Saturday, January 20, 2018

Pre-Crime For The Internet Marketer; One Day At A Time

I am really struggling here, God’s teeth! I’ve got a Tiger WordPress Theme by the tail here and I, he, she, it, whatever won’t let go. As I continue to work on the move here in the near future, I get so frustrated with all the work that I’m having to put in that my only relief from the tiger is to, well ……… write!

Yoda Of WordPress Strikes Again

I was thinking this afternoon about the challenges that have been presented to me over the past two weeks and I’ve really been humbled. Yoda of WordPress strikes again …… coming to a theater near you. Had I not started down this road six months ago, I can assure you that I would be in tears at this point in the process ….. well I’m in tears anyway, but hay …… I’m glad I got a good start.

If Only I Had A Crystal-Ball

I’ve been trying to the best of my ability to try to see what-have-you in the future and I’m so very glad that I did. I’d be in business if I had a crystal-ball. But at the turn of the year I will be positioned to work a number of income opportunities without losing focus on my Blog. This is the first time in my life that I have ever gone to work today for an outcome a year down the road …….. call it “Pre-Crime For Internet Marketers”.

Bad Idea

I was listening to the nightly news today and was told about the Santa Cruz Police Department using a Computer Program to Predict and Prevent Crime. Here is the link to that story. I can’t tell you how bad an idea this is for a police department; think of all the cars that would have to be repainted with “To Predict And Serve”, however it sounds like a pretty good idea for Internet Marketers.

A Small Staff Of Caring Professionals Hustling One Day At A Time

As I look into the future of Internet Marketing, I see all sorts of possibilities that I would love to take advantage of. As I line myself up to take advantage of such opportunities, a lot of these come and go before I can bring any type of action online as I’m just a humble one man show with a little editorial support.

Which lead me to this thought; that no matter how hard I try to glimpse into the future and prepare myself for those profitable days ahead, I must except the fact that as an Internet Marketer, we all must live this action one day at time.


I Can See The Future … Clearly

I’ve got a major move coming up at the end of this year and I’ve been thinking about all of the elements that I’m putting in place so that I might be able to “live long and prosper”.

I was making a comment the other day to Adrienne Smith about having tunnel vision for this upcoming move and explained that its more like “Funnel Vision” instead of tunnel vision. I’ve got a funnel going into place that will rival the Eiffel Tower in Paris (might have to turn the tower on end). I mean, I’d love to hang-out and swap comments with you guys and attend niche conferences all summer long, but in the long run, I’ve got to make the most of my opportunities.

Burning The Candle At Three Ends

This is not a part-time endeavor for myself, nor do I start my day at 9:00 A.M. and look forward to finishing-up at 5:00 P.M. I’m knocking it down all day …… and night long. I’m one of those that you read about that is determined to succeed. This is not really a conscious decision, if you could see inside the Crystal-Ball, you would see that I really have no other choice. So chance’s are good that I’ll be back here tomorrow.

Pay To Play

What I have learned over the past …. going on three years now, is that you have to focus on earning an income and you must pay for access. This took me a while to understand …. there are a lot of pieces to this Internet Marketing puzzle.

I’ve struggled to earn an income Blogging and no I’m not a Millionaire yet however, I do earn my living Online and I’ve had to pay for access to earn those monies. I guess I was pretty naive, (but believe me when I say I had no other choice) to think that I was going to stand on the shoulders of so many and make a killing in Internet Marketing.

The Way Of The Future

As I consider my move for the coming year I’m confronted with exactly what it is that I wish to stake my future on …… as long as I am paying for that access. And as I look around me, those that are just cleaning-up with “organic traffic” are those that have technical skills to offer the market.

In the words of Howard Hughes ……… this is indeed “The Way Of The Future”!