Monday, December 18, 2017

I Can Only Stammer This Month

I’m in the middle of a 36 hour coding tear and really don’t have the time to do a post. However, I just had to stop and catch-up on the “U.S. Open” Golf Championship held this weekend at The Olympic Club, in San Francisco, CA.

As I was making the rounds I couldn’t help but notice the latest Trillion Dollar tech news from Microsoft, Stammer, ICANN and …… Donuts!. I hardly can find a place to start! With this kinda of fodder, there is no writers block in “site”.

It would appear that ICANN is in need of filling the tank again and with oil prices the way they are, releasing a few top level domain extensions is just what the economist ordered …… to the tune of $357 Million Dollars.

Donuts, Inc. tied on 307 TLD (Top Level Domains) for a cool $56 Million investment, and Google was good for $18.7 Million of that $357 Million Dollar Pile. However, that was not the score of the day as Microsoft is close to purchasing “Yammer” for a Billion Dollars.

Billion Dollar corporate acquisitions are not unusual these days, except when it comes to many of the Internet Start-ups. There are no earnings on which to base valuation with most of them.

Last months acquisition of “Instagram zero-revenue startup to $1 billion company” by Facebook for a Billion sets a bad president for this type of business deal ( you thought the dot com bubble was bad ), this from a company that is already looking at “class-action” lawsuits for its $104 Billion Dollar IPO.

With all this excitement I Can Only Stammer This Month …… which is not good …… I understand that J.R. is back in town! Maybe the Ewing’s are going to move in on the Internet Corporate Culture this time around. At least they have some earnings to show for all their past efforts.


The Internet Marketing Ear-Worm

Ear Worm

For the last several weeks I’ve been wrestling with an Ear-Worm. You know, kinda like a song that you can’t get out of your head. It just keeps playing and playing, sometimes for days. I’m still dealing with the Mary Hart song that was played during the final episode of Entertainment Tonight featuring Mary Hart titled raise your glass by Pink.

This particular Ear-Worm is curiously of Shawn Fanning developer of Napster and Dave Morin who once worked for Facebook and who now have their own social service called “Path”. In a recent interview he mentioned that his service is more in touch with realty in that it limits the number of friends you can invite to join your social circle, backed-up with scientific results. Those scientific results most likely tied to Robin Dunbar and her theory known as “Dunbar’s Number“.

Stating basically that you will never really be able to handle anymore than 50 people in your social circle. OK, thinking about my own experiences, he’s probably right. I mean I have nearly 3000 followers on Twitter, but I’m sure that 2950 of them don’t give a rip one way or another of what is going on in my social sphere or life for that matter.

In a word “Ruh Roe”! This spells bad news for the Internet Marketing side of our businesses ………. Ok, our Blogs. There I said it!

As long as I’ve been visiting, commenting and following Blogs, I’ve never really followed more than about a dozen really closely. Now think about your own social results. I bet they’re close to mine.

I view a number of traffic stats to Blogs that are for sale over on Flippa and the same thing is being confirmed. Comments numbering no more than 100 a post many more with far fewer.

There are Blogs of course that show tens of thousands of visitors a month. However, these Blogs have a system in place that provides content from a number of sources that have their own social following, and have to be a headache to manage.

What this all means, I’m not really sure. I just have this sneaking suspicion that, for the most of us our Blogs will never carry the power that is needed to propel us beyond our own social setting.

I believe that this is the true meaning or definition if you will of Internet Marketing. The ability to promote our services and products beyond our own intimate social circle.

The Competitive Side Of Social Media

Social Websites

Social this and social that! I’ve never seen or heard of so many different social media platforms. Every Blog I visit pitches a different network or directory. I hardly see the same one mentioned twice.

There is good reason for this of course. Social Media is the media darling of the Internet and there are countless millions of dollars at stake for whomever can lure you to their source.  For the Blogger this can cause all sorts of havoc. I’m not sure if I’m coming or going dealing with all of these choices.  I did the OnlyWire thing and it took me six months to go through all the riga-ma-roll ……… One Button. Publish Everywhere ………. yeah right!

If you manage several Blogs (which seems to be pretty prevalent these days), your time is at a premium. Once you get bye the big three (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn), your options are not so clear. You will have to make your decisions carefully. You can burn a boat load of time and receive little benefit for your Blog in return.

I’ve seen very little trash on the Internet when it comes to Social Media. I guess if you are going to run a social site you might as well give it everything you’ve got. The problem is which of the madrid of choices do you go with.

As a beginner, you should focus your time and resources on your writing and monetization efforts, and just deal with the big three mentioned above. You don’t need to rush out and sign-on with every social site you find, why allow yourself to be distracted in this way. In the long run, it’s what you provide on your Blog that really counts.