Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Internet Marketing – Lesson 5

Last weeks post left me a little unsettled, in that I felt that I was not able to adequately cover front-end earnings for your Blog. Primarily ad sales. Normally I would not try to tackle such an extensive subject with just 300 words, however, I’m trying to provide some sort of a train of thought as to how Internet Marketing comes together with your Blog.

This week I wanted to cover back-end sales, yet I have to add a word of caution here. I, nor anyone, can cover such as an extensive subject as Internet Marketing with just a 300 word post. The intent here is to just provide you with some sort of a rough guide as to what you will be looking at when you undertake this challenge.

When going over back-end sales, it is hard for me to anticipate your desire to market what it is that you desire to promote. I have to go with what I am doing and hope that it provides enough of an identifiable path for you to follow.

For instance you may be very interested in promoting others products on your Blog. I have little experience with this as I tend to offer mainly my own products. So please keep this in mind.

Most everyone who markets online through a Blog will tell you that most of the income of that Blog is earned on the back-end. So it is with myself. And I mean the really back-end of things. As in a couple of Blogs over from this one and a landing page or two. It is just what works for me.

To promote your products, or someone else’s for that matter, you have to build yourself a mailing list first thing. Really you need to be building your list from the very beginning. You can find a number of “PLR” or “MRR” products that you can pick-up and promote to those that are interested in the same niche that you are for an opt-in.

Now, it has been my experience that there is a lot of junk out there that is not worth reading, yet may have an idea or two for anyone that is interested. Try to be careful about what you offer to others. And don’t try to build a list with your own publishing, as you really are not that experienced when you are just starting out.