Saturday, January 20, 2018

Internet Marketing – Lesson 18

This week we will take a look at Upsells. I’ve never really been keen on Upsells, but that is just me. I’ve seen some really crazy Upsells over the years. Most have nothing to do with what it is that you are interested in. Again this is just how “I” see it. There is nothing wrong with Upsells, and you should actively pursue promoting them. Just make sure that what you offer is solid.

When you get ready to provide an Upsell Offer, make sure that what it is that you offer is of really high-quality. I got caught-up in poor quality Upsells when I started out by offering crummy PDF’s, and it really hurt sales.

Two signs that any offer you view is not worth the purchase is if the Upsell is crummy, or the Upsell is endless, with literally dozens of extras if you “just purchase today”.

As these lessons go on, the information will become more in-depth and ever-more technical. So I will get into the positioning and proper promoting of Upsells in later lessons. The one thing I am trying to get across in this post, is that your Upsells “MUST, MUST, MUST” provide tangible value.

Remember that good Upsells can round-out a killer $30.00 dollar package, however, if you are not careful you can run yourself into trouble with your profit margins.

I once saw a Marketer offer two Upsells that equaled the value of what he was trying to sell as his main product. He wound-up with great exposure, however, I would not have done it. You are just too close to the line to losing money. Refunds can kill ya!

When considering your Upsells make sure that they can be delivered to, and received by, your market ASAP. If not then you will have to make sure that your main product that you are trying to sell can be delivered to, and received by, your market ASAP.

Whatever it is that you are trying to Sell or Upsell, you will have to wrap your brain around this point which is worth the price of admission; you will have to deliver both electronic and hard-copy products for you to stand-out at what-ever it is that you wish to be successful at in Internet Marketing. This is called a “rolling product launch”. You deliver a set of Audio CD’s or MP3′s by download instantly upon completion of sale with follow-up Auto-responses, along with a hard-product arriving in your customers Mail-Box in a week or 10 days.

Guess what Amazon does? Delivers hard-products quickly to it’s market. Get it? Obviously I didn’t when I started out, and my sales really suffered. I even went electronic with “Kindle” when I went commercial, ( which was a real pain to do ) with my materials and again my sales really suffered.

Don’t sweat this stuff right now, I’m going to provide you with the necessary information later in these lessons that will give you the ability to deliver your products on the cheap without being cheap.


Internet Marketing – Lesson 17

Most of what I write about here at Bloggers Market is really second nature to me now. Once learned, the road-map is pretty easy to follow. However, there are a couple of areas that give me pause. I ran into trouble with this series in the beginning trying to communicate to my readers about display ads as an income stream. To get a really good overview this takes several hundred pages of text involving different companies, styles, coding, proper placement, best SEO and SEM practices, proper pricing, testing; so on and so forth.

I’m in the pickle again with “Shopping Carts”. I hate giving my readers 300 words that leave them as clueless at the end as they were at the beginning. However, I have to cross this path within this series. Sooo…

Most of what you will do within Internet Marketing will be within your own powers to create. Some things that will not will be, display ads of some sorts, SEO, and Shopping Carts.

I’ve been burned to the ground by some really reputable Internet Marketers because of dubious Shopping Carts Services that I am positive that the Marketer had no idea what was happening on the affiliate end of things.

Managing your Online business may take some real effort to manage, but when you have 10′s of thousands to deal with, things can get really dicey. If the Shopping Cart gets is wrong, it will be your name that gets caught in the gears of the machine, especially if it comes to affiliate payouts or refunds.

If I do a simple product that goes for less than a hundred dollars, I usually go with “PayPal” as the payment portal and then handle the refunds myself and avoid dealing with affiliates. 50% of 10 bucks is just not worth the bother and hassle.

However, if you have a product that sells for $1995.00, you are going to have to have a reputable hosted shopping cart or shopping basket service. 50% of that is definitely worth the hassle.

Again, there is no way to cover all of the angles of shopping carts in this post. Here comes the “Due Diligence” thing again!

Here is my list:

Those listed above are the most popular …… and most expensive. However, this is just a starting point. With some advice from Father Google you can find some reputable reviews of shopping carts that should prove enlightening.

Also, be prepared for a killer learning curve. I figure that you will spend a couple of grand just learning the systems here. Good Luck …… you’re going to need it!


Internet Marketing – Lesson 16

The path to success for the Internet Marketer has three elements; a good product, good landing-page with compelling copy, and a good ad campaign. While there are many ways in which to monetize a Blog or Website, putting these three elements together will provide you a path of least resistance with the greatest chance of success as well as profit.

Good copy and ads for a product are essential to your success, however, this will have to come with a good dose of experience. There really is no way to cover this subject in a Blog post or even a good book.

I have seen books that go on and on with the details that may or may not work for you. This is probably one of the reasons that this subject is not as well covered on the Internet as others. You really have to assemble a ton of bits and pieces to effectively put together your Marketing campaign. In the end it all comes down to a good split test and a better product.

What is most important to the exercise of writing effective ads ( as well as copy ) for your product is coming up with a collection of ads, split-testing, and then deciding in a fairly quick order whether or not “your dog will hunt”.

And if you do have success with a good product, keep in mind that eventually you will see a point of diminishing returns, at which time you will have to make a judgement call on when to get out.

If the product has no “Pop” at the beginning of your launch, don’t extend your loses past a month. In other words don’t go for 90 days thinking that your product will eventually catch-on.

If you are not seeing some kind of a return on your investment within a couple of weeks, you might as well set your sites on starting over. This is taking into account that you have given it a fair chance at launch. Don’t think that by bidding 03.00 cents for a keyword, that this is going to provide you with healthy profits.

Again, in the long run …… experience will make the difference here. You just have to keep trying and be smart about how to structure your ad campaigns, as well as how much money to commit to your goals.