Friday, December 15, 2017

Yoda Of WordPress Strikes Again!

I’m working on a product launch to be announced here shortly, probably next month; and I’m working on split testing my PPC and lo and behold …… Google don’t think so! Just great ….. Google slapped again!

Here I am trying to figure out what it is that was going to make my ad campaign fly and was told that Google can be kinda fussy when it comes to a PPC campaign for the Internet Marketers. Whatever!!!

“So how do we un-fussy them I asked”? I was then questioned about all the ducks-in-a-row with my Blog, which is where both the squeeze-page and landing-page will be hosted ….. “Next”! Of course I’ve got my ducks-in-a-row, I ain’t exactly asleep at the wheel keyboard here at Bloggers Market. Maybe I should look into my sales copy and double-check to make sure all is well. I really didn’t think so, but maybe the fact that I’m trying to motivate people to take action and change their lives by working a Blog Online has Google upset.

In the course of thinking it through and going over copy, I was asked if I had a “disclaimer” ….. I hadn’t gotin’ to it. I was then told that the structure for Google needed to be in place even before split-testing. “Structure”? I was told the same structure that is used for Google Adsense. However, “I don’t run Adsence on my Blog”! I was told that Adsense and Adwords are essentially the same thing. “You didn’t think Google would let you advertize a product without legitimizing your site did you”? “If they’ll make you do it just to carry the ads, they’ll certainly do it for someone who is selling through the ads”. Oh Man ………. now that’s cold! For split-testing?

“Structure”? “Is that just the disclaimer and privacy policy thingy I asked”? I was told that I need the 1) About Page, 2) Privacy Policy, 3) Terms Of Use, 4) Site Disclaimer, 5) Earnings Disclaimer 6) Contact Page ………. “I got a contact page” ……… stupid bag of hammers!!!

I amaze myself sometimes! I want to be at the forefront of modern Internet Marketing, but have yet to get with the program grab a mitt and get in the game. It’s not like I am blowing it off …….. I just didn’t think about it! Well, …….. dig this ……… Google did! And they don’t want to be a part of any legal dispute that you’re “I just didn’t think about it” program finds itself in because you failed to conduct yourself in a professional manner!

And I wonder why it is that I’m not at the top of the SERP’s after all the SEO work I’ve done; along with wondering why it is that I’m paying so frickin’ much for PPC on Google when I’m just trying to drive traffic to my site! Oh Man …….. Yoda Of WordPress Strikes Again!

Pre-Crime For The Internet Marketer; One Day At A Time

I am really struggling here, God’s teeth! I’ve got a Tiger WordPress Theme by the tail here and I, he, she, it, whatever won’t let go. As I continue to work on the move here in the near future, I get so frustrated with all the work that I’m having to put in that my only relief from the tiger is to, well ……… write!

Yoda Of WordPress Strikes Again

I was thinking this afternoon about the challenges that have been presented to me over the past two weeks and I’ve really been humbled. Yoda of WordPress strikes again …… coming to a theater near you. Had I not started down this road six months ago, I can assure you that I would be in tears at this point in the process ….. well I’m in tears anyway, but hay …… I’m glad I got a good start.

If Only I Had A Crystal-Ball

I’ve been trying to the best of my ability to try to see what-have-you in the future and I’m so very glad that I did. I’d be in business if I had a crystal-ball. But at the turn of the year I will be positioned to work a number of income opportunities without losing focus on my Blog. This is the first time in my life that I have ever gone to work today for an outcome a year down the road …….. call it “Pre-Crime For Internet Marketers”.

Bad Idea

I was listening to the nightly news today and was told about the Santa Cruz Police Department using a Computer Program to Predict and Prevent Crime. Here is the link to that story. I can’t tell you how bad an idea this is for a police department; think of all the cars that would have to be repainted with “To Predict And Serve”, however it sounds like a pretty good idea for Internet Marketers.

A Small Staff Of Caring Professionals Hustling One Day At A Time

As I look into the future of Internet Marketing, I see all sorts of possibilities that I would love to take advantage of. As I line myself up to take advantage of such opportunities, a lot of these come and go before I can bring any type of action online as I’m just a humble one man show with a little editorial support.

Which lead me to this thought; that no matter how hard I try to glimpse into the future and prepare myself for those profitable days ahead, I must except the fact that as an Internet Marketer, we all must live this action one day at time.


Victory, you say? Master Obi-Wan, not victory

Yoda Of WordPress

Three weeks ago I was making light of my lack of common sense by looking for an answer to a simple problem in a sensible place. I proclaimed myself “Yoda Of WordPress”. It’s good to laugh at oneself from time to time. At that time, I was working on a re-fit of Bloggers Market for at least another year. I had gone through several re-builds with my other Blogs and felt like I was up to the task. It was certainly one of those “sooner or later” type of deals. I jumped in.

Re-building means just that …….. changing things. Unfortunately I changed a little too much and by the time I was ready to import the old tables from my database, things had changed significantly. After importing my tables, everything was there, but I had no categories. So everything was listed as uncategorized. Great!

I dropped out about half of what I had originally built over the past two years, so I thought I would just deal with the posts and the comments one by one from the old Blog …… over to the new Blog. That’s going to be about 2000 different posts and comments. Oh well, I couldn’t really do it in one night. So I pulled together what little I could to make the site presentable. The site looked killer. I was totally pleased. I would just take the next couple of months building the site back to where it once stood ……. I then went on to other projects …….. bad idea !!!

After three weeks of working on an extremely high-tech Website for a local home builder, it was time for another post. I thought before I went on to write this weeks post I would check-in with Father Google and check-out the months traffic ……… there was none !!!   :cry:

At first I thought I might have left the analytics code behind when I re-built the site. But analytics was showing I had two or three visits during the week. Oh man ………. no content; no traffic! I had been de-indexed from the search engines ( Google for the most part ) that quick, because my content is missing from my site. I have yet to move most of it over from the old site.

Moral of the story ……. you can be de-indexed ( if that’s the right term ) as fast as you can be indexed. Just great! Yoda of WordPress goes from victory to de-feeet. Hey, thanks for stopping by and remember any time you need me to torch your Blog, just drop me a line ………. I’m just an E-Mail away!