Monday, December 18, 2017

Internet Marketing – Lesson 16

The path to success for the Internet Marketer has three elements; a good product, good landing-page with compelling copy, and a good ad campaign. While there are many ways in which to monetize a Blog or Website, putting these three elements together will provide you a path of least resistance with the greatest chance of success as well as profit.

Good copy and ads for a product are essential to your success, however, this will have to come with a good dose of experience. There really is no way to cover this subject in a Blog post or even a good book.

I have seen books that go on and on with the details that may or may not work for you. This is probably one of the reasons that this subject is not as well covered on the Internet as others. You really have to assemble a ton of bits and pieces to effectively put together your Marketing campaign. In the end it all comes down to a good split test and a better product.

What is most important to the exercise of writing effective ads ( as well as copy ) for your product is coming up with a collection of ads, split-testing, and then deciding in a fairly quick order whether or not “your dog will hunt”.

And if you do have success with a good product, keep in mind that eventually you will see a point of diminishing returns, at which time you will have to make a judgement call on when to get out.

If the product has no “Pop” at the beginning of your launch, don’t extend your loses past a month. In other words don’t go for 90 days thinking that your product will eventually catch-on.

If you are not seeing some kind of a return on your investment within a couple of weeks, you might as well set your sites on starting over. This is taking into account that you have given it a fair chance at launch. Don’t think that by bidding 03.00 cents for a keyword, that this is going to provide you with healthy profits.

Again, in the long run …… experience will make the difference here. You just have to keep trying and be smart about how to structure your ad campaigns, as well as how much money to commit to your goals.


Internet Marketing – Lesson 15

Squeeze-Pages for the most part are pretty straight forward, after all you are just trying to harvest E-Mail Address. I’ll address the more complex designs that are tied into product launches as we go along here.

Landing-Pages are where all the action takes place for the aggressive Internet Marketer. Managing a Blog’s structure is a real challenge, however that is just one half of the issue …… the other is the landing-page.

Not only is a landing-page complex in its design, there are also multiple parts to a good landing-page system. What makes landing-pages complex, is the need for a captivating design along with compelling copy.

I’m going to list the parts of the landing-page system, yet I really have no way of going into the parts, as they are really an art-form that takes years to master.

My last design took me two weeks of full-time work to complete, yet I have been working for years on perfecting the system. My first system took me months to complete.

Here is my list:

  • Landing-Page
  • Squeeze-Page To The Offer
  • Downloads Page
  • Affiliates Page
  • Graphics Page For The Affiliates

Tie in a shopping cart and you are set to go!

When you view the above list you may think to yourself that really the landing-page is the only challenge in the group. However, I can assure you that all parts of the list are a real challenge.

You may say, how can a graphics page be a pain? Just drop your images in and go! Not so fast, you have to design a number of images for use by your affiliates along with “clean code” to go with them. You must then arrange those images in a “pleasing-to-the-eye” way on a beautiful page.

While the landing-page is used to sell the customer, the affiliates page is used to sell the affiliates. If the page is just “functional”, you will run the affiliates off. The affiliates page has to be a knock-out, just like the other pages to the system.


Those Damn Internet Scammers

As far as Internet Marketing products go, I like a straight forward approach. The more flash the more I tend to ignore. All the bling gives me the impression of a “well-oiled” car salesman. Those products with a clean, simple approach, relying on your common sense to make an informed decision are more my speed.

When taken as a whole the Internet Marketing niche is loaded with trash. And getting stung with such products is no fun if the product tends to be pricey. However, when you find yourself in the “Outlands” of the Internet Marketing niche, much like a street urchin, you can find or mine gold from the garbage.

If you find yourself on the wrong end of an Internet Marketing purchase, and if you have invested no more than a $100.00 or so dollars, than you are still ahead of the game. While the product may be a real dog, the gold is in the code that you receive with the product.

If you take the underlying code and transfer that to your own products that you offer, if marketed properly, you can make a ton of money. Even if you have no idea what to do with the code at the present, you can come back later and mine the gold. Graphics, CSS techniques Opt-in forms, Javascripts, php goodies, the list goes on.

If you purchased a half-dozen dogs that never make you a dime, you can make all of your investment back and then some by just re-using the material that you have received with your purchase. Notice the word “material” and not “content” was used in that statement. You will have to come up with your own “quality” content to make your products fly or risk being relegated to the growing pile of Internet Scammers.