Wednesday, February 21, 2018

The Bushed Blogger

Gutted Buidling

Well time has slipped by since my last post. Kinda not what I had in mind, but there it is. I have plenty to write about of course …… just no time to get my thoughts in-line before another posting deadline. Sooo ……. in the interest of the search engines looking for something to index here I am to give an update.

As you can probably tell this is pretty jumbled, but it gives some sort of idea has to how stressful the past 45 days has been. I’ve been knocking it down about 18 hours to the day, and I’ll have to admit that the wick is burned. I have built 5 new Blogs upgraded 1 and have repaired a super serious database break in another 9. (don’t ask – don’t tell) I’m not really sure that I can tell you what the problem was. I just realized that after not being able to upgrade WordPress or Export or Import any database tables, I REALLY DID NOT WANT TO TAKE ANY RISKS. I just re-built the whole thing, one by one.

Now that my work is done, it feels great …… kinda. I still have 5 websites that I mange and almost all need attention, but I’m just too burned to do anything right now. I’m afraid that I have neglected them so that I might be able to spend more time Blogging.

Sitting here thinking about the way of the future is a challenge. I need to update Blogging 2010 and I’m still working with “WordPress Secrets”. I’ve written about the other projects that are on the drawing board at one time or another here and all of those are still in the mix. Most all are small to medium projects while I have one huge project in mind.

Just call me the hardest working Blogger Online ……… or “The Bushed Blogger” is more like it!   :roll:


  1. Rick Byrd says:

    Hey Jeffrey:

    Overworked and Underpaid???

    Come on now, no rest for the weary! It sounds like you are having a little burnout. That’s okay, take a little time off and get back on it.

    How are your sites doing on Flippa? Are you making decent money? I have been thinking about creating and flipping some sites but I’m not sure if it is worth it? I would like to here your thoughts.

    Take care!

    - Rick

  2. Jeffrey says:

    Hey ya Rick, how goes it?
    We live a couple of blocks from each other in cyber-world terms. So right as you were writing your comments, I thought I would take fifteen and go outside for some exercise. It turned out to be too much for me, so I came back inside.

    If I had a couple of dollars to rub together I would take some time off. Sitting here thinking about it gets my blood up so I’ll just move on ….. to where I have no idea……..

    Flippa, ah yes Flippa, I’m not doing worth a damn really! If you go over and check out my “trust” index you’ll find that the last sale I made, the guy actually stated that I was selling too cheap …. all toll 70 hours to build the site, about a dozen in-depth e-mails to get the site running on their servers, commissions on the sale for flippa and pay-pal, domain registration, I’m not sure what the bottom line is. Site sold for 55 dollars though!

    When I started I was pulling down about $300.00 a sale, and making about two sales a month. Then the site (flippa) went from sitepoint to flippa ….. bad idea! The thing is owned by some 16 year old Internet prodigy or some such nonsense, so there really is no foundation for this kid to work from, per say. I would expand, but this is really not the right forum to do so.

    I’m only interested in my competition over at flippa. Those that make a living at it. And it seems that they have all gone away. I’m really the only one left. I’m in a very unique situation in my development, I really have no-where else to go, so I’m kinda stuck ….. ya know those guys that say, “If I didn’t get paid to do this, I would do it for free”. Yeah, I’m one of those guys.

    Don’t get me wrong, there are still one or two of us left, but the “FLIPPERS” are pretty much gone. The bottom line here is that if you have a site that earns 15 dollars a month, you’re going to be making a sale in the $3000.00 range. If you have no income for the the site and you’re potential is 70 million is three years, you can look forward to a $30.00 dollar sale. And if you have a site that is truly established and brings in about $100,000 a year ……. look out …….. the thieves move in !!!

  3. Maria Pavel says:

    Hello Jeffrey,

    It seems that you are a very busy person, and that’s good, because you are busy with your businesses, the more you work – the more you earn both experience and money. I work myself a lot, everyday, day by day, same jobs daily, entrepreneur stuff. It is essential to keep yourself motivated, optimistic, also it is very important to be hidrated – so drink water as much as possible, eat healthy food too, it is way too better this way. I wish you good luck with all your schedules, another tip I will write everywhere I can that I learned myself – time is the only resource that cannot be bought.

    Thank you very much for sharing this excellent article!

    Keep up the good work, you’re doing just great!

    Best regards,

    Maria Pavel recently posted..Red Cross CNA Training

    • Jeffrey says:

      Hi Maria,
      Thanks for stopping by. I afraid that I drink way too much tea as I work and I’m terminally addicted to Tacos and Subway Sandwiches.

      We all talk about our goals, dreams, and desires. Mine is to hire a good cook, so that I might be able to eat healthy! See you soon.

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