Sunday, December 17, 2017

Internet Marketing – Lesson 20

Social Media is a great way to get your message out, be it about your latest post or newest product. But as a means to an end it is pretty marginal.

I don’t think that it is any secret to anyone that pursues an income online that networking has potential benefits. However, when marketing yourself you have to choose carefully how to socially network yourself, as time is money and networking takes time.

For the Blogger, the more the merrier …… if you have the time, and that is something that you like to do instead of watching Seinfeld on T.V.

For the Internet Marketer, you have to keep your social interactions and networking …… how shall I say …… “working”.

You should not expand past Facebook, Twitter, and Google +, for your social networking and for social interactions, you need to stick with the forums of your choosing. A well placed “Check This Out” can do wonders for a product launch on the proper forums at the right times. I’ll go into forums for the Internet Marketer later on in these lessons. For now, you should be signing-up for as many forums like “Warrior Forum” as you can.

With Forums you don’t need to be interactive on a daily basis to achieve the desired effect, as you have to do with say …… Twitter. Also keep this in mind; Twitter is pitching to everyone Online. Forums, if chosen carefully will or should, pitch to your market directly. Much like a “WSO”.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google +, are for brand building. Forums are for direct response marketing.

When you go with a formal launch, just go with the forums. This not only saves time, but maximizes efforts as well.

Remember this; that socializing is suppose to build goodwill with your market. Don’t jeopardize that by being stupid Online, by getting into some thing political or otherwise, that might hurt your efforts to market yourself successfully. This is not personal, this is business!


The Internet Marketing Ear-Worm

Ear Worm

For the last several weeks I’ve been wrestling with an Ear-Worm. You know, kinda like a song that you can’t get out of your head. It just keeps playing and playing, sometimes for days. I’m still dealing with the Mary Hart song that was played during the final episode of Entertainment Tonight featuring Mary Hart titled raise your glass by Pink.

This particular Ear-Worm is curiously of Shawn Fanning developer of Napster and Dave Morin who once worked for Facebook and who now have their own social service called “Path”. In a recent interview he mentioned that his service is more in touch with realty in that it limits the number of friends you can invite to join your social circle, backed-up with scientific results. Those scientific results most likely tied to Robin Dunbar and her theory known as “Dunbar’s Number“.

Stating basically that you will never really be able to handle anymore than 50 people in your social circle. OK, thinking about my own experiences, he’s probably right. I mean I have nearly 3000 followers on Twitter, but I’m sure that 2950 of them don’t give a rip one way or another of what is going on in my social sphere or life for that matter.

In a word “Ruh Roe”! This spells bad news for the Internet Marketing side of our businesses ………. Ok, our Blogs. There I said it!

As long as I’ve been visiting, commenting and following Blogs, I’ve never really followed more than about a dozen really closely. Now think about your own social results. I bet they’re close to mine.

I view a number of traffic stats to Blogs that are for sale over on Flippa and the same thing is being confirmed. Comments numbering no more than 100 a post many more with far fewer.

There are Blogs of course that show tens of thousands of visitors a month. However, these Blogs have a system in place that provides content from a number of sources that have their own social following, and have to be a headache to manage.

What this all means, I’m not really sure. I just have this sneaking suspicion that, for the most of us our Blogs will never carry the power that is needed to propel us beyond our own social setting.

I believe that this is the true meaning or definition if you will of Internet Marketing. The ability to promote our services and products beyond our own intimate social circle.

Now Comes The Social Media Thing – Lesson 16

Now comes the time that you need to settle in to some sort of routine, as the next step, the social media step, is a big one. So you should be somewhat comfortable with writing content and managing your Blog. It’s O.K. to feel comfortable with what you are doing before racing away to do something else that is new to you. So take a month and just write content and work with your Blog and your management techniques.

After a month, it will be time to start to drive traffic to your site. This takes a lot of time and attention, so if you rush right in after starting your Blog, you’re going to get things tangled up and make a mess of things as well as waste a ton of time.

I am going to avoid making any social media recommendations as everyone takes a different path, leading to a different outcome, which helps all concerned as you are going to use social sites that other don’t use and vise versa. That way, we’re not getting tangled up with each other. That way there is enough traffic and market for everyone.

I will make three recommendations that all Bloggers need to be aware of and take advantage of. Those three are: Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. These three are necessary for all New Bloggers and you should sign-up as soon as you are ready to begin marketing yourself and your Blog. The rest is up to you. The more social media sites you sign-up for and participate in the more traffic you will see to your Blog. But take it slowly and make sure that you understand how to use the social media platform you have chosen or else you will just be wasting your time.