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Blogs are everywhere. They’re on news sites, corporate sites, personal Web pages and just about every other genre of Web site. Some are simply online journals chronicling some adventure or another, while others are written around a central theme and ask readers to create their own free blogs in response, creating a community of sorts.

Three-year-old tBlog, is a content-based community site built around themed blogs. The company was born as the result of a happy accident. Site creator and programmer Taylor Bayouth was looking for a new venture and decided that he would create a new company built around the next hot technology he heard about. This was three years ago, when only about four or five blogging platforms existed and there wasn’t really a need for more because hardly anyone had even heard the term Weblog, or Blog.

This didn’t stop Bayouth who, along with a colleague or two, “wanted to do something different” from what was out there. tBlog saw that blogging had much more potential beyond simply being someone’s online journal or a way for company executives to share their thoughts with customers or employees.

The start-up saw the potential for “blogging infused with community”. And what better audience for this type of site than the Gen X and Gen Y demographic? They’re young, looking to meet people with similar interests, looking for potential dates and – at least the ones who spend time chatting online – love to talk about themselves.

Last month tBlog added a new “thought-matching” feature designed to make it even easier for its bloggers to connect with like-minded folks. Dubbed tMatch, the new feature is meant to bring tBlog users together based on similar goals, hobbies and thought patterns rather than on purely visual aspects or random encounters.

tMatch uses a sophisticated algorithm that essentially takes the blogs and “boils them down to unique concepts,” searches out other blogs with similar “vectors” and presents the user with a network of potential friends or matches.

Again, I’m not much for the cloud computing thing. But check out tBlog, if for know other reason than to learn something new today as a Blogger. :-)

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