Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Yes, You Can Change Your World With Your Blog

As more and more so-called print media fall by the way side, changes have to be made.  Some will make it,  most will not.  Print media expanded over the years to cover the world with a host of sections within their papers.  Sports, housing, current events,  obits.

Starting next year the will begin to charge some of its frequent readers of its website.  With plummeting ad fees it would appear that this is the latest in the search for a new source of revenue. Good luck.

The reason that content on the internet is free is that websites such as blogs, trade links as currency,  pointing readers to each other’s content which in most cases is totally unique.  I have to equate this to the growth of desktop computers.  When computers started out you got everything inside the box from one company.  Now any computer worth it’s salt comes with each of it’s parts manufactured by a company who does nothing else but manufacture, say ……. modems, or hard drives,  even water coolant is designed by a company that does nothing else but water cooling for computers.  So it will be with the “New Media“.

Just think for a moment what it takes to run a print media company to cover the world’s events today. Overhead, travel, salaries, distribution.  With a blog,  man …….. even the software is free.  My point is this;  I don’t care how good a print media’s paper or website is,  they are never going to be able to cover your subject as well or as fast as you do with your own blog.  Do you seriously think the tech section of the is going to be able to cover computers as well as “Tom’s Hardware” ?  I don’t think so !

If you play your cards just so (a good marketing campaign selling products, not content, will help),  you can not only change the world with your blog,  you can enrich your own.  That’s how to make money blogging !

Oh, by the way, shares of the Times Company fell on the news of the new revenue plan for the,  39 cents, closing at $13.31.