip a bit as you cut back on your publishing schedule. For me I actually increased my readership for the first part of my second year, before leveling off.

The Plague Of Locusts Buyers

My focus here is not to hassle over a $40.00 dollar a month ad for my 3000 uniques a month. Rather lining-up for the larger market of selling your products to a plague legion of buyers. It would be nice if this came from your readers and indeed, you will have sales here. But by and large you will have to go out and get your sales. Precious few will come to you.

In my next post I will be writing on those products that you will sell and how you will need to produce those products to compete in this new era of the Social Media Generation.


  1. Hi Jefferey I see all the great articles you’ve got going on your website, I’m going to have to check into them a little more. Thanks for writing all this useful content.
    WordPress SEO recently posted..Hot Links Friday: Facebook, Instagram, Extra Money with Social Media…

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Wilson thanks for coming by today!

      I’m posting here once a week on Saturday’s and I’m getting ready for a move. I’m looking forward to seeing you over at the new address the first of the year. Here’s the link:

      So don’t be a stranger around my place. I’m sure that my readers will greatly benefit from your experience.

      Take care and I will see you soon!

  2. That is something that would have helped me more when I started out. Instead of just rushing to get the blog up, and “out there”, maybe it would have been nice to wait a few months, build up a steady stream of scheduled posts, and then be able to spend more time on marketing and more articles for the future.

    Good article, good advice.
    Jon @ Give Jon a Dollar recently posted..Jon’s Wisdom – #2 – How to do the Dishes (For the Bachelors)

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Jon,
      You make a valid statement. After all you don’t open a sporting goods store before you have all the inventory in place. However, when it comes to virtual real estate, everyone wants to see their own site A.S.A.P. It’s kinda cool.

      I think what is unique about your comment is that at this time in my own virtual growth, I am about to launch and I will have spent 8 months putting together all of the pieces before anyone gets to read the first post.

  3. sanjay says:

    This is what should be done before starting a blog or website, often times my clients wanted it to get up and running without a content. And they’ll ask me why is the traffic so low, duh! Content makes your website different. Good read!
    sanjay recently posted..How to display list of authors in WordPress without a Plugin

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Sanjay, thanks for stopping by today!

      Content. Sometimes I think that this is what makes the world go round! Or maybe just the Blogosphere. My clients are kinda funny about the content thing too. They are always asking why the 12 articles were not unique when I sold them their Blog. I have to take time to remind them I’m a geek and not a wizard. I can’t possibility know all there is to know in the world
      ( Most of my content for my Blogs is open source). And that ALL of the content will be gone or rather turned-over in a couple of weeks time anyway when they start replacing it with their own content which is what makes a Blog unique.

  4. Rusty says:

    Great material Jeffrey! I came across your post today thanks to Adrienne who has been as always a tremendous help with my blogging. I really just began, but so far have been amazed at how many people have come for a visit so far. So far I have been posting every other day and thought I was doing pretty well. The hopper idea is a new concept that I will need to take into serious consideration. I appreciate having come across your site and will be browsing around more. Take care!
    Rusty recently posted..Stretching Your Capabilities

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Rusty, good to see you here today!

      The goal of posting once a day is to provide the search engines with a solid inventory of content before your marketing chores take over your time.

      I’m constantly working with my content, every day. Although I have cut back on my posting new content. I’m going back over the old and updating the content to reflect new Blogging trends and removing old content which is no longer relevant to my readers. You can bet your last dollar that Google is watching.

      Along with these activities I am interactive with my comment section every single day. I’m interactive with my readers. Google takes this into account as well. As everything you say Online is indexed by “Comment Search Engines”.

      Those that show the proper skills at managing a Blog will in the long run come out on top.

      I hope to see you back here soon Rusty.

  5. Adrienne says:

    Hey Jeffrey,

    Well I somewhat disagree with you only because I created a blog last November to promote my own affiliate product and I only posted to that blog once a week and by the second month, started making money.

    The sales continued to increase each month and the purpose of the blog was to show others that this can be done and I was proof! But what I will agree with is that consistency is key to your continued traffic and success. Now I’m only speaking from my own experience but where most people go wrong is not remaining consistent.

    I will look forward to what else you’ll be sharing because I have no doubt it’s going to be good. So, I’ll be back!

    Adrienne recently posted..A List Of 165 CommentLuv Enabled Blogs

    • Jeffrey says:

      Please!!! ……….. that’s like saying that Celine Dion has just released a new album … I wonder how its going to do! You could do a Blog for Dog Catchers and it would be in the Alexa rankings for most popular before the week was out!


      • Adrienne says:

        Oh very funny my friend.

        Actually, I didn’t start commenting on other blogs until I did this so I was NOT popular and NO ONE knew who I was. I started from scratch but it was because of this that I learned that blog commenting was not just for traffic but for building relationships.

        So there!!! I was a complete unknown but that blog helped me get noticed. A LOT!
        Adrienne recently posted..A List Of 165 CommentLuv Enabled Blogs

  6. Arjun Rai says:

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  7. Arjun Rai says:

    I have read Product hopper also and both this and product offer is good to read and feel informative information blog.
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