Friday, January 19, 2018

Who Needs To Be Reading Your Archives ? You!

Over the past several months I have been trying to clean-up from the disaster that was the Bloggers Market rebuild from the first of the year. I’ll apologize at this point to my readers for singing the blues for the fifth time however, this haunts me to this day. It’s not like it has me paralyzed or anything and actually I learned a great deal through the process. It just was something I did not need to go through at the time. It tore-up the better part of my year’s schedule as I had to manually restore each and every piece of content and comment from back-ups made as I started in on the work.

Time To Break Out The Pledge

As of the middle of July 2011 I have started the polishing process here at Bloggers Market. Part of that process is clearing out the old content and archiving that content into blocks stored sever-side for anyone that may desire it. Visions of Auto-Bloggers creeping in to hack my old content. It’s not like it’s from some Ann Rice novel or anything …….. call it a Dee Ann Rice novel instead.

As I start the process of removing this content for archiving, a decision has to be made as to whether it is worth keeping or not. This is pretty much a straight forward process.

I Wish I Were I Wish I Might

The most intriguing part of this process is that I can go back over my material and see what I should have; would have done differently if I were writing the same post today. It also brings up new ideas for posts. I get to see how I might have written the post from a different point of view. And now since I have slept, and I can’t even remember that I wrote a particular piece that I might be reading from the archives, I can see how some of my writing does not make any sense to me at all until reading it several times and then I stop and re-write that post carrying forward the lessons learned on how to better communicate with my readers ……… is everyone still with me here ?

Editors Notes

I get to add all the new things that I have learned about particular people, products, or software that are now dated in what I call “Editors Notes”. I get to see all of the spelling and grammar mistakes that I made and decided to rush to press without the editors here at Bloggers Market seeing them. As a matter of fact one of the major changes in my writing is that I immediately stocked the content hopper six weeks in advance so that the editors have plenty of time to review my works. Now you may be thinking this should be second nature however, I am but a one man show, with a couple of editors to closely watch me as I am hopeless at sums and can barely spell kat.

Long winded as the post my seem, and surely you could be doing more important work; keep this in mind – Reviewing your achieves before you store them away for the ages can and will dramatically help you become a better writer and communicator with your readers! NUFF SAID!!!

Now It’s Time To Write – Lesson 9

Now that you have a functioning Blog up and running, it’s time for you to start adding content to your Blog, that you write yourself. It’s time for you to become a Blogger!

The content that you used to boost your Blog is defined as “Pillar Content“. As soon as you get underway with your own posts, in about 90 days the