Monday, December 18, 2017

Internet Marketing – Lesson 20

Social Media is a great way to get your message out, be it about your latest post or newest product. But as a means to an end it is pretty marginal.

I don’t think that it is any secret to anyone that pursues an income online that networking has potential benefits. However, when marketing yourself you have to choose carefully how to socially network yourself, as time is money and networking takes time.

For the Blogger, the more the merrier …… if you have the time, and that is something that you like to do instead of watching Seinfeld on T.V.

For the Internet Marketer, you have to keep your social interactions and networking …… how shall I say …… “working”.

You should not expand past Facebook, Twitter, and Google +, for your social networking and for social interactions, you need to stick with the forums of your choosing. A well placed “Check This Out” can do wonders for a product launch on the proper forums at the right times. I’ll go into forums for the Internet Marketer later on in these lessons. For now, you should be signing-up for as many forums like “Warrior Forum” as you can.

With Forums you don’t need to be interactive on a daily basis to achieve the desired effect, as you have to do with say …… Twitter. Also keep this in mind; Twitter is pitching to everyone Online. Forums, if chosen carefully will or should, pitch to your market directly. Much like a “WSO”.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google +, are for brand building. Forums are for direct response marketing.

When you go with a formal launch, just go with the forums. This not only saves time, but maximizes efforts as well.

Remember this; that socializing is suppose to build goodwill with your market. Don’t jeopardize that by being stupid Online, by getting into some thing political or otherwise, that might hurt your efforts to market yourself successfully. This is not personal, this is business!


The Extreme Forum Problem

Image Of An Internet Forum

I can remember back when I was just a lad growing up on the farm …………….. you know ………. the good old days. The days when you installed a program to your computer and if you didn’t care for that program or it didn’t function, well …….. you were just stuck. Man, I really miss those days of working with the computer for a couple of days until I realized that I had hopelessly tangled my programs and had to re-install Windoze.

The security companies changed all of that with their Anti-this and Anti-that, by finally offering the “UNINSTALLER”. Of course the first attempts at anything are likely just an attempt at making you feel like you are actually accomplishing something. The first Uninstallers just removed the icon from the desktop and removed the folder from the directory tree. Mission accomplished. However after about 3 or 4 years of this nonsense, these Uninstallers got really good at what they did, even going as far as removing trace evidence of the offending program from the registry of Windoze.

Fast forward to 2010 and it would appear that WordPress is still back in the stone age or at least those good old days that I spoke of at the beginning of this post. When you go to remove or uninstall a totally useless plug-in, WordPress will inform you that it is deleting and removing all the files to the plug-in. Basically removing the mention of it in the “Plugins” area of your WordPress Dashboard. Only problem is that when you have a plug-in such as a forum for your Blog, it writes files everywhere in your WordPress install and in your MySQL Database.

Such was the drama with my “Blogger” which is my personal diary. I had installed a forum for the use on another Blog that I was selling and need to make sure it functioned first before I committed to it so I used Blogger Extreme as my guinea pig. Really big mistake!!! Tomorrow I’ll reveal the drama I endured. I just bet you can’t wait! :-)