Sunday, December 17, 2017

Internet Marketing – Lesson 24

I’ve taken some time off to try to determine exactly where I wanted to go with this series. I’ve actually got more than enough to keep you going for the next several years. However, trying to place that in context is rather hard at times, especially if you are new to either Blogging or Internet Marketing.

Pitt Goumas who is a regular reader here, made a comment a while back, about how what I was writing about had little to do with the niche that I’m in. Indeed! It’s that context thing I mentioned above.

As I’ve evolved Online, I’ve realized that there is better money to be had then within Blogging. One sticking point …… I love Blogging.

I have tried to stay with the mechanical means with which to earn an Income Online, even if you have a Blog. However, from time to time I will wax philosophical.

This week I want to talk to you about the true challenges of earning an Income Online Blogging, and I’m afraid I’m going to have to get philosophical.

When you are considering a life-changing decision to change your occupation, from whatever to trying to earn an Income Online by starting your own Blog, you’re really moving into an arena where you probably have little experience.

If you are deciding to do this on your own, you are really going to have to consider “Direct Response Marketing”.

As Blogging evolves, only the large operations have a good chance of making any money at it. Reason? There are just too many Blogs out there for your voice to be heard.

I’ve been doing this for nearly 5 years now and I have built a pretty good traffic pattern. However, I have another Blog that I do not participate in that I have opened to the general public to let them do what they will, and that particular Blog gets 100 times the traffic that I have here. That was eye-opening. I painfully learned that Blogging was not about me, but about US!

However, when starting out, a Blog is a great way to learn the ropes. There really is no exceptions here. Trying to earn an income Online any other way and you are just not going to have enough tools to get the job done.

By managing a Blog, you will be able to learn the ropes easily enough and it will give you the confidence to provide goods and services that will provide you with the income that you desire.

If you jump into direct response marketing right off the bat …… what exactly are you going to offer? How to solve others problems online? How are you going to do that? Are you going to sell sunglasses, recipes, or spices? How? Even if you have someone who can do all the work for you ( not likly ), you won’t even know how to communicate what you want or need.

You know that they say that the money is in the list, however, I say it’s in the database …… “what’s that ?”

You need to start with a Blog …… just don’t expect to earn any money with it. I was reading about a Blogger not to long ago that went viral and was seeing millions of hits to his site and mentioned that he banked a couple of hundred bucks off the traffic …… “Oh Man!”

I know of Internet Marketing Pros who see a couple of dozen hits and make millions of dollars a year!!! “What’s Wrong With This Picture?”

If you really are set on earning an income Online by Blogging. Here’s what you are looking at; you need to pick your niche, you need to set-up good hosting services for your Blog, and you need to get crackin’ and get social!

You will have to have a premium theme, fluid database and people working for you. By that I mean you will have to have many different writers to draw enough traffic to your Blog so that you have a good chance to monetize. How do you do that ……. really through advertising. Then you have to socialize your site.

Considering the information mentioned above, your Blog will have to look similar to a newspaper. Your content will have to be “write-on” and you will have to pitch to a lot of different people with a lot of different interests.

This really is your only chance of earning a living income Online by Blogging.

You can look at the so called “Pro-Bloggers”, however, most are “Direct Response Marketers” and use a Blog as their platform from which to pitch from. These people just stuck with their Blogs long enough until they knew how and what to market.

Those Bloggers that earn big money Online are professional writers AND EDITORS, that manage large business enterprises and invest large dollars into their businesses.


Internet Marketing – Lesson 3

How To Make Money Blogging

I hate to break it to you …… you’re going to have to work for it. There will always be the carnival barker wherever money is involved. And Internet Marketing and Blogging is no different.

On the other hand you will always have the skeptics, that will see any and all Internet Marketers as Snake Oil Salesman. That’s all part of the challenge of marketing your wares Online.

If you are to have a future at marketing Online, you will have to put in your time and learn the ropes. Do yourself a huge favor and avoid the “Internet Marketing Guru’s” who promise you can make millions working an hour a day.

I understand that this works, I deal with this type of hype on a daily basis. I see sites that make outrageous claims and “crush it”. However, if I mention the word WORK, I can forget selling whatever it is that I’m promoting. I’m not really sure that I understand this culture of thinking.

There are essentially two methods of earning an income with your Blog; with front-end sales and back-end sales …… AND YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK AT IT TO BE A SUCCESS. And you will need to work at it longer than 1 hour a day!

Actually, you need to work as hard as possible and devote as many hours to your goals as is practicably possible.

I’ll get into “Front-End Sales” and Back-End Sales” in the next lesson, however, I wanted to address the issue of traffic as this is always of great concern to those who start a Blog. You see, your goal is really easy to define, drive as much traffic to your Blog and convert that traffic to sales.

There are a number of ways to drive FREE traffic to your site. However, these methods do nothing to bring targeted traffic to your site …… that targeted traffic that purchases your wares.


Internet Marketing – Lesson 2

Last week I started this series with Blogging. I focused on what you will have to know to break through in this niche.

I wrote within a post that was published earlier that I have been accused of babbling when I write for this Blog. If you follow this Blog, you no doubt know that I cover a wide variety of subjects.

Actually when you write about Blogging, you can babble for years without ever covering the Internet Marketing side of things. If you are really interested in Blogging, then you will no doubt be able to relate to what it is that I write about here at Bloggers Market.

However, when starting your own Blog, if you are interested in the “Make Money Blogging Niche” than you will have to be extra careful with what it is that you are doing as there really is no end to this rabbit hole.

If you are interested in making money selling horse shoes and saddles through a Blog, than your challenge is a bit easier; with respect that you are not dealing with a “tech subject”.

My point is this:

If You Are Going To Earn An Income With Your Blog, You Don’t Need To Over-think It.

You don’t need to know any more then is necessary starting out, to get you moving in the right direction. About six weeks and your project should have legs under it.

Once you learn how to manage content and images, along with the moderation of the comments you should be good to go! Learn how to manage a Twitter, Facebook and Google + account and you are ready to start marketing your wares.

And with respect to marketing your wares, learn how to build squeeze-pages and landing pages; manage your mailing lists and you are ready to make good monies.

Do Not Involve Yourself With Learning Everything There Is To Learn About Blogging. And Don’t Sign-up For Every Social Media Site, Bulletin Board And Forum That You Find.

Think Money Instead!!!