Monday, December 18, 2017

Internet Marketing – Lesson 21

Your big day is here. Formal Launch Of Your Product! Time to hit it …… and hit it hard. Take no prisoners, damn the torpedoes, get while the getting is good.

As I stated earlier in this series, you have to launch a product over a period of a week to 10 days in 5 different phases. Once the launch is done …… it’s done. You don’t continue to pursue launch activates once you are underway. After the initial product launch, you are then focused on promoting your product.

A word of caution, don’t go into a formal launch of a digital product like “WordPress Installation” that you are going to sell for $19.95. Just get crackin’ and promote the thing to anyone that will listen.

Formal launches work best for “hard copy” products that go from between $995.00 to $3000.00 dollars.

Trying to find affiliates for your “WordPress Installation” product is going to be a bitch, trust me. However, offer %50 on $3000.00 for a quality product and you’ll have them coming out of the wood-work! And keep this in mind, “John Chow” ain’t going to be interested in promoting your “WordPress Installation” product. He’s got one himself. If you want him on board …… or someone like him, give them something to work with!

Again, you are reading my scattered thoughts or tips on Product Launches here. To go over the process correctly would take about 50,000 words, at the very least. So to cover this subject in a 300 word Blog post really can’t be done.

If you follow these lessons, you will find that I go over a lot of the information presented here in these posts, in future posts in greater detail. This is called “Immersion Training”. If I give it to you all at once you will forget most of it …… not good. You have to get this!!! And going over a spread-sheet at time of product launch ain’t the way to go, so Immersion is the best way.

Remember this; there is some foundation to product launches, however, product launches are fluid and ever-changing as the products from Internet Marketers can be totally different from one another, so your understanding of the process will never be complete. You will always have to be adding to this knowledge base.


Internet Marketing – Lesson 20

Social Media is a great way to get your message out, be it about your latest post or newest product. But as a means to an end it is pretty marginal.

I don’t think that it is any secret to anyone that pursues an income online that networking has potential benefits. However, when marketing yourself you have to choose carefully how to socially network yourself, as time is money and networking takes time.

For the Blogger, the more the merrier …… if you have the time, and that is something that you like to do instead of watching Seinfeld on T.V.

For the Internet Marketer, you have to keep your social interactions and networking …… how shall I say …… “working”.

You should not expand past Facebook, Twitter, and Google +, for your social networking and for social interactions, you need to stick with the forums of your choosing. A well placed “Check This Out” can do wonders for a product launch on the proper forums at the right times. I’ll go into forums for the Internet Marketer later on in these lessons. For now, you should be signing-up for as many forums like “Warrior Forum” as you can.

With Forums you don’t need to be interactive on a daily basis to achieve the desired effect, as you have to do with say …… Twitter. Also keep this in mind; Twitter is pitching to everyone Online. Forums, if chosen carefully will or should, pitch to your market directly. Much like a “WSO”.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google +, are for brand building. Forums are for direct response marketing.

When you go with a formal launch, just go with the forums. This not only saves time, but maximizes efforts as well.

Remember this; that socializing is suppose to build goodwill with your market. Don’t jeopardize that by being stupid Online, by getting into some thing political or otherwise, that might hurt your efforts to market yourself successfully. This is not personal, this is business!


Internet Marketing – Lesson 19

Launch functions are really all about strategy.

Once again I can’t really do this subject justice with a short Blog post. I will however, cover this subject in detail in later posts of this series.

I understand that you continue to see the above information provided time and again in this series, and while Internet Marketing is not Brain Science or Rocket Surgery, it can be complex in its application to a successful end.

When launching an Internet Product, you should be aware that to do so with any degree of success takes some time and effort. I suggest that you undertake this process after your product is finished and ready to market.

To successfully launch a product you will have to take about 10 days to 2 weeks to do it right in about 5 different phases. The goal here is to prepare your market and stoke your affiliates while pre-selling your Product. Add to this the ongoing strategy of building to a larger market.

To kinda give you an idea of the scope of things, you should concentrate on building cool products, launching those products and driving traffic to those products right now and in the future …… ya know …… “CASHFLOW”! Your Blog or Website is just the platform from which to do so.

Like I said I could go on for days on this subject, but to give you the quick so that you can take away the essence of this subject, you will have to become a story teller. That’s how you sell Internet Products, you tell stories, the product should sell itself.

Internet Marketing is definitely not a high-pressure sell, you have to develop a relationship with your market to sell your products. The very best way to do this is to tell them stories about you and your product, again your Blog or Website is a great platform from which to do this. You are going to tell them about what it took to bring your product to the market, and you are going to tell them about what your product means to you and what it will provide to them, and by providing them with great tools to make a difference with and for others.

While the money is certainly great here, you should be focusing on helping a friend. This is what the product launch is all about, indeed this is what Internet Marketing is about, and is what your life should be about.