Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Internet Marketing – Lesson 3

How To Make Money Blogging

I hate to break it to you …… you’re going to have to work for it. There will always be the carnival barker wherever money is involved. And Internet Marketing and Blogging is no different.

On the other hand you will always have the skeptics, that will see any and all Internet Marketers as Snake Oil Salesman. That’s all part of the challenge of marketing your wares Online.

If you are to have a future at marketing Online, you will have to put in your time and learn the ropes. Do yourself a huge favor and avoid the “Internet Marketing Guru’s” who promise you can make millions working an hour a day.

I understand that this works, I deal with this type of hype on a daily basis. I see sites that make outrageous claims and “crush it”. However, if I mention the word WORK, I can forget selling whatever it is that I’m promoting. I’m not really sure that I understand this culture of thinking.

There are essentially two methods of earning an income with your Blog; with front-end sales and back-end sales …… AND YOU WILL HAVE TO WORK AT IT TO BE A SUCCESS. And you will need to work at it longer than 1 hour a day!

Actually, you need to work as hard as possible and devote as many hours to your goals as is practicably possible.

I’ll get into “Front-End Sales” and Back-End Sales” in the next lesson, however, I wanted to address the issue of traffic as this is always of great concern to those who start a Blog. You see, your goal is really easy to define, drive as much traffic to your Blog and convert that traffic to sales.

There are a number of ways to drive FREE traffic to your site. However, these methods do nothing to bring targeted traffic to your site …… that targeted traffic that purchases your wares.


Internet Marketing – Lesson 2

Last week I started this series with Blogging. I focused on what you will have to know to break through in this niche.

I wrote within a post that was published earlier that I have been accused of babbling when I write for this Blog. If you follow this Blog, you no doubt know that I cover a wide variety of subjects.

Actually when you write about Blogging, you can babble for years without ever covering the Internet Marketing side of things. If you are really interested in Blogging, then you will no doubt be able to relate to what it is that I write about here at Bloggers Market.

However, when starting your own Blog, if you are interested in the “Make Money Blogging Niche” than you will have to be extra careful with what it is that you are doing as there really is no end to this rabbit hole.

If you are interested in making money selling horse shoes and saddles through a Blog, than your challenge is a bit easier; with respect that you are not dealing with a “tech subject”.

My point is this:

If You Are Going To Earn An Income With Your Blog, You Don’t Need To Over-think It.

You don’t need to know any more then is necessary starting out, to get you moving in the right direction. About six weeks and your project should have legs under it.

Once you learn how to manage content and images, along with the moderation of the comments you should be good to go! Learn how to manage a Twitter, Facebook and Google + account and you are ready to start marketing your wares.

And with respect to marketing your wares, learn how to build squeeze-pages and landing pages; manage your mailing lists and you are ready to make good monies.

Do Not Involve Yourself With Learning Everything There Is To Learn About Blogging. And Don’t Sign-up For Every Social Media Site, Bulletin Board And Forum That You Find.

Think Money Instead!!!


Internet Marketing – Lesson 1

Last weeks article, spotlighted what can be achieved in Internet Marketing, or Marketing Online. This week I want to write about Internet Marketing in kinda broad terms. As I start out this year, I can report that I make most of my income from Internet Marketing, kinda strange, since I would love to make most of my money from Blogging.

Blogging is really one of my true strengths. However, I make very, very, very …… little income from Blogging. I remain prayerful!

The sub-title to this Blog is; “Make Money Blogging”, so Blogging is where I will start this series. Make no mistake; I have said it many times; you are, or should be, an Internet Marketer first and a Blogger second. I started out as a Blogger first and this really hurt me. Oh, I’m a Pro-Blogger alright, I just don’t make any money at it.

Part of my problem with this issue is that I manage too many Blogs. I now have 24 and am in the process of trying to trim some of these things from the tree.

Lesson One (1) = Don’t get in over your head with too many projects in the beginning. If you are to compete; indeed to survive, you will have to laser focus. You really need to start with One (1) = Blog, and make a go of it with that. If you can’t make it with one, you more than likely will not make it with two (2) = Bad Idea!

If you start with one and you feel like you chose the wrong niche for yourself, sell that Blog on Flippa and move on to something else. I understand that you may have more than an interest or two that you may want to pursue. I say, go for it. However, focus most of your attention on the one and restrict yourself to no more than three (3)= Boat Load!

To achieve success on any type of level you will have to manage your Blog with some real skills. You should know HTML, CSS, MySQL, some PHP, art design, ad design, affiliate artwork design, sever management, resources management, plugin management, theme management, saying nothing of being a good writer, comment moderator, good at socializing your Blog and ferreting-out broken links. This of course, is just what comes to mind as I write this on the fly.

You have to master all these skills; this indeed is step one (1)=Good Move, before, and while you take on the “Internet Marketing” side of things.

A finial word of caution: Earning an income Online is not the easiest of tasks, however …… it you are bound and determined …… read on!