Wednesday, February 21, 2018

That First Product – Lesson 21

Now comes that all important first product. First you have to build it, than you have to launch and advertise it, than you have to sell it. As I have said in several posts in this series, you need to start on your first E-Book as soon as is practically possible. Once you reach this lesson, you should have already started and hopefully are close to finishing.

You can make money with your products in a variety of ways. You can do membership forums, you can do membership clubs, videos, DVD’s, CD’s, E-Books, and E-Manuals. Before you paste you’re smiling face all over the Internet and make a monkey out of yourself with videos and the like, it might be a good idea to start with E-Books and E-Manuals. It’s the safer bet, if you are just starting out. You can of course, start gathering all the equipment and software for your future video needs. And practicing wouldn’t hurt either. Make sure you watch carefully and observe what the best Bloggers are doing with their videos.

Now that you have your first product written; time to put the product together. The first thing you are going to have to do, is to find an appropriate cover for your E-Book. This takes artwork and the software to deal with the images. So if you are doing an E-Book on Fireworks, than you need to start looking for an “open source” “royalty free” image that is really cool. Once you have that image, you need to start working with that image in something like, brace yourself, photoshop. I know, if you could afford photoshop you wouldn’t be selling E-Books. But there are other alternatives like “Gimp” which is free of charge.

All of the images of E-Books you see on my sites, I have built with Gimp. Problem is there is a learning curve. A pretty bad one too. The instruction manual that you can download with the software is next to useless. Do yourself a favor and download the software and purchase my book on “Gimp E-Book Design Instructions” over at Blogging and go to work. You’ll thank me for it.

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