Sunday, December 17, 2017

You’re Going To Have To Land Sooner Or Later

When reviewing my traffic stats, I’m finding a terrific amount of hit and runs. I’ll be the first to admit that I not the “King Of Bloggers” but I’m not exactly in the gutter either. Which is pretty rich coming from me, seeing as how I’m the worst driver on the web.

What’s worse, looking at the stats shows that more people click on the “CottonTail Hosting” ad banner than on my content (now that’s cold). But we all live an learn; and as I continue to run over everyone else’s Blogging efforts, I have started to slow down a bit and have come to rely on a certain number of blogs.

It’s easy to cruise around and look at all the scenery, but sooner or later, you will have to land. You will have to actually pay attention to what is going on out there. Having your own Blog is really only half of the business. For your Blog to be interactive, guess what ? ……… you have to be interactive …… with other Blogs !

Slow down and smell the type. You just may learn something !