Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Now Comes The Money, Right? Kinda! Lesson – 23

Now that you have your product off and running, you should see the money raining into your PayPal account or your choice of Shopping Cart! Well not exactly…….you’re still going to have to manage your E-Mail list for the offer you have extended and you have refunds that will creep up on you and broken things and …… well, you will always have issues. I’m afraid that’s just part of doing business.

The focus of this lesson is to make sure that once you have your product launched, that day, that night, you go right back to work on your next project. I’m afraid that you will have to do as I say here and not as I do, as I have gotten bogged down with my numerous Blogs. I also have a really strange fascination with my work, in that I spend so much time working and designing, that I admire it a little longer than I should.

Once you launch your product, you must start to work or complete another project that you have on the drawing board. You must have small products, big ones, video products, membership programs. New landing pages to create, and on and on. You see; and here comes the really bad news, you can’t launch a product and then sit back and say one down two to go. No, I’m afraid it’s more like one down and 10,000 to go. Sorry kids!

You must continuously produce new and better products that are constantly changing to adapt to the changing market of your niche and quite frankly just to compete. Not only that, but once you launch some of these uber cool products, your market is not always going to think that their so uber cool. Yeah, now you’re getting it; back to the drawing board. Shakespeare didn’t write just three plays!

The Money Is In The Relationship With The List

Mailing List

If you have a little experience in Blogging and have started to build your list, you have no doubt come across the phrase, “The Money Is In The List”.  However, as you will learn, “The Money Is In The Relationship With The List”.  Again the process is pretty straight forward. Build your Blog, drive traffic to that Blog and covert that traffic to sales.

Just like you build relationships with your readers, you need to build the same type of relationship with your list subscribers. I’ve heard it said that if you aren’t converting at 50% with your list, than you need to rethink your strategy, you won’t have that problem if you take time to build a quality list with quality tools and you take the time to pitch or build your relationship with your list.

These are the basics of list building, I can’t really speak from experience as my business model does not necessarily rely on building a list. But I do know that building relationships and working with good tools will make a world of difference.

I thought I would give you some tools to look at with this post. I think I have already covered the Aweber Tool, which is a good one, but has a little bit of a learning curve. From the standpoint of management, Aweber is the ticket, at least for me. But one thing I have noticed is that Aweber is not a clean easy “Sales Funnel” type of tool to use.

List building is not the most glamorous of things to do, so for me, if I can get my hands on a complete set of tools that are straight forward to use, than it is well worth the monthly fee that is charged for such services.

If I can find a service that will let me build fast, clean, and good-looking squeeze pages and then give me the management tools that I need to add, subtract and E-Mail my contacts on that list along with statistics than I’m good to go. Then if they can handle the products that I offer with the same services than I’m really interested. With that said take a look at this site and please leave your comments and let me know what you think.

Here’s the link to “I Media Marketing Tools”.