Friday, January 19, 2018

Who Needs To Be Reading Your Archives ? You!

Over the past several months I have been trying to clean-up from the disaster that was the Bloggers Market rebuild from the first of the year. I’ll apologize at this point to my readers for singing the blues for the fifth time however, this haunts me to this day. It’s not like it has me paralyzed or anything and actually I learned a great deal through the process. It just was something I did not need to go through at the time. It tore-up the better part of my year’s schedule as I had to manually restore each and every piece of content and comment from back-ups made as I started in on the work.

Time To Break Out The Pledge

As of the middle of July 2011 I have started the polishing process here at Bloggers Market. Part of that process is clearing out the old content and archiving that content into blocks stored sever-side for anyone that may desire it. Visions of Auto-Bloggers creeping in to hack my old content. It’s not like it’s from some Ann Rice novel or anything …….. call it a Dee Ann Rice novel instead.

As I start the process of removing this content for archiving, a decision has to be made as to whether it is worth keeping or not. This is pretty much a straight forward process.

I Wish I Were I Wish I Might

The most intriguing part of this process is that I can go back over my material and see what I should have; would have done differently if I were writing the same post today. It also brings up new ideas for posts. I get to see how I might have written the post from a different point of view. And now since I have slept, and I can’t even remember that I wrote a particular piece that I might be reading from the archives, I can see how some of my writing does not make any sense to me at all until reading it several times and then I stop and re-write that post carrying forward the lessons learned on how to better communicate with my readers ……… is everyone still with me here ?

Editors Notes

I get to add all the new things that I have learned about particular people, products, or software that are now dated in what I call “Editors Notes”. I get to see all of the spelling and grammar mistakes that I made and decided to rush to press without the editors here at Bloggers Market seeing them. As a matter of fact one of the major changes in my writing is that I immediately stocked the content hopper six weeks in advance so that the editors have plenty of time to review my works. Now you may be thinking this should be second nature however, I am but a one man show, with a couple of editors to closely watch me as I am hopeless at sums and can barely spell kat.

Long winded as the post my seem, and surely you could be doing more important work; keep this in mind – Reviewing your achieves before you store them away for the ages can and will dramatically help you become a better writer and communicator with your readers! NUFF SAID!!!

Your Junk Content GONE

Now that the dust at Bloggers has settled from the first of the year re-build; I’ve got new problems! I can’t exactly recall the issue that I was looking into now, but I found myself over at Studio Press and thought that I would look into the upgrades for my template, only to find out that the single most popular WordPress template ever to be designed by Brian Gardner has now been relegated to the dustbin of history.

I’m Not Really Interested In Surfing With These Aliens!

This spells trouble; not now initially but in the not to distant galaxy the bugs or aliens will begin to creep-in as WordPress continues to improve and add features. Oh Joy.

Trying to work out the smallest of details can sometimes run into hours of searching and testing. Of course if you had a team …….

I’m sure that by the time that this starts to happen I will have moved on the happier times, but it brought to mind a thought that I take with me as I work my Blogs on a daily basis.

Time For Some Fun

Eventually you will have to work with or on; upgrade or rebuild your Blog. This can be done pretty quickly. A major re-build can take about six hours (It took me three hours to install WordPress for the first time using the “famous five-minute install” instructions over at the codex) and in the grand scheme of things this is a very short period of time. The only thing that really stands in your way is two things really, the number of Plug-ins you have and the amount of content you have written.

If you’re like most folks, you’ll only have one or two database based Plug-ins. So you shouldn’t have a whole lot to worry about. However, the major concern with any upgrade is the content that you have written over the past several months or years.

If you do multiple back-ups of your database. Three for the whole database in case your modem skips a beat. And three for each of your tables especially your content, comments and Plug-ins, you’ll be fine. If the whole thing explodes. You at least have all of your Blogs materials backed-up. This is what happened here at Bloggers Market at the first of the year (causing Blogging 2011 to be released in 2020) causing a major headache, but no real damage.

I’d Rather Surf With These Aliens Then Father Google!

When my site was done, Father Google came calling and burned down my Blog (made him mad by golly). I can’t recall exactly what I was doing ….. I was checking my AW-Stats; checking my outbound links or something and Bloggers was gone ……… WHAT !!!

I started poking around and there was no traffic to my Blog, save for an Aussie or two, my listing or content in the SERP’s was none-existent. In a word or two I, or rather my Blog was gone. Ain’t life grand!

That’s amazing ……. as quickly as I get indexed with my content, it was gone. The good, the bad, the ugly …… GONE!

But ……… it got me to thinking.

A Quite Time Of Refelection

When I look back on my Content that I wrote in the beginning, it wasn’t really bad, but it wasn’t really great either. I wanted to get rid of it, but I like yourself have hit broken links before while researching on Google and I didn’t want a bunch of broken Google links back to my Blog. But this is truly the exception, not the rule.

I figured as fast as the Internet moves that if I limit myself to managing three years of content and archive the rest, that my life as a Blogger would be much simpler. See if you keep it to three years of content Online, Google is able to manage the de-indexing much better.

For myself all I have to manage is about 150 different pieces at a time, if ever the need arouse for me to move or re-build my Blog the task is not monumental. It also makes managing and discarding or de-indexing my bad content a whole lot easier. I urge you to do the same with your poor quality content. No one really wants to read your sorry post about Google Orkut or Google Buzz anyway.

Truth Or Consequences

If Darren Rowse goes down, I can assure you it will be a fricken nightmare for him ……. and his team. More than likely if disaster were to visit, most would go with the last couple of years of content instead of fighting the mess and just scrape the rest. Oh well, all that great content gone ….. FOREVER!

As for myself, if disaster ever visits me all I’ve got to do is re-build from my back-ups the last three years and the rest of my content is safe. I store it in blocks ….. server-side.

I lose none of my content ever …….. the good content that is! :lol: